Whether he loves you or not, just look at the chat notes.

Whether he loves you or not, just look at the chat notes.

Feelings, ah, not only in the mobile phone, but also in life.



when I was browsing Weibo, I saw a group of screenshots of chat records posted by a blogger PO.

the person she chatted with in the screenshot was her boyfriend who had been with her for three or four years.

look at the first two pictures, gentle, romantic and lively.

every word was answered, and the sharing was missed. When I woke up from a nightmare at three or four o'clock in the morning, he was not annoyed at all and said:

"my cell phone is next to my pillow. Your phone is a strong reminder. I'm afraid you won't be happy if you can't find me."

the onlookers felt ironed in their hearts as they looked at it.

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roses are often the most amazing when they are in full bloom, and love is the most wonderful at the beginning.

but after the bloom, who can guarantee that who will never change?

sometimes she sends a message at eight o'clock in the morning, asking him if he would like to have dinner together, but he comes back the next night without explanation, only that he has lost track of time.

their conversation is becoming more and more concise:

"are you going out on weekends?"

"Don't want to go."

are you busy?


"I haven't had dinner together for a long time."

"some other time."

some people say that chat notes are the most beautiful love letters, which record the details of two people from love to love.

but sometimes, chat notes can be the most ruthless tear gas, because it happens to be the most real witness and carrier for two people from saying everything to having nothing to say.

when one day you look at the green dialogs between you with the eyes of an outsider, you send them out. And the other party's response?

A few words.

you can no longer borrow time and distance to lie, deceiving yourself that he still loves you, he is just busy.

if you have seen a person love you, you will know better than anyone else whether he still loves you or not.

whether a person does not care about you in the end, there is always the most determined answer in the chat record.

Reader Chestnut told me that she and her boyfriend had several conflicts last year because of their distance, but after the New year, they were ready to get engaged.

. I haven't figured out how to reply, and then she sent a message again.

Chestnut said, "my family actually doesn't agree with me to find someone who is not local. Sometimes I am unhappy and he can't come to accompany me right away. I also feel quite helpless."


when I feel a little unable to hold on, I feel very relieved to go through our chat records. "

in the days when we don't see each other, girls will inevitably have a small temper and wishful thinking. Boys will first tell Chestnut what they do every day, call her or open a video when they are done, and connect with her to watch movies every other day.

he will reply as soon as he sees the news of Chestnut. When we were together, Chestnut said that she had to hang up the message first and the boy had to make the last reply. Later, Chestnut never mentioned it again, but the boy has been carrying it out ever since.

before the Beginning of Autumn said anything about Chestnut that day, the boy sent her milk tea and fried chestnuts, and he also decided to develop with Chestnut in the provincial capital on the other side of Chestnut's house, saying that if she was close to her mother's home, her parents would be relieved.

I watched it for a long time and replied, "are you here to sprinkle dog food?"

but still very happy for her, because what she shows between the lines is the peace of mind to be loved.

Love has not studied geography, peace of mind does not depend on the distance, but on the heart.

there is an explanation for everything, an answer for everything, and an echo from one by one. True love is not only in the chat records, but also in the small fleeting years of the rest of life.

people who don't love you can keep chat records, but can't keep people.

people who love you, with or without chat records, love you as always.

said so much, in the hope that we do not pay too much attention to some clues, because love is to fall to the ground, whether he loves you, your heart will feel very clear.

porridge in the morning tastes better than late-night wine, and people who lie to you will say better than those who love you.

feelings, ah, not only in mobile phones, but also in life.

knowing horsepower in the distance, seeing the hearts of the people for a long time, this sentence is also applicable to love.

, I hope you also meet that person earlier so that you don't have to speculate on the question of love or not. I hope you can be together, live with your heart and love hard.

good night and sweet dreams.