The whole family squeezed into a 7-inch tin house and picked up waste from an early age. The "shoemaker's daughter" became the Olympic champion with a prize of 1 million yuan.

The whole family squeezed into a 7-inch tin house and picked up waste from an early age. The "shoemaker's daughter" became the Olympic champion with a prize of 1 million yuan.

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Beiguo muskmelon

short track speed skating mixed team relay, the Chinese team won the first gold medal!

on the evening of February 6, standing on the podium, Fan Kexin cried again when he saw the five-star red flag rising slowly.

29-year-old Fan Kexin and 28-year-old Wu Dajing, the two veterans hugged each other and cried, turning a thousand words into a hug.

as the patriarch of the three dynasties of the Winter Olympic Games, this is probably Fan Kexin's last Winter Olympic Games. Facing the camera, she said:

"everyone gets under the ice every day with blood in their throats and has been on the national team for 12 years. Thanks to teammates and coaches, it's all worth it at this moment!"

she said, "I've been waiting for this gold medal for too long!"

at this moment, her tears moved countless people. The little girl, who lived in the basement with her parents and could not even afford skates, finally broke her cocoon into a butterfly and realized her dream of the Olympic Games.

the shoemaker's daughter

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on September 19, 1993, the youngest daughter was born in a poor family in Boli County, Qitaihe City, Heilongjiang Province.

her parents named her "Kexin", praying for good luck and hope.

however, life dealt a heavy blow to small families.

one-year-old Fan Kexin and his parents and brother

as soon as Fan Kexin entered primary school, his family lost money because of his business, so he had to go to Qitaihe to turn to relatives.

forced by helplessness, the parents left their brother in their hometown, took Xiao Kexin, embarked on a vast unknown road, and the family of three went to Qitaihe with only 300 yuan.

in the third-tier cities in the northeast in 2000, prices were too heavy for this poor family to bear. After several twists and turns, they finally found a place to live.

this is a tin house with only 7 yuan, and the rent is 130 yuan.

in order to have enough to eat, Father Fan began to repair shoes for people. since then, the three members of the family have been here to eat, live and repair shoes.

on New year's Eve that year, Xiao Kexin wanted to eat dumplings, but it was cold, there was no business in mending shoes, and there was no money in his pocket. Finally, it was the kind neighbor who brought the dumplings.

watching his daughter gobble up her food, Father Fan burst into tears while thanking him. "it's so hard!" I'm sorry, son! "

Xiao Kexin looked up and panicked when he saw his father's tears. "Dad, don't cry!" I don't want dumplings anymore. "

after that, Father Fan struggled to stand up by mending his shoes.

although the conditions at home are difficult, parents love their children a lot. Xiao Kexin is lively and active since childhood. When the parents saw that other girls were learning to dance, they also gritted their teeth and signed up for their daughter.

but after just a week of learning, Xin said that she would not learn anything. My mother was confused and found out that the original dance class charged 150 yuan for clothing.

the sensibility of the child hurt the parents' heart. the couple discussed raising money for their daughter's clothing, but Kexin stubbornly shook his head, "I'm definitely not going to learn!"

later, a neighbor aunt saw that Xiao Kexin was thin and took her to the stadium for sports. She happened to meet short-track speed skating coach Ma Qingzhong who was training with her team members.

Xiao Kexin envied when he saw the children running and jumping.

Ma coach Jean Kexin also ran and jumped along, and found that her physical condition was very good, so he wanted to accept the child.

hearing this, Xiao Kexin was happy and worried. She raised her face and asked the coach seriously, "how much is the tuition?"

Coach Ma smiled and said, "if you train hard, I won't charge!"

as soon as I heard that it was free, my new little face immediately lit up. "I can bear hardships very well!" Promise to practice hard! "

the champion of picking up waste

Coach Ma Qingzhong kept his word and not only did not charge tuition fees, but also spent 150 yuan to buy a pair of second-hand skates for Kexin.

Xiao Ke is treasured and cherished carefully. After that, she began a hard training career:

get up at 4: 00 in the morning for training, go home for breakfast, and then go to school.

if fate makes you stop at the bottom of the valley, it means you can only go up.

year after year, Kexin grew up in hard training.

