Your magnetic field is your luck.

Your magnetic field is your luck.

When you become open-minded, warm, strong and brave, life will be more and more successful.


there will be

some people will be very comfortable with him, feel happy, learn more and more, and make themselves better and better.

and some people will feel a strong sense of pressure when they are with him, which makes them depressed, unconfident and unhappy.


Byrne said in his book Power:


everyone is surrounded by a magnetic field, no matter where you are, the magnetic field will follow you, and your magnetic field attracts the same people and things.


although the human magnetic field is invisible, it has an invisible force that plays an inestimable role on himself and others.

what is a person's magnetic field?

the theory of physics is that a moving charge produces a magnetic field.

experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University have confirmed through measurements that the human body also has regular biological currents, which will produce magnetic signals, that is to say, the human body also has a magnetic field.

and the magnetic field signals we can feel are usually external factors such as thoughts and actions.

everyone has their own unique magnetic field, so their temperament and behavior are also different.

even if in the same environment, the mentality is different, the energy emitted from the magnetic field is different, and the fate of life will be different.

Let's start with a familiar story.

two people went to Africa to sell leather shoes, and Africans were barefoot because of the hot weather.

when the first salesman saw it, he was disappointed and felt that they didn't need shoes.

another salesman was overjoyed: "these people have no shoes, the market is very big!"

so he tried to guide Africans to buy leather shoes and finally made a fortune.

the book Magnetic Field mentions: "the so-called magnetic field is actually your attraction."

the energy of the magnetic field attracts related things and gathers people of their own kind.

what you believe, you will attract, and you will get in the end.

if you are negative, depressed and accustomed to complaining, your magnetic field is full of negative energy, which will drive away good luck and even bring misfortune.

if you are positive and optimistic and open-minded, your magnetic field is full of positive energy and can easily attract happy things.

as scientist Hawkins said in his analysis:


the factors that determine a person's magnetic field energy level are not secular factors such as his knowledge, wealth and status, on the contrary, these factors will be restricted by the strength of a person's magnetic field energy.


A person's magnetic field imperceptibly affects his life, determines his luck, and determines his future and future.

your magnetic field is your luck

the American Academy of success conducted a study of 1000 world celebrities and found that a positive attitude determines 85 per cent of success.

and come to the conclusion:

Life will treat you in the same way as you treat life with the same mentality.

Wooden, hailed as the greatest basketball coach of all time, led the UCLA Brown Bears to 10 titles in 12 years and an 88-game winning streak.

when the reporter asked him how he did it, Wooden's answer was incredible:

"every day before I go to bed, I tell myself:

Today's performance is very good, tomorrow's performance will be even better.


sounds like an understatement, but the good thing is that he put this sentence into action for 20 years.

in the face of difficulties, he continues to break through with strong belief, positive attitude and persistent execution, and his energy gradually becomes more and more powerful.

Wooden is also optimistic about the details of life.

once he and his friends drove to the city center to run errands. In the face of the traffic jam, his friends complained frequently and his mood was extremely bad.

Wooden was curious about everything around him and said happily that it was lively.

my friend didn't understand Woden's idea. Wooden said something intriguing:


whether it is sad or happy, life is always full of opportunities, and these opportunities will not be changed by joys and sorrows. As long as you keep a positive attitude, you can inspire more potential.


Life is like this. The more you frown at it, the more difficult it will be for you; if you are positive and optimistic about it, the more it smiles at you.

David, professor of psychology

Hawkins said:

"A positive energy person, his magnetic field will drive everything to become orderly and beautiful.


A depressed and pessimistic state of mind will only produce negative energy, make your magnetic field worse, attract more negative factors, and form a vicious circle.

and a positive and optimistic attitude can skillfully bypass a lot of troubles, let everything proceed in an orderly manner, and let good luck pour in.

Human magnetic field can be changed

scientist Korotkov once took a set of pictures of energy fields, which are reflected in halos of different colors.

it turns out that people who show feelings of love, pride, joy, etc.The energy is strong, and the energy of people who show anxiety, depression, jealousy and so on is weak.

therefore, if you want to get better, you must first adjust yourself to have a good magnetic field.

share four ways to change the magnetic field with friends:

strong intention

the cosmic law effect points out that when thoughts are concentrated in a certain field, people, things and things related to that field will be attracted by it.

this is what we often call "all wishes come true".

when a person is single-minded and confident, he will pay attention to a point, which makes it easier to achieve his wishes.

positive mindset

the Secret says that your thoughts determine the direction of events.

those who see thorns on flowers will eventually miss beauty; those who see flowers on thorns will eventually reap happiness.

keeping a positive and optimistic attitude and thinking about some good things will bring hope and stimulate people's potential.

put it into action

since the age of 6, Masayoshi son, Japan's richest man, has aspired to be the number one entrepreneur in Japan.

since the age of 19, he has mapped out a blueprint for 50 years of his life and has taken effective action to this end.

Action is a bridge between ideals and goals. If there is no action, ideas can only be regarded as fantasy.

good luck is unstoppable with thought and action.

near positive energy

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "one voice in harmony, one in phase."


the same sound can resonate, and the same smell will merge with each other, that is to say, similar things will sense and assimilate with each other.

what kind of person you want to be, just get close to that person, he will give you the same magnetic field, the same luck.

Li Ka-shing once said a very classic saying:

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sow a state of mind, reap a thought; sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a destiny.


when we learn to face life with a positive attitude, improve our inner strength, and put our ideals into action, we will save a lot of positive energy for ourselves and make our magnetic field stronger.

the law of universal gravitation says that all objects in nature attract each other.

when we become open-minded, warm, strong and brave, we will encounter more beautiful things and life will be more and more successful.