Weekend activities | Farewell to Yu Chunjiao.

Weekend activities | Farewell to Yu Chunjiao.

See you on Saturday.

Hi, long time no see. I'm an eel whale.

Last weekend night, a person was in a disorganized studio, watching Chunjiao and Zhiming for the 101st time.

I remember posting such a moments at that time: "the studio is a good place with slippers, sofas, blankets and pillows, projectors, refrigerators and microwave ovens, and good movies, but no one comes."

I've always wanted to invite some friends to come and chat with us, but I haven't had a chance.

it just so happens that "Chunjiao Saving Zhiming" is about to be released. Today, on a whim, I said to A from the warm Men's Department, "I haven't held an event for a long time. Why not invite everyone to see 'Chunjiao Save Zhiming"? he is very supportive of my idea.

I remember saying the same thing to Alai in the middle of the night last October. So we held a "secret room lovelorn farewell party" and chatted with pillows in the youth brigade until 05:00 in the morning. (for more information, please see "I don't want to hang out. Please stay with me tonight." ")

that's probably the most casual and impressive all-night event, and people who come will give themselves a new name. That day, they forgot about themselves for a while and had a real night with stories, beer, laughter and tears. After the

event, many readers asked me when there would be the next issue. Finally, today, half a year later, we decided to do the second issue, and the name of this show is "Farewell to Yu Chunjiao".

this time, we would like to ask you to see "Chunjiao Save Zhiming" together, and then go to our studio to have a night talk of "Farewell to Yu Chunjiao".

Why is it called farewell to Yu Chunjiao?

I like "Zhiming and Chunjiao" this series of movies very much, it is too realistic, in the movie, there is a microcosm of our feelings.

I have said that feelings are not only as simple as "love and not love", but also a lot of helplessness to get along with. Because of these helplessness, we often have the idea of "inappropriate" and end a relationship.

but when we jump out to take a look, we can see the problems of both sides more rationally.

"Farewell to Yu Chunjiao" means that everyone was once Zhang Zhiming, a big child, immature, did not know how to take responsibility in a relationship, and everyone was Yu Chunjiao, without sense of security, paranoid, and scared in love.

but today, we don't want to repeat it, we want to say goodbye to that person. And this night talk is used to reflect and bid farewell to the failed feelings.

another meaning is that "Chunjiao saves Zhiming" means the end of this series of movies. Eight years ago, I want to say goodbye to Zhang Zhiming and Yu Chunjiao with you.

(event information)

activity time: April 29th 17:30-No end time (you can leave first)

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activity expenses: at your own expense, movie tickets are purchased by the warm Man Department

attendees: eel whale, Alai, far Summer, Wang Zepeng

event number: 20 people

activity flow:

gather at the agreed place Watch a "Chunjiao Save Zhiming" together, and then go to our studio for a night talk of "Farewell to Yu Chunjiao".