You made me forget that feelings can hurt people.

You made me forget that feelings can hurt people.

"even if I die, I'll admit it."

obviously I didn't play games, but I went to download LOL, just to see if he was online and whether it was convenient for him to answer his phone.

as long as the other person receives an invitation from a friend, she will find an excuse to say that she has something to do so that he can have a good time.

after leaving her freshman year, Xiaoxiao became a completely different person.

her boyfriend probably won't know that when she was in high school, she was famous for plagiarism and showed no mercy in hitting boys.

at that time, I thought it was incredible and teased her: "Oh, what's so good about him? he's not half as handsome as I am, so he put you on this gentle and intelligent line?"

as a result, she smiled at me with a sour smell of love: "I like it, you take care of me."

when I was a single dog, the only explanation I could think of was that hormones might cause blindness.

it's a pity that the good times didn't last long. Less than half a year later, their relationship was in crisis, and the boys began to become lukewarm.

although it was hard, Xiaoxiao had no idea what went wrong.

she often stays in a daze at his Wechat in the middle of the night, then writes down hundreds of words from the bottom of her heart and sends them.

but the boys almost never reply, and it is always the next day that they evade the problem perfectly under the excuse of "fell asleep last night".

they say that people tend to go crazy when they are at a loss.

Xiaoxiao is the same. In addition to asking for warmth and delivering meals on time, Xiaoxiao even spends his life doing part-time jobs, spending all the money saved on gifts such as sneakers and watches.

like a red-eyed gambler at the card table, he threw all his chips on the table and bet on a bet called "love".

she always felt that with a little more effort, she could turn the tide in this shaky relationship.

although Xiaoxiao gave everything she liked, it didn't make a big reversal in the state of the relationship.

the number of quarrels between the two increased rather than decreased, and as a result of each quarrel, she still bowed her head and ran to make peace with each other.

I even began to wonder if she would forcibly fabricate a mistake to restore the relationship, even if she was right.

I asked her, "aren't you tired to do this to a person?"

she was stupefied for a long time before she said, "in fact, I never thought that I was more afraid of losing him than tired."

I have repeatedly advised her to learn to save herself, not to spend all her heart on places where she can not get something back, and not to fall in love and lose herself.

she would say "I know" in her mouth every time, but she still threw herself into the relationship.

No matter what I say, I can't change her, even a little bit.

that's what people do. once they like it, they become blind, unable to listen to advice and see no danger like moths.

they only pounce on where they think there is light, even if it may be a fire that will tear themselves to pieces.

it's a pity that the pay and return in a relationship are never in direct proportion, and as long as one party starts to get bored, the relationship will end sooner or later.

as expected, Xiaoxiao was dumped at last.

but on the contrary, I think this is a lucky thing.

because the tingling can make people grow, and the wound will heal with the passage of time.

sure enough, after a winter, Xiaoxiao gradually recovered and changed back to the "selfish" self I just knew.

she still works part-time, but all the money is spent on buying cosmetics for herself;

also only accepts good night on Wechat and never pays extra good for others;

when she is alone, she is strong when she has no desire, won't step out of the minefield, and won't let herself get hurt.

it's not hard to be yourself, because it's an instinct.

it's just that this instinct is always blocked by "like".

only when you get out of it, do you remember how to please yourself and tell where is light and where is fire.

for some reason, people always prefer the more dangerous roads.

obviously there are so many ambiguous dates, but Xiaoxiao falls in love with a cold and aloof boy in the next class.

when I saw her again the other day, I accidentally saw Arena of Valor downloaded from her mobile phone, so I asked her if she wanted to gang up together.

as a result, she told me that she couldn't play, just to see if it was convenient to disturb the boy.

I thought she could do well in any relationship after she had experienced so much and had been promoted to so many levels.

but what I didn't expect is that when someone shines in her eyes, she becomes a moth again.

she can do anything just because the time has not come.

her scar is still there, but she has long forgotten the pain.

she knows all the truth, but she is still stubborn.

I wanted to say something to tell her, but I couldn't hold back a word after thinking about it for a long time.

unexpectedly, she shrugged and spoke to me first: "I struggled for a long time, but finally found that my feelings were uncontrollable. Even if I finally died, admit it."

I know that she hasn't forgotten the tingling of those injuries at all.

it's just that when the one you like shows up again, all of a sudden, you're not so afraid of pain.

I can't change it, and I can't help anything. I can only pray.

pray that there is such a person who can cherish your bravery.

pray that the place you pounce on is not fire, but real light.

good night.

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good night.

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