The way you are angry reveals your self-cultivation

The way you are angry reveals your self-cultivation

If you don't get angry easily, if you get angry moderately, you keep your luck.


Pascal once said:

"Don't measure a person's virtue by special actions, but by daily life behavior."

in life, we often encounter all kinds of conflicts and frictions, and anger and misbehavior are inevitable.

youdao is, usually do not know the meaning, by anger peep at the heart.

when a person is angry, he often hides his true character and self-cultivation.

as the old saying goes: haste leads to loss, anger leads to lack of wisdom.

everyone gets angry sometimes, but the more incompetent people are, the more likely they are to lose their temper.

Last year, there were two videos that took place at the airport, in sharp contrast.

the plane was delayed and passengers had to spend the night at the airport. The scene was a mess.

one of the boys in the video, after learning about the delay, kept shouting into the airline staff in public: "I want to fly, I have to fly."

the girl in another video is also annoyed at the delay.

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but the difference is that she expresses her dissatisfaction and demands to the airline staff in a reasonable and orderly manner.

she first pointed out the mishandling of airlines:

as soon as the passenger gets off the plane, the airline asks an employee who has no say to notify the passenger, indicating the airline's perfunctory treatment to the passenger.

then, citing laws and regulations, she made a claim for all passengers:

now the air conditioners at the airport are turned off, it is very stuffy, and food and accommodation need to be solved.

due financial compensation;

assist you to refund and change tickets free of charge;

arrange make-up flights.

when a person is angry, whether he expresses it reasonably or growls wantonly reflects one's true upbringing.

uneducated people only express their emotions by losing their temper, regardless of the feelings of others.

well-bred people do not have no temper, but express their emotions in an appropriate way.

in the book the Analects of Confucius, Lord Lu Ai once asked Confucius, "which of your students can really inherit your knowledge?"

Confucius replied that there was only Yan Hui for the reason: "No anger, no mistakes."

the self-cultivation of a person's character depends not on how learned he is, but on his attitude towards the people around him when he is angry, as well as his inner upbringing.

Zeng Guofan's younger brother Zeng Guohua is very talented, but he is also the most grumpy.

the academic field was frustrated, and he was so angry that he scolded the examiner for being blind and unable to understand his own article.

blaming his wife is not fierce enough to encourage him to move forward: "my wife is soft and cowardly and has no power to be feared."

frustrated in officialdom, he blamed Zeng Guofan for not introducing him to his errands. After living in Zeng Guofan's family for three years, he went home angrily.

after going back, he wrote a letter to stimulate Zeng Guofan, saying that he had no face to see his parents and wanted to buy a piece of tripe with his face covered before he had the nerve to reply.

there is a saying: when things are calm, people who encounter rough seas cannot get to know each other deeply.

there is no shortage of mild-mannered people in life, but people who can be humiliated and humiliated when they are down.


@ Shangyuan rush

shared a story.

the manager of the company left and the boss wanted to promote a manager among the employees.

Xiao Wang and Xiao Li are two employees of the company. they both have outstanding business abilities, but their personalities are quite different.

Xiao Wang is beautiful and elegant and seems to get along well with everyone.

Xiao Li doesn't say much, but she always helps her colleagues when they are in trouble.

once Xiao Wang made a mistake in his work and was severely criticized by his boss.

at noon, Xiao Wang, with a breath of breath in his heart, made things difficult for the interns.

the story spread to the boss and Xiao Wang was immediately given up in the consideration of the choice of manager.

Wang Anshi said in the Theory of Rites and Music: "those who do not transfer their anger, ask for themselves."

when you are angry, you should first look for a reason from yourself.

it is also a kind of self-cultivation to learn to put down your anger properly.

summed up the method of "eight views and six tests" in Lu's Spring and Autumn, one of the six tests: anger to test its section.

means to infuriate a person to observe the reaction and judge the character.

those who can control their emotions when they are angry, do not criticize or show face to others, are educated and self-disciplined.

I know a friend in Northeast China who runs a rubber factory in Shenyang and supplies goods to many non-local dealers.

according to the practice in the industry, customers will settle the payment before the Spring Festival at the latest.

but by the end of the year, one family refused to pay.

there was really nothing he could do about it, so he had to come to the door and ask for the money.

the client received him warmly, arranged accommodation for him and took him to taste the local cuisine, but did not mention the payment.

my friend felt that the other party was pretending to be confused, so he impolitely asked directly about the payment.

as a result, the customer said that the payment would be postponed, and it would take more than half a year.

my friend almost fell out with him when he heard this.

in order to calm down, he used an excuse to go to the bathroom.

the customer will not pay until he comes back.I said that he had been closed for more than a month, and the old man in the family had a sudden brain infarction and still lay down and didn't wake up.

my friend is glad that he held back his anger and said to the customer, "when you are well-off, you will pay for the goods."

after about half a year, he received all the payment from the customer.

for sleepless nights, there is a sentence:

"he is always angry, indicating that he is too naive to control himself."

compared to those who are grumpy when they don't agree with each other, and who can maintain self-cultivation in anger, they are the most worthy of deep acquaintance.

A good temper is like a sunny day, with luster everywhere.

A wise man is not angry, and a good man does not blame others.

A man of great wisdom not only has the self-cultivation of self-control, but also has the compassion to tolerate the world.

, if you don't get angry easily, if you control your anger, you keep your blessing.