When people are over forty, these people will stop contacting each other. It's meaningless.

When people are over forty, these people will stop contacting each other. It's meaningless.

Although the circle is small, it is good to be sincere.


stand at thirty and have no doubt at forty. When people reach middle age, the experience of the years makes us independent, and the sophistication of the world makes us wise.

the age is changing, the circle is also changing, and there are not more friends, but fewer and fewer friends.

it is not because of estrangement, but because of sifting out the passers-by in life and identifying the best friends who are worth cherishing.

writer Zhang Defen once said, "Don't interpret life that you are not good at for the sake of those audiences who do not belong to you."

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people continue to focus on their lives after forty. Don't keep in touch with these kinds of people.

invalid wine connections

writer Wang Xiaobo said: "the most unfortunate thing in the world is to make a stupid thing after untold hardships."


in order to accumulate the so-called connections, many people switch between pushing cups and changing cups in exchange for

some useless relationships.

dealing with other people's emotions all day, trying to figure out other people's thoughts, but forgetting to improve themselves is the greatest social value.

he has been in the industry for 30 years and has come into contact with numerous celebrities from all walks of life, but he rarely takes part in social activities.

Dou Wentao always tries to hide himself.

once when he went to the theatre, he happened to meet the leader, who invited him to visit the performers after the play was over.

as soon as I heard about this, before the play was over, Dou Wentao ran away.

Dou Wentao once said, "being alone makes you great."

in his spare time, he is busy with his hobbies. He can hardly be seen at the table.

time is precious when people are over forty. If you waste one more point on "fake friends", you will lose one point on "real life".

Mr. Qian Zhongshu once said, "there is no need to find people who are not three or four to say something innocuous."

instead of staggering at the wine table and making some unimportant "friends",


such as let the mind calm down, let the circle clean up, live a high quality of life.

White-eyed wolves who come and go

A netizen tells his own experience:

A few years ago, a friend of his started a business and asked him to borrow money. He borrowed it without saying a word.

at that time, my friend was very grateful and promised that he would do his best if he could help in the future.

until last year, when he wanted to buy a house in a certain area, he learned that his friend's uncle was a well-known intermediary in that area, so he asked his friend to help him pull strings and consult.

but friends either say that uncle is out of the province, or that uncle is too busy to get away.

but when he went to find his friend's uncle's company, he knew that his friend had never mentioned him to his uncle.

there are always some people who make you realize that this world is not only love and gratitude, but also selfish white-eyed wolves.

when you reach middle age, please stay away from an ungrateful person. With this kind of person, even if you give him a lot of money, he won't return a point.

they are bottomless pits, underfed vampires.

No amount of affection can cover his indifferent heart.

those who only know how to take, but do not know the return, are not worth getting into their own circle.

two-faced people

Yi Shu said a paragraph:

"High-ranking friends are full and guests come like clouds, but there may not be three or two who can really talk to each other.


the human heart is complicated, and it is difficult to tell the true from the false. Not all acquaintances are friends, and talking to each other means sincerity.

Fan Zhongyan, a poet of the Northern Song Dynasty, was demoted to Yingzhou by the emperor for insisting on reform.

when he left, the officials who had good friends on weekdays were reluctant to come to see him off for fear of being implicated.

only my good friend Wang Wei, who was supposed to be ill in bed that day, did not care at all and resolutely came to practice for Fan Zhongyan.

after the event, many people asked Wang: "now that everyone is far away from Fan Zhongyan, aren't you afraid of being mistaken for an accomplice?"

Wang said calmly, "wouldn't it be my honor if I could be an accomplice of Mr. Fan, who has both ability and political integrity?"

A friend in need knows a deep friend, and a long time will see the heart. Those who are sincere to you can stand the test of time. A hypocritical person will see his hypocrisy sooner or later.

when you are over forty, you must keep your eyes open.

some people make friends with you on the surface, flatter you, but speak ill of you behind your back, laugh at your shortcomings, and stab you in the back.

Mo Li those who are hypocritical, and those who are honest with each other exchange their hearts with each other.

although the circle is small, it is good to be sincere.

in the Thirteen invitations, Xu Zhiyuan asked Luo Xiang, "are you still in touch with my former friends?"

Luo Xiang was silent for a few seconds, then smiled and replied, "it's almost gone."

Xu Zhiyuan is also well versed in the world, saying faintly, "because we are in different situations."

when people reach middle age, they might as well let go of those who are not conducive to the rest of their lives. You don't have to worry about gain or loss, just a little apathy and a sense of scale.

not as cold as frost, but to give limited calories to more important people and spend limited time on better quality for the rest of life.

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