To complain about others is to torture yourself.

To complain about others is to torture yourself.

If you let go of your obsession, everything will be clear.

after reading a cartoon, I was quite impressed.

A man was walking on the road, tripped over a stone and fell so hard that his glasses flew out.

but instead of feeling depressed and complaining, he knelt calmly and admired a seedling.

cartoons is often exactly what we lack.

in real life, the first reaction of most people to setbacks is to reprimand and complain, some blame bad luck, others complain that the stone is not long-eyed.

people who complain are like a dark cloud overhead, pessimistic and world-weary all day long.

and people who are open-minded and leisurely, are not afraid of wind and rain, and all they see is scenery.

there is a good saying: "there is nothing good in the world that will arise from complaints."

if the heart is full of complaints, there will be no room for happiness, and life will be full of devastation.

complain about others and hurt yourself


@ Zhang Xingzhi

shared the personal experience of my friend's daughter.

after the girl fell in love with the boy, the girl insisted on marrying him, even though her parents didn't like him very much.

but after only a few years of marriage, the boy cheated on her and betrayed her.

the girl was so angry that she immediately decided to divorce and went back to her home with her children.

after the divorce, the girl cried at home every day and complained that the boy had failed her.

No matter how the family persuaded her, the girl became more and more mentally decadent and often felt unwell, and then she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

cartoonist Jimmy said:

"Don't dwell on something awkward for too long. Entangled for a long time, you will be annoyed, painful, epiglottic, tired, hurt, and heartbroken.

in fact, in the end, you don't have a problem with things, but with yourself. "

unpleasant things often happen in life, and the more you indulge in pain and complaints, the more deeply you will be hurt.

in the forest, there is a complaining wolf.

he hunted the antelope with the leopard. As a result, the antelope escaped from him, but he complained that the leopard had not informed him before the attack.

he hunted the deer with the grizzly bear. As a result, the deer escaped after being bitten by the grizzly bear, and it complained that the grizzly bear bit too lightly.

from then on, no one cooperated with the wolf, and the wolf could only complain and suffer hunger at the same time.

then one day, when the wolf was hungry and tired, a male lion happened to pass by, grabbed it and ate it.

there is a saying on the Internet: "people live in the world, in fact, the one who can really hurt you is not others, but yourself."

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the complaint that a man spits out is a curse laid for himself.

instead of blaming others in the dark, choose to forgive in a gentle and sunny day.

forgive others and let yourself go

once upon a time, we thought that forgiving others easily was an indulgence of injury, and we were reluctant to let go of our grief.

after going through the world, I realized that what is more terrible than forgiving others is that I have never let go of myself.

the owl of writer Lao Yang wrote about his own awakening process in his book being an emotionally stable Adult.

once, Lao Yang received a private message on Weibo, and netizens said, "what kind of junk articles are you writing?"

Lao Yang didn't want to pay attention to it, but when he saw the word "garbage", he still couldn't bear to reply: "if there is anything wrong in my article, please point it out."

never thought about it, but netizens said, "who can read this kind of junk book?" I only like Nietzsche's philosophy and Kafka's novels. I disdain to read rubbish books like yours. "

Lao Yang asked netizens: "you haven't even read my book, why do you think it's rubbish?"

netizens immediately spurted: "most of the people who write books are rubbish, and of course the books you write are rubbish, so you don't have to read them at all." You should learn more about Nietzsche's logic and Kafka's expressionism and write less junk books! "

in the face of the sudden abuse, Lao Yang was instantly enraged, and he racked his brains to type out a large paragraph of text, ready to fight back against netizens.

but before sending it, Lao Yang suddenly smiled and realized that if he sprayed with netizens, he would be no different from a sprinkler.

finally, Lao Yang thought about it and calmly deleted the text.

I agree with what was said in the late Night Canteen: "maturity is when you are supposed to cry and smile without saying a word."

very often, we choose to forgive and be bearish, not to admit defeat or compromise, but not to struggle too much and want to keep a piece of peace in our hearts.