"I don't need to wake up. I feel very conscious. Some children left at 5 o'clock, but Xin said, Mom, I'll slide a few more laps, 3 laps, 5 laps and 10 laps. I just want to practice a little more. "

Mother Nie Guiling talked about Kexin's childhood training as if it were yesterday.

"Class starts from 1pm to 3pm, trains from 3pm to 5pm, then makes up lessons, goes home for dinner at 6pm, and goes to bed." Year after year, just stick to it. "

one night, the mother was stunned when she was changing her daughter's clothes, but her new arms and legs were black and blue, her feet were scabbed and scabbed in many places, and suppurated in some places.

my mother cried at that time, "Girl, let's not practice any more, it's so painful!"

"No! No, no! I want to practice! "

but Xin got into bed while shouting and stopped letting his mother see it.

in the spring of 2003, coach Meng Qingyu from Harbin went to Qitaihe to select team members.

when standing for the long jump, he cried as soon as he heard the result. Coach Meng asked, "Hey, why are you crying?"

Kexin wiped his tears and said, "the teacher who just measured the ruler made a mistake. I jumped farther than he did. I usually jump very far."

Coach Meng smiled: "come on, I'll give you another chance. I'll take you this time if you reach the standard."

Fan Kexin held back all his strength and crossed the line. "I said I could skip it. I just made a mistake."

in this way, the new entrance ticket for Harbin Ice Base was obtained.

the daughter is going to the provincial capital for training, but the new parents are worried. The family is so poor that they can hardly come up with decent clothes.

but wearing this pair of trousers picked up from the dustbin, she won the first place in 500m, 1000 m and technical skating in the national primary school short track speed skating competition.

A Ms. Sun, who works in the Industrial and Commercial Institute, walked into Kexin's house. "she lives in a semi-basement and doesn't even have decent bowls and chopsticks to eat, using a teacup, let alone a table."

looking at her indomitable child, Ms. Sun went home to discuss with her husband that she squeezed out 100 yuan a month from her limited salary to subsidize Kexin, and tried to help Fan Dad's shoe store go through the formalities of business license waiver.

Winter Olympic Games, once helped Kexin people stay in front of the TV

later, Xiao Kexin gradually realized that if you skate well, you can enter the ice and snow branch school, and then join the provincial and national teams, and you can represent your country in world competitions. Winning a gold medal can not only win honor for your country, but also get a bonus to improve the living conditions of your family. Don't let your parents work so hard anymore.

she clenched her teeth and trained hard, and the road seemed to be clear before her, but fate played a joke on her again.

"you're sick, you can't skate any more!"

in January 2008, the 11th National Winter Games began. Fan Kexin, who had been highly expected by the coaches, got nothing.

in everyone's surprised eyes, Fan Kexin said nothing.

she couldn't even go upstairs when she finally got home from the holiday.

her mother took her all over the local hospital and was diagnosed with anemia, but could not find out the cause.

the doctors have repeatedly told her, "in her present physical condition, she must not train any more!"

Fan Kexin was unconvinced and wanted to prove herself. she held the door frame and forced her father to ride on her back. after doing a few squats, she asked her father to carry another bag of rice.

everyone said no, but Xin clenched his teeth and said that training in the team is much heavier than this.

can be put on the rice bag, she fell to the ground.

the dark semi-basement and the 15-year-old shack are full of shoes and bicycle tools.

my brother, who graduated from junior high school, also came to his parents, where all four of us live and eat.

parents will be able to help them to bed, "son, we can't practice any more."

Kexin begged:

"I've been skating for so many years, if I give up halfway, my life will be over!

the notice of joining the national youth team has been sent to the coach. I will definitely join the national team in the future, and I will win the gold medal. Please, let me practice. "

this is the first time that Qiao Qiang's daughter begs, and her parents' hearts are broken.

if you want to resume training, you must first cure the disease, but what about the money?

he had no choice but to call Ma Qingzhong, the enlightenment coach.

when Coach Ma arrived, the new mother was speechless with tears, but she was hiding in the bathroom, crying and murmuring:

"I want to skate, please, I must skate."

when asked about the situation, Coach Ma immediately bought a ticket to Harbin that night and asked acquaintances to find the best hospital.

diagnosis came out, Fan Kexin was diagnosed with severe adolescent iron deficiency anemia, the reason: long-term malnutrition + overload and heavy training.

at the end of the treatment, Fan Kexin was taken to his home by Coach Ma, and finally recovered day by day with medication and dietary supplements.

in 2009, Fan Kexin was selected for the national youth team.

has a momentum called Fan Kexin

in 2010, 17-year-old Fan Kexin officially joined the national short track speed skating team.

