The highest level of health preservation: less

The highest level of health preservation: less

Less, is a person's healthiest way of life, but also the top level of health.



the letter of providing for the aged says: "those who are good at taking medicine are not as good as good maintenance."

traditional Chinese medicine has always been said that "three-point treatment and seven-point nourishment", usually pay attention to maintenance, but also conducive to maintaining health.

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Sun Simiao, the medicine king who lived 141 years old, also put forward the advanced health-preserving concepts of "curing disease" and "eliminating disease" as early as more than a thousand years ago.

he said: "there are less words in the mouth, less things in the heart, less food in the stomach, less sleep naturally, and four less in turn."

A few numbers show the simplest and most advanced form of health preservation, but in one word: less.

speak less, nourish qi

as the old saying goes, "A thousand words at sunrise do not hurt yourself."

many people will have this feeling, obviously not a lot of exercise, just said a lot of words, will also feel very tired.

traditional Chinese medicine believes that if you talk too much, you will be short of breath, which will deplete a lot of vitality in the body.

Qi is the driving force of the body. Qi is healthy when it is strong, and weak when it is weak. If it is consumed for a long time, it will cause disease.

first, don't talk when you walk.

there is a saying in Shangshu: "Walking without words hurts your spirit."

while walking, people are easy to be in a state of hyperactivity, rush up qi and blood, accelerate metabolism, consume lung qi, and you will feel tired all over.

second, don't talk while eating.

when the body qi and blood is mainly for stomach digestion, speaking at this time can easily lead to deficiency of qi and blood, but also cause indigestion.

"Qian Jin Fang" also says: "he who speaks and eats often suffers from chest and back pain", so be sure to remember not to talk while eating.

third, don't talk before you go to bed.

as the old saying goes, "if you lie down and keep your mouth shut, you will not be able to breathe out of your vital energy and your evil spirit will not enter."

Don't talk after lying down, which not only consumes energy, but also can resist the invasion of external evil.

and night talk is easy to make people excited, can not sleep, in the long run, the face will lose blood and become yellow.

keep your mouth shut so that you can not only get a good night's sleep, soothe your body, but also take care of your mind.

if there are fewer disputes between right and wrong, there will be less troubles, so you will naturally be able to calm down and your body will be better.

mind less, nurturance

there is a saying in the Collection of Health Preservation: "if you think more, you will lose your mind; if you think more, you will disperse."

if you think too much, the more things you have in mind, the easier it is to torture yourself and not be happy.

it's obviously a very simple problem. You don't have to struggle, but you have to think about it again.

thinking about it, it's hard to immerse yourself in negative emotions, and it's hard to avoid depression.

just like Lin Daiyu, she lived in her grandparents' home after her parents died and was spoiled.

but his temper is sensitive and thoughtful. Whenever there is a stir in the wind, he will cause an uproar in his heart. He has been depressed all the time, and finally died young at the age of 17.

Mr. Yu Youren, a famous calligrapher in modern times, has experienced many hardships all his life, but he has always lived to the age of 85.

the secret is only three words, that is, think less.

in his living room, hanging a pair of couplets: do not think about eight or nine, often think of one or two, horizontal criticism is "Ruyi".

Don't be too sensitive, put everything in your heart, you will only embarrass yourself, and then you will be physically and mentally exhausted.

it is said in the Ancient and Modern Medical Science: "hard work leads to all diseases, and peace of mind leads to all evils."

if you think too much, your body will collapse. only with peace of mind and emotional stability can you be healthy and healthy.

in fact, life is only a hundred years in a hurry, and it passes in the blink of an eye, so why worry too much and add sorrow to yourself?

Life is not easy. It is necessary to learn to be open-minded and pessimistic, not to think much, not to worry too much, in order to cultivate self-cultivation and live a healthy and comfortable life.

eat less in the stomach and keep healthy

"Renzhai points to the prescription" says: "Diet is the cure for illness."

people have such a big appetite, eating too much will only make our intestines and stomach overwork, and once the body eats bad, it will be difficult for the body to recover.

has read and reported that more than 50% of the causes of human illness and death are related to improper diet, of which overeating is one of the important reasons.

overeating, injuring spleen and stomach, abstemious diet is the best way to stay away from disease, health and longevity.

Mr. Yang Jiang is a person who pays great attention to diet on weekdays.

not only should meat and vegetables be matched and nutritionally balanced, but more importantly, never eat or drink too much, eat a moderate diet, and never be too full at every meal.

get up in the morning to drink two cups of cold and white boiled, the staple food to eat porridge, eat fruit before lunch, staple food to eat black fungus, dinner is even more simple and light.

after the age of 90, Mr. Yang Jiang can still bend over and touch the ground with both hands, which is difficult for other elderly people to do.

as the saying goes, "there is often a third of hunger, and all diseases do not attack each other."

Life needs to be left blank, and so is the intestines and stomach. if you eat less in the stomach, you will be in good health.

eat 40% less food, live 20 years longer, eat just right, and don't indulge yourself.

bringing hunger in the stomach and satiety in the hunger is the best way to maintain good health and the foundation of longevity.

naturally sleep less and refresh yourself

"Taiping Imperial View" said: "getting up early is not before the crowing of chickens, and getting up late is not after sunrise."

A good night's sleep and a good night's sleep are the most important things in life.

naturally sleep less, that is to say, stay in bed less, stay up late, go to bed on time, get up on time, and have a regular schedule, so that you can maintain your spirit and preserve your body.

if you sleep too much and lack of exercise, it will easily lead to restlessness and gradual decline in body function.

if you sleep too little and often stay up late, you will only make yourself physically and mentally tired and in a bad state.

in short, the more regular your work and rest, the more radiant you are; the higher the quality of sleep, the more successful you are in life.

when Zeng Guofan, a famous minister of the late Qing Dynasty, first arrived in the capital, he lived a very leisurely life, eating, drinking and playing everywhere.

Life is upside down, staying up late and getting up late for a long time not only made him neglect his studies, but also dragged down his health.

after a serious illness, he wrote in his way of self-cultivation: "rise at dawn and dawn after dark."

Zeng Guofan began to adjust his sleep time, insisting on going to bed early and getting up early, saying that he would get up without delay or resistance.

gradually, his complexion improved obviously, and his knowledge improved a lot.

so, stay up late and stay in bed less, so that you can get better on the way to getting old.

the ancients also said: "God does not want to sleep."

people who go to bed early and get up early can inject new life into life and meet a new self.

A healthy body and a bright future always belong to those who can sleep well and always exercise self-discipline.

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "if there are few husbands, more is expensive."

everything is precious with less, things are like this, and so are people.

speak less, control your mouth, and know how to keep silent in order to nourish your spirit.

think less, look down on everything and learn to let go of yourself in order to cultivate your character.

eat less in the stomach, eat only seven percent full, and be good at controlling appetite in order to maintain one's health.

naturally sleep less, do not stay up late or stay up in bed, adhere to regular work and rest, in order to recuperate.

less, is a person's healthiest way of life, but also the top level of health.

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