The things my mother taught me.

The things my mother taught me.

Thank you, Mom.

Today is the 21st Mother's Day that I spent with my mother.

at this age, most people will find that they are more educated than our mother, who can no longer teach us how to add, subtract, multiply, divide and do application problems as we did when we were kids.

so that it makes me feel that I have grown up and have to walk alone in the future, and my mother seems to have no way to teach me anything.

however, at some moments in my life, I suddenly found that although their educational level is not so high, they still contain another kind of wisdom, which comes from "life". It is something that no textbook can give us.

so today we decided to talk about what wisdom we have learned from our mothers in life.

@ long summer

before eating at home, my mother often put down her chopsticks in the middle of eating and asked my father and me seriously, "is my food not good?"

at first, my father and I were stunned and replied, "No, it's delicious."

at this time, my mother would ask angrily, "then why didn't you say it?"

only when we repeatedly praise her craftsmanship and say the word "delicious" will she regain her smile and desperately pick up food into my bowl.

she is not good at expressing the logic and why, and every time she just tells us angrily that people who cook without saying "delicious" will not be happy, and even force me to say the same when I go to someone else's house for dinner.

but I often forget about it, so every time I turn around, I find her staring at me and scolding me for being rude.

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my father always laughed at her childishness, and I thought she was arrogant and thought, "other people are not so girlish."

until later, I watched a Japanese drama called the most perfect divorce, in which Jiexia said to her ex-husband Hamasaki:

"you have to pay at the cashier for a meal out. After dinner at home, saying it's delicious is tantamount to paying for it."

"if you don't, you're eating for free. I'm not your babysitter, and it's not my job. I'm willing to do it because I think my husband will be happy."

I suddenly realized that my mother was not arrogant, but wanted to tell me: don't take others' kindness for granted.

the last time we went to the thorns' house for dinner, I didn't forget to say "delicious" to his mother, and I didn't forget how happy the mother laughed.

if my mother knew, she would be happier.

@ Wang Zepeng

at that time, my father hated my puppy love, and my father beat my calf to blood on the day my first love was discovered.

so I have been working on "how to hide it from parents and teachers" since childhood, and it went well.

after college, my father panicked. More than once, he patted me on the thigh and shook his head and said, "I'm afraid you'll never find a wife."

one day I was so annoyed by him that I told my high school love history neatly.

I didn't expect that my father didn't believe it.

it was my mother who, after hearing me say this, thought about it and said, "that tall, white girl with a ponytail and riding a bike?"

I turned around and looked at my mother in horror. Shit had already put it on the edge of her mouth. Before she could say anything, she thought about it and said, "or does that meatball head live near our house?"

then she continued, "but I prefer the one with long hair that curls naturally, but then you don't seem to be able to catch him." She's very polite. "

I swallowed water and was in a cold sweat.

then my mother snorted coldly, "there are some things that just cooperate with you." Don't really think I don't know anything. "

this incident gives me three inspirations-

1 when you think something is going well, it is likely to have failed;

2 No one can really hide it;

3 your real mother will always be your real mother.

@ Tongc

I don't know why I can talk to every taxi driver.

the driver I was talking to today asked me, "you're not an only child, are you?" I said, "No, I have a brother who has just graduated from college and is an intern."

the driver began to praise my parents, "your parents gave you a lot of resources, grew up locally, and bought you a house to study."

then I accepted his praise with a smile, very proud, the kind of pride that can't wait to receive more praise, because I know I can afford it. When I waited for him to finish, I said, "actually, my brother and I were raised by my mother alone."

I remember we were in a traffic jam, and the driver stared at the moving car in front of them and followed them. After hearing my sentence, he immediately turned to me with an O-shaped mouth, a middle-aged man, making a surprise sound of "Oh, my God".

he said, "your mother is so good. You two college students were raised by yourself?"

in fact, when he said this sentence, I felt very guilty, because ever since I was a child, I felt that my mother was just doing her part to take care of us.

but when a parent who is also a parent said, "your mother is amazing," I realized that she was not only doing her job, she must have done more than others.

then I remembered that when I was sick, she needed to ask for leave to take care of me; when I needed to spend money to find a teacher in another school to help with math, she needed to take outThe personal money I used to prevent my old age can satisfy me; when my brother's salary was not high after graduation, she had to work overtime to get a subsidy to make the family's money more relaxed.

she's never just doing her job, she's doing more, and the effort behind this is what I've always thought of as a "very normal life".

my mother's wisdom is that she used her strength to let me grow up in a perfect environment. Today, I finally realized this, understood her wisdom, and was a kind of silent protection and love at the same time.

good night.