When you go to bed, your life will be whatever.

When you go to bed, your life will be whatever.

Those who sleep well have a better life.


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how long has it been since you had a good night's sleep?

many people try their best to earn money, but in the end, they have to take money to maintain their health.

there is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine: "Drug tonic is not as good as dietary tonic, and dietary tonic is not as good as sleep tonic."

A good sleep is better than all good health medicine.

A good sleep is the greatest tenderness to yourself

Shakespeare said



comfortable sleep is the gentle and missed care that nature gives to people.

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when my friends first went to college, they could not adapt to the high-intensity pace of life, and all kinds of things were often busy late into the night.

his face often has dark circles under his eyes, he is always sleepy in class, and sometimes he is absent-minded even chatting with people.

later, we were all busy with our lives, and when we met her again, it was in a debate contest a few months later.

she speaks freely, her words are full of confidence, and she seems to be shining all over her body.

only after careful inquiry did I know that it was a popular science article that made her glow.

the article says that our human system is actually very gentle. Whenever life is in a mess, it comforts us silently.

when you close your eyes at night, the busy brain secretly gives orders, and when the body receives a signal from the brain, it uses a device to relieve our fatigue.

with going to bed early, those bad emotions are quietly cured.

Turgenev said, "Sleep is like a cool spray that cleans up all the business in your head."


A good sleep is the best cleaning for the brain.

Life is not easy. One-third depends on cure and seven on self-healing.

and the body's best self-healing ability is to sleep.

A good sleep is the best way to spoil yourself.

Love yourself is the beginning of lifelong romance.

A good sleep is the best respect for life

Schopenhauer said:

"the biggest mistake that human beings can make is to trade health for other things outside the body.


some time ago, a nurse friend around me had a physical problem and suddenly changed from an angel to a patient.

working in the hospital, she often has to work the night shift. Every time she comes home from work, she is so tired that she goes to bed.

the long-term lack of sleep wrote tiredness on her face, causing the whole person to lose a lot of weight.

until that time, she finally couldn't hold back.

she got up early in the morning to register. The doctor looked at it and said, "if you look like this, you'll know you didn't sleep well."

long-term irregular work and rest has reduced her whole body's resistance, and all her organs have been affected, especially her gastrointestinal function, which has shown signs of decline.

the doctor's advice is actually just two words-- sleep well.

you can live a good life only if you sleep well.

Today, the pace of life is too fast, not staying up late, has become our most difficult self-discipline.

A good night's sleep is the scarcest luxury for every adult.

someone said on Weibo: "when staying up late turns into dedication, when you take it as your due, when life is gone, who will protect who?"

Life is a marathon. In the end, it's all about health.

Health is 1, followed by career, money, status, family and so on. Without 1, it doesn't make sense to have more zeros after it.

being kind to yourself and not staying up late is the best respect for life.

only by sleeping well in the second half of the night can you live the rest of your life well.

A good sleep is the cure for everything

in "why we sleep", the author begins by writing:


the resident scholar Dongpo at that time was misunderstood and sent to prison because of the Wutai Poetry case.

his career is blocked, his life is ill-fated, his reputation is ruined, and his life is at stake. There is hardly anything more desperate than this.

but what does it matter to Su Shi?

he is still fast asleep in prison.

since you failed to get what you wanted, you might as well be relieved; since it is inevitable, you might as well be at peace.

and it was this attitude of falling asleep that saved his life.

the emperor specially sent eunuchs to the prison to observe. When he saw him snoring like thunder, he knew that Su Shi had a clear conscience, so he demoted him to Huangzhou.

coincides with the sentence in "Gao Old Man", "sometimes good luck comes when you are sleeping."

when you are at a low ebb, a good night's sleep is also a cure for yourself.

forgive everything before you go to bed, and when you wake up, you are born again.

the so-called good sleep is that once you close your eyes, no matter good or evil, you forget everything.

when Lin Qingxuan was young, he had a particularly painful time. He couldn't eat or sleep well.

he sought answers from the Zen master.

the Zen master said, "people need to practice."

Lin Qingxuan wondered, "how to practice?"

ZenThe teacher said, "eat when you are hungry and sleep when you are sleepy."

Lin Qingxuan was puzzled, and the Zen master continued:

"when mortals eat, they look around, think about this and that, think about everything, think about everything, and turn their dreams upside down when they sleep. As for spiritual practitioners, to eat is to eat, and to sleep is to sleep, and there is nothing else to read. "

We can't control things, but we can change our mood.

eat when you should eat, sleep when you sleep, and go with nature is the best guardian for yourself.

after all, our sleep quotient is more important than EQ. Those who sleep well have a better life.

A really good person will take the initiative to control the rhythm of his rest. Only by knowing how to have a good rest can you control your life.

May we sleep well tonight and ask for more advice for the rest of our lives tomorrow.