The 28-year-old winter Olympic champion suddenly died in the ice rink, and his wife danced solo with tears: if there is an afterlife, we will meet again.

The 28-year-old winter Olympic champion suddenly died in the ice rink, and his wife danced solo with tears: if there is an afterlife, we will meet again.

They will meet again, and next time, it will be forever.

1996, USA.

A figure skating show called "praise of Life".

there was no one on the huge ice, but it attracted the attention of the whole audience.

then the low music played and a beam of light hit the stage.

appears at the same time, and today's heroine, Yekaterina.

this year, she was only 24 years old, but she was full of honor: she was a two-time Olympic champion.

for the first time, it was the former Soviet Union; the second time, it was Russia.

the first time, she was 16; the second time, she was 22.

she is a pair skater, and it is a bit a pity that her partner was not able to take the stage together today.

but it doesn't matter. She won't let everyone forget him.

as soon as he appeared, Yekaterina spread his arms gracefully, holding his partner's hand as before.

after nodding slightly to the audience, she devoted herself to the performance.

A hand is raised, a jump is made, and the skirt is swaying in the wind.

but suddenly, she seemed to remember something and could not stop covering her face with her hands.

are there any tears? There must be some.

she slowly raised her hand and silently stroked the air, wearing two rings on her delicate hands.

she didn't stay too much.

the next, she turned neatly, looked up into the sky and into the auditorium.

seems to be looking for someone, but to no avail.

the music began to roar, the movements opened and closed, the smooth gliding, the successive jumps, and the beautiful swallow style.

this used to be a classic move for her and her partner, but now she is the only one left alone, lonely, is inevitable.

then comes the end.

she stretched out her arms again and looked up at the only light in the room. His face was so moved that he walked towards the light step by step until it went out.

at the end of the song, the applause broke out like thunder.

Yekaterina could not hold back, and tears gushed out as if she had burst the dike. She quickly reached out and wiped her tears, but with little effect.

her 3-year-old daughter reached out to her.

Yekaterina picked her up and slid slowly onto the stage, her daughter's little hand patting her mother as if comforting.

putting down her daughter, Yekaterina turned and hugged another woman who could not stop crying.

at this point, Yekaterina's task was successfully completed.

she knew that the man would not come back.

countless times she dreamed of going back in time and going back to the beginning of the story-the day she met him.

the story of the two begins on the ice rink.

4, Yekaterina began to skate, practicing solo skating. However, the coach can see that it is very difficult for her to win a gold medal in this event.

so soon after, she switched to pair skating, and the team matched a partner for her.

his name is Sergei.

the first formal meeting with him, Yekaterina was nervous and excited, and both of them were very shy.

she dared not even look directly at each other, even though she had always known that Sergei existed.

he is four years older than her and is a big brother.

slender, handsome and energetic.

under the guidance of the coach, the two held hands for the first time. Their destinies have been closely linked ever since.

Yekaterina and Sergei soon ushered in their first challenge.

in 1983, an international tournament was held in Japan, which is about to make their debut.

that year, Yekaterina was 12 and Sergei was 16.

two and a half children slid into the middle of the ice rink hand in hand. At first glance, it looks like a big brother with a little sister.

the two people are indeed green, and even made obvious mistakes.

in the end, the two men took a fifth.

this is the first place since they fought side by side, which is not good, but it has yielded some results.

after the game, the two men followed the army and traveled to Japan together. Living in a foreign country, the two broke their initial formality and began to become familiar and close.

after returning home, the two continued to devote themselves to intensive training.

their next stop is the World Youth Championship in the United States.

Kung fu lived up to dedicated people, and this time, their performance was amazing, spinning, jumping, lifting, and doing it in one go.

the results are out, champ!

in an instant, the whole audience watched, and the two smiled thoughtfully, and their time came.

also came the throbbing of the maiden.

that year, Sergei was 17 years old and more handsome.

more and more girls talk to him in private. 13-year-old Yekaterina saw it, but he could only be worried and jealous.

she is so petite that she has no confidence compared to those girls with long hands and long feet.

even if they train together every day, they are not close friends, let alone love.

she thought dejectedly that she might have to be a partner for the rest of her life.

change planes, appear inYekaterina's 14th birthday.

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what an opportunity to have a birthday party for her at home!

as she struggled to restrain her little thoughts, she pretended that nothing had happened and issued an invitation to Sergei.

Sergei called voluntarily and asked her to meet at the subway station-he prepared a present for her.

Yekaterina was so overjoyed that he almost rushed to the subway station.

there, she saw Sergei, who had been waiting for a long time, and a huge plush toy dog.

she regarded it as a treasure, and from then on, there was a lovely toy dog beside her bed.

the girl's careful consideration was greatly satisfied. She dared not expect too much, after all, they all bear heavy responsibilities.

after the World Youth Championship, the two men became more and more brave in the war and won the championship one after another.

the International figure Skating Organization noticed the two men and sent them an invitation to tour.

do you want to go? That's for sure!

both of them are used to going abroad again.

away from home, away from relatives.

the feelings between boys and girls are gradually heating up. Sergei often looked unconsciously at Yekaterina, unable to look away for a long time.

isn't that the case with her?

occasionally, when the eyes of the two meet, there is another undercurrent.

in their spare time, the two went to Disneyland alone, and the romance escalated further.

Sergei hardly leaves Yekaterina and sometimes takes the initiative to hug her.

Yekaterina felt his feelings.

also at this moment, she was delighted to find that she and Sergei were going in both directions.

but no one broke the layer of paper, they continued to be ambiguous, and the pressure did not allow them to think too much.

the time has come to 1988, and the Winter Olympic Games are approaching.

pairs skating has always been a dominant event of the Soviet Union, and winning the gold medal is the mission of Yekaterina and Sergei.

the time has come! The two slid hand in hand to the center of the stage, and their smiles grew stronger after their eyes met.

this time, they are bound to win!

the two even excel: every detail, every action, is perfect.

after stepping down, the coach smiled and so did Sergei. In the end, the two men won the gold medal with almost full marks.

the day after winning the gold medal, Yekaterina was lost.

instead of celebrating too much with himself, Sergei turned to have dinner with his friends.

she wanted to say directly to him, "Why can't you take me with you?"

but she couldn't. She endured her loss and went back to her hometown first.

her parents celebrated for her, and while enjoying the holiday, she couldn't help thinking about Sergei.

Yekaterina's loss was finally swept away.

after the holiday, Yekaterina returned to the training ground.

Unfortunately, it happened. Her leg injury relapsed and she had to rest.

she was very scared, afraid that she could no longer appear on the stage and could no longer accompany him. But she didn't say anything, just looked at the rink and looked at him.

Sergei seems to have heard her voice.

he slid over and held out his hand to her: "do you want to skate together?"

she nodded, and the next, Sergei lifted her into the air and slipped for a long time.

Yekaterina's fear suddenly disappeared.

she understood Sergei's intention: you can't live without me, and I can't live without you.

time is in a hurry, and in a twinkling of an eye it is the end of the year.

Yekaterina is going to spend her holiday in the country with her family. Before leaving, she sent out an invitation to Sergei.

unfortunately, Sergei has an appointment with his friend Alexander.

she could only wish him a happy New year in advance and sent him a bottle of wine.

before leaving, she plucked up the courage to kiss each other on the cheek, then blushed and left.

but they didn't separate for long, and a few hours later, Yekaterina saw Sergei and Alexander returning.

they drank the wine they sent themselves, a little drunk and looked in high spirits.