When you have no money, you will understand these three "truths".

When you have no money, you will understand these three "truths".

Money is a person's dignity, but also a person's strength.

Mr. Yang Jiang said such a sentence:

"only if you are humble, you have the best chance to see the truth of human feelings in the world."

and when a person is most humble, it is often when he has no money.

although it is often said that money is not everything, facts have proved that it is impossible to move an inch without money.

although people often say that money is no more than a piece of paper, it turns out that without money, there will be no temperature in your world.

if a person has not been really poor once, it is very difficult for him to realize that there is still a "cold world" in the world.

only when a person is really poor once can he realize that there are still three real "truths" to face in life.

No money, no love

it's true that money can't buy love, but without money, you often can't keep it.

because love is not only romantic, but also belongs to life.

as the writer Sanmao said:

"Love will not last long if it is not implemented in dressing, eating, sleeping, and counting money."

firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea, clothing, food, housing, transportation or romance, none of which can be separated from the word "money".

if there is no money, what can you take to ensure the food and clothing of your family; if you have no money, how can you give each other a stable home; if you have no money, how can you promise each other a future?

when you have no money, you can't guarantee your own quality of life, and how to give others happiness.

therefore, those who leave you when you have no money may not really hate the poor and love the rich.

it's just that compared with the illusory love, the first thing everyone should do is to let themselves live well.

both the material gratification of the present and the bright expectations of the future are inseparable from the support of money.

it may sound material, but the reality is that it is cruel.

as a line in the TV series "the dual Nuclear Age" says:

"Love and marriage are not maintained by face. No matter how good a relationship or marriage is, money is needed to maintain it."

No money, no relatives

Olympic champion Quan Hongchan, whose family is very poor, has a hard life, but there is no one to help.

Quan Hong Chan's mother said: "now I know that there are so many relatives in the family."

how ironic and real it is!

corresponds to the old saying: "

No one asks the poor in the busy city, but the rich has distant relatives in the mountains.


when you are destitute, those people tend to stay away from you, lest you want to touch their light and become their burden.

and when you are in power, those people will put on the face of "family" and try their best to get close to you. In the final analysis, they just want to touch you.

Lu Yao wrote in the ordinary World:

"when we were young, we used to regard the word" relative "as beautiful and important. Once people become adults and begin to live independently, we soon learn that kinship is often vulgar. "

relatives and family members are essentially different.

your family will not turn their back on you at any time, but some relatives will only approach you when you are famous and leave when you are down.

so you see, the rich are always a bunch of relatives, and those who have no money are often alone.

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No money, no friends

some people say that money can buy 99% of things, including friendship.

when you are rich, you are always surrounded by a bunch of friends, with company for everything and support for everything.

if you want to drink, you can call out a group of people on the phone, and when you want to do something, someone will take care of it for you.

however, if one day you are down, you will find that the friends who used to be brothers are gone.

some people directly block all your contact information and have nothing to do with you; even if they answer your phone, they are afraid that you want to borrow money and make excuses early.

as Sima Qian said:

"the world is all for profit; the world is bustling for profit."

those who have gathered around you for profit will leave you sooner or later.

after all, most people in the world are realistic.

everything is easy to say when you are rich, but nothing works when you have no money, so you have a conscience not to step on your feet.

once you have no money, you will understand this sentence very deeply.

I quite agree with one sentence:

"money is not only a demon mirror, but also a measure of the heart."

those who are by your side when they are rich and abandon you when they are out of money, don't be nostalgic, because they have never given you a heart.

those who never give up on you, whether you are rich or poor, deserve to know each other all your life.

if you can meet such a person, of course, you will be lucky, but more importantly, you will not fall into such a field.

as the writer Maugham once warned in the book:

"of course, what people pursue is not all wealth, but at least they must have a dignified life so that they can work without hindrance and be generous.Can be cheerful and independent. "

money is a person's dignity and a person's strength.

so try to make money. Money is king.

, good night.