"then wait a minute before you get married."

"then wait a minute before you get married."

​ hopes that he will hold you on the tip of his heart and love you so that you won't lose your pearls.


meet someone who likes each other and fall in love with him for the purpose of marriage.

this should be what many girls yearn for for love.

from falling in love to falling in love, from being in love to being white-headed.

do not seek to be vigorous, but to seek a long stream of water.

people around me are falling in love one after another.

everyone has fulfilled their mission in their own lives.

but I am still on the way to find myself, stumbling all the way.

Love and marriage are so out of reach.

then wait and live your own life first.

We'll talk about love and fit later, and get married later.

at that time, you happened to be gentle and he just matured.

if you meet, it will be your whole life.

I wonder if you will often imagine living with the people you like in the future, like me.

imagine yourself putting on your wedding dress, taking his hand and walking into the auditorium.

stand in the spotlight and promise each other that they will never give up.

in everyone's blessings, put rings on each other, hug and kiss each other.

join hands to open a new chapter in love and life in the name of love.

before I met him, I never longed for marriage so badly.

after meeting him, I only want to be with him when I get married.

I want to stay in the kitchen day and night with him when the smell of food wafts out from my neighbor's house.

I want to walk in the crowd with my fingers clasped with others when they travel in pairs.

I want to have him around to comfort and encourage me when I am lonely, helpless or at a loss.

I want to live a romantic life with him in a mediocre life.

wait to see all over the mountains, rivers and seas, the afterglow of sunset, and then borrow his shoulder to lean on for the rest of his life.

Life doesn't always go well.

you occasionally have a little conflict and a little friction.

but this is just a little love episode, and it doesn't affect your relationship.

when he doesn't take the initiative, you will take the initiative;

he will tolerate when you are wayward and flirtatious.

in the long relationship, you change yourself little by little,

run-in your feelings into a look that suits each other.

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you are all ordinary people, so it's hard to amaze other people's lives.

but in this relationship between loving and being loved, you can be gentle with each other's years.

he listens carefully to what you say;

you can also understand what he wants to express.

you meet and fall in love at the best and most appropriate time.

once you meet, you will go to the end and love for the rest of your life.

this kind of love and marriage is really beautiful.

but you and I both know that in the adult world, just falling in love is not enough.

if two people want to be together for a long time, they have to consider a lot of realistic things.

cars, house tickets, families of both sides, firewood, rice, oil and salt, one meal and one vegetable.

only when both sides are strong enough, the conditions are equal, and the forces are evenly matched.

this relationship can be maintained for a long time.

after all, love has to be implemented in real life.

so, whether you are single or in love, please don't worry about getting married.

first live your own life and make yourself better.

when you have the ability to resist unknown risks in the future, let's talk about marriage.

the happiness that belongs to you will not be absent, as long as you all firmly run to each other.

but now, please allow him to pass through Fanglin in April and take a look at the world.

stay in front of you with a clean breath.

Please also allow yourself to get through a period of loneliness and build up strength.

wait for you to get along tacitly enough, and when your minds are mature enough.

when you are firm enough in this relationship, wait for each other's hearts to no longer waver.

wait until your desire to spend the rest of your lives together is still so strong, then get married.

finally, send a message to all those who love each other:

I wish you not only daily necessities of life.

there are also the beautiful scenery of the journey, the stars and the sea.

I hope he will hold you in the tip of his heart and love you so that you won't lose your pearls.

be in the same boat with you through ups and downs, year after year.