Life is full of ups and downs, and since malice is unstoppable, it's good to choose to let it go.

forgiveness in the adult world begins with "forget it".

only by letting go of other people's mistakes can you free your heart.

the heart is relaxed, there are fewer things to break

someone on the Internet asked: "what is really chic?"

there is a very loud answer: "chic is free and easy, unrestrained."

I disagree with this, and I can't help thinking of Mo Yan's explanation:

"chic is actually a state of mind, an attitude towards life, a way to reduce stress, in a sense, it can also be said to be a kind of Ah Q spirit."

Mo Yan's grandfather once told him about a distant relativeQi's attitude towards life.


Wang Dahua doesn't know one big character, but he has a quiet state of mind and is called the most handsome person in the village.

once Wang Dahua went to the market, bought a big basin at the market, carried it on his back and went back.

when he came to the bridge not far from home, a naughty boy bumped into his back and crashed the basin into a pile of tiles.

passers-by complained for Wang Dahua one after another, and the naughty boy turned yellow with fear.

but Wang Dahua walked on without looking back, as if nothing had happened.

someone shouted, "Wang Dahua, your basin is broken!" Wang Dahua still doesn't look back.

afterwards, Wang Dahua was asked if he knew the basin on his back was broken, and Wang Dahua replied that he knew.

the man continued to ask, "you know, why don't you look back?"

Wang Dahua said calmly, "now that it's broken, what's the use of turning back?"

Yes, it doesn't help to stop and look back on what has happened.

it is better to relax your mindset, look down on things, and live with joy but not sorrow.

as Tagore wrote in the poem Burning memories:

"one night, I burned all my memories, and my dream has been transparent ever since;

one morning, I threw away all yesterday, and my footsteps have been light ever since. "

if the situation changes with the heart, it will be happy, and if the heart changes with the situation, it will be annoying.

if you have a broad mindset, there will be less broken things, and if you care less, your life will be brighter.

if you nourish the atmosphere, you must be blessed

in the United States, a brick seller named Carl was rumored everywhere by his competitors: "Carl's company is unreliable, his bricks are not good, and his business is about to go out of business."

as a result, Carl lost a $250000 order by a competitor.

Carl didn't know what to do with it, so he complained to the priest. The priest smiled and said, "Shi En to those who deliberately embarrass you."

Carl had some doubts, but he kept the words in mind.

one day, Carl found a customer in Virginia in urgent need of a batch of bricks to build a new office building.

this model is not available in Brickar, but it is similar to that of its competitors.

after some ideological struggle, Carl decided to call his competitor to inform the customer of his needs.

received the call, the competitor was speechless for a moment, and then thanked him again and again.

at this time, Carl was filled with joy and offered to recommend competitors to his customers.

later, competitors not only stopped spreading rumors about him, but also transferred a lot of orders to Carl.

A piece of sugar that Carl handed to his opponent eventually became a nourishment for himself.

will Bowen said in his book "the World without complaining"

"everyone will inevitably have defects and mistakes, and contradictions will inevitably arise in the process of getting along with others, and at this time, understanding and tolerance is the best medicine."

in this world, each has its own difficulties, and some injuries are not caused by evil.

maybe you only need a sincere smile to solve the crux of other people's hearts.

maybe all you need is a gentle look to move people who want to embarrass you.

True tolerance is not bottomless tolerance, but the good use of soft ways to resolve unnecessary disputes.

Life is a long journey. Keep the atmosphere in your heart, and the good fortune will come as promised.

writer Khaled Hosseni wrote the following sentence on the title page of "memories of the Mountains":

"out of the concept of right and wrong, there is a field where I will meet you."

if you let go of your obsession, everything will be clear.

Life is like this. If you don't frown, no one will take away your smile.

for the rest of my life, put what should be put, forget what should be forgotten, and live a natural and magnificent life. Life is full of surprises.

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