Women are ruthless about these three things, and life is getting better and better.

Women are ruthless about these three things, and life is getting better and better.

Let your love be leisurely and live happily.

Yan Jiao

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after two people have been together for a long time, it is inevitable that they will have some fatigue, and their life will become more and more boring.

at this time, women need to pay more attention, especially in these three places, the more ruthless you are, the better your life will be.

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be tough on your career

Don't give up no matter how hard and tired you are.

because of the influence of the traditional idea of "men dominate the outside and women dominate the interior", many husbands will ask their wives to give up their jobs and stay at home full-time to take care of their children after marriage.

Women usually don't refuse such a request.

is forced by reality on the one hand and a sense of responsibility on the other.

at first, men can more or less understand that it is not easy for women to raise children.

but over time, you will gradually take it less seriously.

in the eyes of many men, it is easy to take care of children at home, just like taking a vacation.

so they feel more and more that they are the biggest contributor to the family and start bossing their wives around.

therefore, women should never give up their careers until they have to.

even if you have to give up, you should be ready to come back at any time.

because in a marriage, you have to do one thing from beginning to end, that is, financial independence.

if you are obedient, sensible and diligent, men do not necessarily love you.

on the contrary, he will only take it all for granted.

only if you remain financially independent, earn your own money and spend your own money, and at the same time subsidize your family; only when you earn more than a man will he admire you, cherish you, love you, and eventually become more and more inseparable from you.

the saying that the economic base determines the status of the family is never out of date.

Men should be ruthless when they make mistakes

Don't forgive "easily"

as the saying goes, a man's mouth is a liar.

but there are a lot of women, who especially like this, are always easily handled by a few words from men.

usually you don't have a soft ear. As soon as he says something nice, you give him a step down.

are all trivial things, and there is really no need to be angry with him.

but things are divided into different levels. Of course, trifles don't matter, but when you encounter big things, you can't just pass by in vagueness.

for example, when men make mistakes, especially when they keep repeating them.

you must be ruthless and seriously angry for once.

Don't be defeated by his promises and pleas. Stick to your bottom line and let him know that the consequences are serious.

if you forgive him easily, he will think you are easy to fool and won't take it to heart at all.

there will be no less mistakes to be made next time.

Women should be cruel when they should be cruel.

softness will not cure a man, it will only spoil him and let him hurt you again and again.

body management should be ruthless

keep healthy


every woman knows that figure is very important.

it is not only a barometer of health, but also an external expression of a woman's charm.

so, no matter what age you are, you should try to manage your figure.

be ruthless, keep your mouth shut, spread your legs, and always keep yourself in a healthy posture.

with a healthy body, you will have more energy to pursue the life you want.

not only pursue material wealth, but also pursue spiritual wealth.

with a good figure, you can reduce the traces left by time.

make yourself more and more charming and temperamental.

Don't lust for the freshness of the moment. It's comfortable to eat more.

but over time, you are bound to become uglier and unhealthy.

be ruthless to yourself, get rid of those extra meat, exercise more, exercise more, try to make yourself beautiful a little longer and grow old slowly.

Marriage is actually a game between men and women, and women can't just give in.

you have to be ruthless, fight for it, and change it.

Let yourself love leisurely and live happily.