What exactly is Vitasoy?

What exactly is Vitasoy?

Well, this secret will only be told to you.

Hello, I'm the thorn.

readers often ask backstage, "what on earth is Vitasoy?"

although this is a secret between us and regular readers, I decided to tell it so that more new readers can become regular readers. So if you meet someone who is equally concerned about "chaos" on the road, but he still doesn't know what's wrong with the disorganized Vitasoy, it means he's not a loyal reader at all.

back to the point.

two years ago, chaos, as an early batch of official accounts on Wechat public platform, was completely unappreciated at first.

Showcase your sense of style in our attires long sleeve formal. Our collections are a perfect demonstration of a high taste.

and I always thought I was good, so I would say directly in my tweet, "if you think it's good, please appreciate it."

I will even put my personal payment QR code in the article to tell you that if you think my text is useful, give me one yuan.

Yes, through that QR code, the reader can only pay me one yuan.

but even if it was a dollar, not many people would give it to me at that time.

even, because people didn't have the concept of "appreciation" at that time, some readers would scold me backstage or say to me directly in private, "do you lack that dollar?" Why make yourself more like a beggar? "

I was so angry at that time that I directly wrote an immature article about my view of "one dollar". It turns out that the most terrible thing is not the green tea bitch, but the spectator lurking around you. Click the blue word and you can read it directly.

this is what I wrote in "spectators":

but then again, why does Wechat introduce "original" and "reward" functions? Because it encourages people to stay away from plagiarism, only by writing attentively can they gain a large number of fans and even support themselves by writing. In fact, I do not need much, there are a few tuhao fans, give me a few one yuan, I can because of "disorganized" and drink an extra bottle of Vitasoy.

those who know me say I am worried, and those who do not know me say what I want.

as a result, the stem of "vitamin milk" came into being.

on June 5, 2015, the appreciation function was not called "appreciation", but "reward". Don't underestimate the changes made by Wechat in this word, it is two concepts.

"reward" is from top to bottom, passers-by think your performance is good, so they reward a few pieces of encouragement; "appreciation" is equal, you write well, say well, I give you what I can give in order to express my deep agreement and appreciation.

I remember two years ago, when we first wrote the word "vitamin milk" on the guide language, the eel whale forwarded the article to her moments and said:

"I hope that one day, we can drink vitamin milk from words."

unexpectedly, the word Vitasoy stayed with me disorderly for two years.

in the past two years, too many people use words to express their ideas in disorder, but because of all kinds of things, we have to separate at a certain intersection and wish each other a "bright future".

in the past two years, the amount of disorganized reading has gone from 300 to 400 at the beginning to 30,000 to 40,000 now. It is true that more and more people read clutter, but I have become more and more clear: we authors, ah, the relationship with most people is just passers-by.

all we can do is to say to each other, "are you here?"

then silently greet those silent parting.

in the past two years, I have also changed from a sophomore at that time to a senior graduate who is about to be tortured by society, but after 100,000 fans, I seem to have added a title called "editor-in-chief". However, even if there are a lot of meaningless praise, I still think that the word "editor" is not important and the number of fans is not important. What matters is the words we typed one by one in those days.

because of those words, we have the opportunity to get to know you and tell you what kind of people we met today, what kind of meal we had, and what stories happened around us; and because those words give us endless freedom, so that we ordinary people can become "not so ordinary" in the eyes of others.

so, "vitamin milk" is really special to us, not because it is delicious, but because it is a token.

is the chaos of 2015, the chaos of 2016, and the chaos of the future, with your pledge.

Thank you for listening to me. Good night.