There is a kind of bad, called "can't see others good."

There is a kind of bad, called "can't see others good."

The more selfish a person is, the more likely he is to envy others.

Liu Zongyuan said in "scolding corpses and worms": "the ability of jealousy is the loss of lucky people." With only eight words, the image of "corpse worm" is divided into three parts.

the "corpse worms" he scolds are those who envy the blessings of others and rejoice in the sufferings of others.

Spinoza also said: "jealousy is a kind of hate, which makes people feel painful for the happiness of others and happy for the disasters of others."

although the two sages are apart from each other in time and space, they seem to be connected with each other.

their words hit the same weakness of human nature-"not to be liked by others".

the more selfish people are, the more likely they are to envy others

have you ever met such a person:

when the animals on the roadside are hurt, they are full of love, but when the people around them want something, they are as cold as ice.

when a friend falls into a trough, he feels sad, but once a friend salted fish turns over, he looks disdainful.

when you are mediocre, you are kind, but when you get ahead, you are strange.

things change over time, and attitudes are very different. Why?

there is a saying in Mencius: "compassion is common to everyone." However, the capacity of people is not common.

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I read such a story some time ago.

A man meets God and God says, "I can grant you a wish now, but only if your neighbor gets a double."

that person is very happy, but he can think about it:

if I want one mu of land, my neighbor will get two mu;

if I want a box of gold, my neighbor will get two.

what's more, if I want a beautiful woman as my companion, isn't the old man who has been single all his life full of wives and concubines?

thinking about it, he didn't know what to ask, and he really didn't want to let his neighbors take advantage of it for nothing.

finally, he gritted his teeth and said, "pluck me an eye!"


after reading this, we can't help but sigh: the evil of jealousy does not hesitate to harm others and harm ourselves!

it can be seen that in the eyes of jealous people, happiness lies not in what they get, but in what others can't get.

will it be creepy if you encounter this jealousy of "sacrificing yourself and harming others"?

back to reality, life is often more gripping than a story.

"Big coat" Zhu Zhiwen, since he became very popular, there are some unexpected situations:

bricks flying outside the wall smashed the glass, drunken "fans" kicked away the door, inexplicable "relatives" lined up to recognize relatives, and even bachelors who couldn't hit the pole came to ask for money to marry a wife.

the quiet life was completely disrupted, watching the villagers burst into laughter and clicked the excited shutter with their mobile phones high.

all this is nothing more than expressing a voice: with the same ploughing in the soil, why are you better off than me?

your goodness and your beauty are unforgivable sins that fall into the eyes of the jealous.

this twisted state of mind, mixed with extreme selfishness and inferiority, full of their own great hatred, can not bear to see the slightest goodness of others.

Goethe said in Faust: "jealousy is a hissing coal from hell."


this piece of burning coal burns the eyes that find beauty and blackens the heart that is sprouting goodness.

knowing how to appreciate is the starting point of self-improvement

jealousy is the dark valley in the heart, appreciation is the Liaoyuan in the chest.

the temple of Apollo in Delphi has the most famous motto-know yourself.

appreciation is a mirror, knowing others and taking a good look at yourself.

being good at discovering the beauty around you, facing up to the gap and learning with an open mind is the starting point for self-improvement.

Bian Que, a famous doctor and three brothers in his family, all make a living by practicing medicine.

one day, King Wen of Wei asked Bian Que, "your three brothers are all good at medicine. Which one is the best?"

Bian Que replied, "the eldest brother is the best, the second brother is the second, and I am the worst."

King Wen asked again, "since you are the worst, why are you the most famous?"

Bian Que also replied, "Big Brother treats the disease before the attack." Since outsiders did not know that he had eradicated the cause in advance, his fame could not be spread, only our family knew.

the second elder brother is treated at the beginning of the disease. It is thought that he can only treat minor ailments, so he is only a little famous in our village.

and I, Bian Que, treat the disease when the condition is serious. What you can see is that I have major operations such as needle bloodletting, surgery and drug application, so I mistakenly think that my medical skill is the best. In fact, I am the worst one. "

Bian Que took his elder brother as an example, studied modestly, learned from others, studied medicine assiduously, and finally surpassed his two brothers to become a generation of famous doctors.

Li Yunlong and Chu Yunfei in "Bright Sword" are opponents of life and death, but they are sympathetic to each other. They can not only fight each other with their lives, but also appreciate each other. After the flames of war, they have both become famous generals for a while.

it can be seen that if a person wants to be excellent, it begins with knowing how to appreciate others and opponents.

this kind of appreciation is not only the driving force of being unwilling to be left behind, but also the mind of accepting all rivers by the sea. The ultimate achievement is the courage and boldness of daring to shine swords and see the mountains.

if you can't see the good of others, you are refusing to change for the better; only by appreciating the good of others can you take the first step of self-growth.

this step seems to be only a small step in cognition, but it is a big step beyond the narrowness of human nature.

to fulfill others is to fulfill yourself

Last year, Zhang Guimei, "the most beautiful rural teacher in the country," won three honors: "moving China's person of the year,"National Model of Poverty Alleviation," and "July 1 Medal."

in fact, she has long been honored, only because she has always kept a low profile and is full of merit and fame.

in the face of the promotion of her colleagues, she is not comparable or jealous, but immerses herself in a stack of teaching plans and a three-foot podium.

in the face of Dali and Lijiang, known as the business card of "colorful Yunnan," she gave the opportunity to teach in the city to others on her own initiative, but she plunged into the mountains.

Zhang Guimei is tolerant and modest to others, fame and wealth, but has a different heart to herself and to her work.

the 11-year cold and summer vacation, 120000 kilometers of rugged mountain roads and 1345 families of poor students are the places that Zhang Guimei measures with her feet and touches with her heart.

there is a girl who only scored 6 in the city's math exam. Zhang Guimei visited the girl's home, hoping to persuade the girl's parents to let her transfer to another school or vocational high school.

but when I got to the top of the hill, there was only a simple wooden house for the girl. The mother, whose father was disabled and worked alone, pinned all her hopes on her daughter to move out of the mountain.

Zhang Guimei finally didn't let go. On the one hand, she helped the girl's mother get a loan to support her family. At the same time, she left the girl at school, showing sincere love and encouragement from time to time.

after several years of cultivation, this 6-point girl finally broke her cocoon into a butterfly, was admitted to university and walked out of the mountain.

learn from Gao to be a teacher and be a model. Zhang Guimei never envies others, and she is too beautiful to be jealous; she tries her best to fulfill others and inadvertently fulfills herself.

the award words "moving China's person of the year 2020" called her "cinnamon by the cliff, plum in the snow."

Confucius said: "if you want to stand, you want to stand, and you want to reach others."

if you want to fulfill yourself, you should first be willing to let go of yourself; in order to fulfill your own heart and realize other people's dreams first, how can you know that this is not fulfilling yourself?

those who envy others can only accommodate themselves; those who try to fulfill others can put the whole world at ease.

everyone's eyes of "born for beauty" should have their own, other people, and the world.

recognize yourself clearly, is a drop of water awake;

appreciating others is the consciousness of half a bucket of water.

to fulfill others is a sea of bosom.