Why did we start selling around?

Why did we start selling around?

It was a farewell.

I don't know if you remember, but at the end of 16 years, we said we were going to have a new design.

New LOGO, new typesetting, new business cards, and new perimeter.

I have been struggling with the decision to change the design.

ever since I knew chaos a year ago, I have been used to the cover picture of black characters on a white background, the big "miscellaneous" character, and the blue typeface or two in typesetting.

this is the mess I am most familiar with.

so when Zhang Jingzhi suddenly told me that he was going to change the design, I was in a trance and even wanted to use the excuse that "the reader is used to the original style" to stop the decision.

but in the end, I didn't say it.

because I also know that chaos is slowly becoming mature, so this design, which was done very carefully in the first place, also needs to become more mature.

the price of maturity is farewell.

say goodbye to the original LOGO, the original typesetting, the original business card, and the original perimeter.

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I am a very hypocritical person. I always accidentally regard the departure of everything as a story.

after all, the original design carries a less mature mess. It accompanied Zhang Jingju through five hundred fans, five thousand fans, and also accompanied me and me through 100, 000 fans and 200000 fans in the distant summer.

this design has been through too much.

I shared the new design with other readers with some emotion. Unexpectedly, many people reacted even more than I did: "the original design is very beautiful, why change it?" Don't change it. "

I can only answer with a wry smile: "not so good, because the designer has already been paid."

so they can only sigh and say sadly, "I didn't even get a chance to have a messy bag."

too many readers have said similar things to me, so I keep asking Zhang Jingshi to find a way to make more bags for you before the new design is used.

this is why from the beginning of the year to April, we intermittently sent messy bags and perimeter to readers in the form of lucky draw.

after another stage, the new design will be put into use. After thinking about it, I began to encourage Zhang Jingshi to open a micro-store to sell around.

for some reason, Zhang Jingshi is very resistant to this matter.

it wasn't until I finally said that he agreed to make this decision: "it's a souvenir for some loyal fans, and it gives them a chance to say goodbye to that immature mess."

after all, farewell is sad and uncomfortable because no one is psychologically prepared.

when I went to give a speech at CUHK yesterday, some readers who liked us very much came and asked me where I could buy the bag in my hand. I didn't even dare to tell her, "I may never buy it again."

because this time everything in the micro-store has been secretly marked with words like a commemorative version.

and the so-called commemorative version has two meanings, one is in the past, the other will never appear again.

it's funny that when I opened a micro-store for the first time, all the goods in the store will not appear again.

to write this article, one is to tell you that we are going to change the new design, and the other is to tell you why we suddenly made the choice of opening a micro-store.

the last purpose is to give myself a ceremony to say goodbye. At least I have been so serious about writing a thousand words for the design that has been with me for more than a year.

the address of the micro store is in the original text, and you can also get it by replying to "around" in the background, so don't ask me where I can buy the bag. I don't know after another stage.

Let's move on to the next step. Good night.