A speed skating team with masters such as Lin, Fan Kexin is a little wilted.

during strength training, the big team member squatted up to carry more than 100 kilograms, but she could only carry 50 kilograms.

squatting at an angle of 90 degrees at rest, the big player can only squat for 1 minute for 5 minutes.

but Fan Kexin is a very resilient person. She grit her teeth, constantly increase the intensity of training, and make rapid progress under the careful guidance of the coach.

at the 2011 World short track Speed Skating Championships in Sheffield, 17-year-old Fan Kexin won the gold medal in the women's 500m and won the gold medal in the women's 3000-meter relay with his teammates.

at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, she won the silver medal in the women's 1000 meters;

at the 2014 World Cup in Salt Lake City, she won the gold medal in the 500 meters and set a new world record held by Wang Meng for many years.

even Wang Kui shouted on Weibo, "Master Fan is mighty and handsome!"

in February 2015, Fan Kexin won the women's 500 meters in the World Cup in Turkey.

201Six years, the women's 500-meter champion in the short track speed skating world championships.

in 2017, Fan Kexin overcame the disadvantage of the most outsider start in the women's 500-meter final of the World Championships, surpassed the race and won the gold medal for the Chinese team with a time of 43.605 seconds.

once upon a time, the Chinese short-track speed skating team was in a state of "green and yellow".

at a time of crisis, Fan Kexin resolutely took the lead. While realizing the "three consecutive championships", she raised the total number of 500-meter championships in the individual World Championships to five!

the top athletes fight to the end with faith.

29 years old, Fan Kexin overcame injuries and heavy pressure and stood tenaciously in the Winter Olympic Games for the third time.

stood on the podium and watched the five-star red flag rising slowly. The woman, who had always been as determined as pine, burst into tears. She said:

I have been waiting for this gold medal for too long. I will always believe in the team. From the day I joined the national team, I will always believe in my teammates and the strength of the team.

I have been on the national team for 12 years. First of all, I would like to thank the country. We train in a state of fighting every day, and there is blood in our throats when we freeze.

at this moment, I think all our efforts are worth it!

poor and strong, do not fall in the ambition of youth.

when old and strong, it is better to change the heart of the white head.

there is a power called Fan Kexin.

between Datong Street and Dong'an Street, Jiezihe District, Qitaihe City, Heilongjiang Province, there is an ordinary residential area-Huimin District.

this is Fan Kexin's home.

at the end of each competition, she would go home to see her parents and cook some dishes.

over the years, she went out to fight and gave her salary card to her mother. She said she just wanted to change her family conditions.

rang Fan Kexin's doorbell, and as he opened the door, the heat rushed in his face. "take off your coat, it's hot in the room!"

but the new parents greeted each other warmly with a simple local accent.

the starlight lived up to the passers-by, and after frost and snow, the whole family finally came through the hardships.

after Fan Kexin and her teammates won the gold medal in the mixed relay at the Beijing Winter Olympics, her hometown awarded her 1 million yuan. And encouraged her to continue to work hard in the following projects, promising to win another gold medal and award another 1 million.

the local city leaders came to the Fan family to express their condolences. After so many years of hardship, Mama Fan finally smiled brightly.

what is getting better and better is not only Fan Kexin's home, but also the entire Chinese ice and snow project.

after Beijing's successful bid to host the Winter Olympic Games, there are more and more hardware facilities in various places. Even the indoor standard ice rink, which was out of reach in the past, has been built in major cities across the country.

data from the State Administration of Sports show that

by 2021, there are 654 standard ice rinks and 803 indoor and outdoor ski resorts across the country, and the number of people participating in ice and snow sports has reached 346 million.

Beijing's goal of "driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports" when it bid to host the Winter Olympic Games is becoming a reality visible to the naked eye.

finally, I would like to borrow a paragraph that Fan Kexin once wrote:

is a slight wound with swollen bones,

is a battlefield where you can't get off the line of fire.

every knife is extremely important,

go all out with every shot.

spell, never say,

doing is the last word!

so is short track, and so is China.

Thank you for your support, thank you for being here all the time.