You can't say you like a good friend.

You can't say you like a good friend.

I want to like you in the name of a friend.

letter story I

is probably a disagreement. At the freshman dinner, Dazhong had a quarrel with her for the first time.

he described it as the unluckiest dinner in his four years of college.

what's even more unfortunate is that after joining the club, the first person she met in the region was still her.

since then, I can hear her complain about the region every day: "stop talking if you are so ugly."

and the region will fight back impolitely: "if I say a few more words, are you afraid that you will like me?"

people around them are making fun of their childish confrontational behavior.

I stabbed the area and asked, "you seem to like her very much?"

he answered me without even thinking: "how is that possible?" We are not from the same world at all. She watches Haruki Murakami, literary films, likes cats and coffee, it's too quiet. "

me: "you seem to know her very well?"

he was stupefied for a moment, as if he realized something and explained, "because we are friends."

at that time, I thought he was a bit like Li Daren in "I may not love you" and always said, "how can I be with such a person?"

there are some things that are too close to see clearly, so you suddenly realize when you lose it.

she said to Dazhong: "single dog, I may be single."

the expression of the region froze for a moment, and then quickly put on an air of indifference: "do you think I care?" My pursuers can line up from here to the ring road. "

the two complained about each other as usual.

when you are alone, the region will stare at the floor in a trance.

"unhappy?" I opened a can of beer.

he smiled and said, "what? I'm glad she got out. We're friends. "

he patted me on the shoulder, said he didn't drink, and walked away.

I shrugged-I didn't ask him if he was unhappy because of her.

I suspected that I was thinking too much, but when Dazhong saw her holding her boyfriend, her pale face and dodging eyes should not be a reaction between friends.

I can also understand his stubbornness. after all, life is not a simple "confession of love when you like it".

people are always responsible for their own judgment. When they are friends at first, they have to be friends.

not all the people you like are suitable for being together.

this sentence is not said by me, but by the region.

at that time, she did not go well emotionally, and the region would do its duty as a "friend". Just like Li Daren comforted Cheng Youqing, he always appeared when she was sad and said what she wanted to hear.

Dazhou said: "without expressing love, it's good to be with her like this."

I asked, "if she broke up, would you consider getting together?"

he glared at me with exaggeration: "what the heck? we'll talk about it then."

I don't know whether it's bad luck or luck, but what he calls "the time" will come soon.

she cried for the first time in front of the region, which sat clumsily beside her and quietly watched her cry all night.

just when I thought it would develop like a TV series, one day she said, "I think I'm really lucky to have a friend like you." Many people around me do not believe that we are simple friends and think that you like me. "

the region was stupefied, smiled very hard and said, "I think I'm lucky to know you, too."

it's not lucky to be friends with you, it's lucky to know you.

I scold the region as a pussy.

he was still trying to deceive me at that time: "you don't understand." You can't say you like a good friend. "

how could I not understand?

if we can be together, no one is willing to be just friends.

they are just using the name of "friends" to comfort the loss they can't get.

Daqu naturally becomes her best friend.

you will find that it is more difficult to change from a good friend to a lover than a stranger to a lover.

and life is more ruthless than I thought, and later the region fell in love with someone else.

I'm sorry.

if the protagonist is me, this must be the last ending I want to accept.

they will still go out to dinner and watch movies together, but I can see that the region has let go of its original thoughts.

one day he pretended to be inadvertently and jokingly said to her, "actually, do you know that although you are not pretty at all, I still like you for a while."

she went back carelessly and said, "Yes, although you are gay, I liked you for a while."

Dazhou laughed and scolded her: "how fake you are."

however, she suddenly said, "you are afraid of the dark and heights, dogs and cats; you like suspense and philosophy best. Your clothes are always black and white and gray. When you are in a bad mood, you like to play dota and only use spirit warriors." By the way, I thought you were gay, but it wasn't. "

the theater twinkled and changed the subject with a joke.

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I always wonder what would happen if these two idiots had spread everything out at that time. But I wisely pretended that nothing had happened--

those things that were not mentioned at that time, there is no need to mention them in the past.


some people say that the region chooses to be friends because they don't like it enough.

people who say so probably don't like anyone carefully and crazily.

the region really likes her, so much that he is afraid of himself.Interferes with each other's happiness.

so when she has a boyfriend, Dazhou goes to great lengths to hide her emotions; when she says she is lucky to have such a friend, he is really willing to be only her friend.

"as long as I can be happy with you, that's enough." This is the only thought of the stubborn and clumsy him.

some likes "I want to have you", and some likes "I want to be with you".

for the latter, it is easy for them to turn the people they like into their good friends. Because friends sound like they can stay longer.

it is sad that the long company made Dazhou and her get to know each other. He knew that she loved coffee and cats, and she knew that he was afraid of the dark and heights.

but no matter how much you know, as long as the other person doesn't say "I like you", they will never believe that the person they like is themselves.

this is really a pity.

to make up for this pity, Candy Moyo invites everyone to measure the tacit understanding between your friends, girlfriends, partners and you to see how well they know each other.

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promise me not to be like those two idiots.

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