When talking to others, talk less about yourself, and you will have more and more blessings.

When talking to others, talk less about yourself, and you will have more and more blessings.

People who are really good speak carefully and know how to be silent.


"Cai Gentan" said: "the mouth is the door of the heart, the mouth is not secret, leak the real machine."

if a person doesn't open the door and always says anything, that person's luck will slowly dissipate.

people who are really good speak carefully and know how to be silent.

when talking to people, talk less about your "three things" and you will have more and more blessings.

your own secret

everyone has their own secrets and past events that they don't want to mention.

these secrets are buried deep in my heart and are easily unwilling to reveal them to others.

this is not only self-protection, but also respect for the past.

however, some people can't keep secrets in their hearts and always share them in order to get some comfort.

the secrets you tell out of trust will soon become the talk of others.

you will also become the subject of other people's judgment.

Kong Guang was the secretary of the emperor in the Han Dynasty, who went in and out of the greenhouse hall every day to deal with confidential documents.

every day at the end of the day, all the speeches of the day will be burned.

his friends are curious about his work, so they often ask him, but he never says a word.

A friend even asked him what kind of trees were planted in front of the greenhouse, but he also talked about him and refused to disclose half a point.

this is the allusion of "not to mention the greenhouse tree" in history.

the Arab said, "when keeping secrets, secrets are loyal servants; when secrets are revealed, secrets are the culprit."

you must not have the intention to harm others, and you must be careful to guard against others.

Don't tell your secrets casually and don't leave excuses to others easily.

to keep your mouth shut, sometimes you just keep your boundaries and keep yourself safe.

Inner complaint

Life is not as good as nine times out of ten. No one's life is easy.

everyone is walking forward with clenched teeth, covered with scars and wind and rain, and needs more encouragement from fellow travelers than complaints.

people who complain every day are full of negative energy.

they complain about injustice and do not strive for progress, and they also spread such feelings to others and slow them down.

over time, no one wants to be friends with such a person.

Zeng Guofan trained in Hunan, had no power, no money, no soldiers, and was bullied by local soldiers.

but he knocked out his teeth and swallowed in blood, and never complained to anyone.

holding his breath, he moved on in silence and finally became a great cause.

Don't complain about unfair fate, don't complain about the ups and downs of life.

if a person drinks water, he knows whether it is cold or warm.

No one wants to listen to your pain every day except your parents, and no one is willing to pay for your failure.

Don't bother anyone when you are at a low ebb.

the only thing you can do is to grit your teeth and stand still.

Choose from pink long sleeve cocktail dress to perfectly illuminate the spirit of vogue. Take a moment in this catalogue and realize you are lucky.

I was lucky to get it, but I lost my life.

manpower is sometimes exhausted, everything goes with fate, and everything is bearish.

past achievements

Ji Xianlin once said that there are ten taboos in life, one of which is "easy to mention courage in those days".

We often see some people like to brag on the wine table, saying, "I was in those days."... "

the reason why one likes to talk about past achievements is mostly because there is nothing to say now.

once brilliant corresponds to today's loneliness, we can only find a little glory of that year in showing off.

the ancients said: "do not love the past, live in the present."

Don't always talk about your past successes and failures. Turn this page before you can usher in a new chapter in your life.

Zeng Guofan once called "Dinsheng". Only by getting rid of the old can he usher in a new life.

after Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize for literature, he politely refused to repair his old house in his hometown.

sleeping on past achievements can only be the self-escape of the weak.

people who are really good never brag about themselves. They always keep a low profile and are modest and enterprising.

yesterday, no matter how good it is, it is a thing of the past. No matter how brave the hero was then, it is the absolute truth to look to the future.


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