The root cause of people's unhappiness: lack of wisdom

The root cause of people's unhappiness: lack of wisdom

Emotion is always the natural enemy of wisdom, and wisdom is always the nemesis of emotion.

there is an ABC rule in psychology: an is thing, B is cognition, C is emotion.

when many people are unhappy, they think that there is something wrong with A, but in fact, it may be B or C.

Zhuangzi once told a story about "the Ark Jihe River". When someone was hit by a boat, he was furious and thought that someone had deliberately collided with him.

but suddenly found that there was no one on the ship, so the anger disappeared in an instant.

it is not the thing that determines the mood, but the individual's perception of it.

to maintain a positive and healthy state of mind, you must improve your wisdom and realm.

the following five kinds of life wisdom will help you save all unhappiness.

grow wisdom

think of life as a spiritual practice

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Dwick, a professor of psychology at Stanford University, believes that there are two kinds of human thinking:

one is growth thinking, the other is fixed thinking.

for people with a fixed mind, the challenges of life are a test, and failure shows their incompetence.

failure will be a great blow to your body and mind, and unpleasant emotions will follow.

but for people with growing thinking, the challenges of life are one step after another, and the failure of the test just shows that they still need to work hard.

they will not fail, but find a way to advance in failure and constantly improve themselves in failure.

Chinese often say:

"if you take a fall, you will gain wisdom, and after one thing, you will grow."

ability is practiced, and only by tempering in things can one achieve something.

Wang Yangming is lecturing in Jiangxi, and a local official often goes to listen to him.

one day he went to Wang Yangming and said:

"you speak too well, but I am too busy to come to your lecture often."

Wang Yangming said:

"Why should I give up my job to practice?"

officials ask:

"is it possible to practice at work?"

Wang Yangming replied, "work is spiritual practice, and the world of mortals is the ashram."

every sulk and failure in life is the way to advance in spiritual practice.

Zeng Guofan named his study Qiu que Zhai in his later years.

every time you find a little bit of your own weakness and actively correct it, your self-cultivation will go further.

so seeking que is not only a kind of humility, but also a kind of wisdom of spiritual practice.

regard life as a spiritual practice, temporary gains and losses do not represent the success or failure of the whole life.

all tribulations are experiences, and all setbacks are trials.

all kinds of negative emotions in life will become the driving force for challenges.

such people will not feel sorry for themselves, let alone be knocked down easily.

Yin and Yang Wisdom

look at the problem dialectically

there is such a sentence in Xue Xin Fu: "solitary yin is not born, solitary yang is not long."

all things have both yin and yang, and the good and bad of life can be transformed into each other under certain conditions.

some people gain good fortune through misfortune, while others break it into misfortune.

in the early Ming Dynasty, Senior General Guo Decheng offended Zhu Yuanzhang and was forced to lose his hair as a monk and stay away from the temple.

later, Zhu Yuanzhang slaughtered his heroes wantonly, and almost no one was spared, but Guo Decheng escaped.

Laozi said, "what is the difference between beauty and evil?"

in the eyes of saints, there is not much difference between beauty and ugliness, good and bad. The two are opposed to each other, but they transform each other.

crises are always hidden in good things, and opportunities are always in bad things.

truly intelligent people have dialectical thinking and are never confined to one side of things.

they are not rampant when they are high and not depressed when they are down.

in the face of the ups and downs of life, the heart can not afford, stable and peaceful.

Wisdom of turning

Don't go all the way to black

the ancients said, "the heart turns with the road, but the road is always wide."

there is not only one way of life, there is no need for a way to go dark.

know how to turn with the trend, life can be bright, suddenly enlightened.

Yang Shen, the first of the three gifted scholars in the Ming Dynasty, angered the emperor in the etiquette incident and was demoted to Yunnan.

his official career was hopeless, so he turned to writing. during his 30 years in Yunnan, he read extensively and wrote more than 400 kinds of books.

No one is second to none in the whole Ming Dynasty.

Tao Hongjing, prime minister of Yamanaka, resigned voluntarily after being frustrated and frustrated when he was young.

because he was fond of Taoism, he became a Taoist priest.

Tao Hongjing visited famous mountains, compiled and sorted out Taoist classics, and finally founded Maoshan Zong and became a master.

the Book of changes says: "qu into all things without leaving behind."

all things in heaven and earth are circuitous and tortuous, and the road of life is no exception.

when you encounter roads that are doomed to fail, do not blindly cut corners.

all roads lead to Rome.

know how to be flexible and learn to turn, so that the road of life can be wider and wider.

Minimalist wisdom

minimize your desires

Schopenhauer said:

"people are dominated by desires. If they are not satisfied, they will suffer, but when they are satisfied, they will have nothing."Life is like a pendulum swinging between pain and boredom. "

in Schopenhauer's view, happiness is only a moment of desire satisfaction, and the rest of the time is either boredom or pain.

in life, bitterness is inevitable and sweetness is accidental.

if you want to get rid of pain and boredom, you must reduce your desires.

try to abstain from desires beyond your abilities.

with a monthly salary of five thousand, don't fantasize about a luxury car villa. If you don't get rid of your delusions, one will live in pain for the rest of your life.

We should also try to reduce the desire within our abilities.

after all, a person's desire will only get bigger and bigger without containment, and once it exceeds the limit that a person can satisfy, disaster will come.

King Zhou of Shang started with an ivory chopstick and walked step by step to the wine pool and meat forest.

in order to build a satellite platform to overdraw the people's power, princes around the country rebelled and eventually died and the country was destroyed.

material satisfaction will eventually exceed people's physical limits, but the spirit will not.

Zhuge Liang said: "if you are indifferent and clear-minded, you will be quiet and far away."

philosophers through the ages are willing to live in shacks and have light meals.

on the one hand, they know how to be content, on the other hand, it is because they focus on spiritual and spiritual satisfaction.

Zhuangzi said:

"what is the greatest joy in the world?

when there is no joy, there is no reputation.


the true happiness of life does not come from desire, fame and wealth, but from a person's wisdom and realm.

when a person can be satisfied in the spiritual world, the external material can hardly become his hindrance.

Game-breaking wisdom

be your own bystander

those who are in charge of the situation are confused, but onlookers are clear.

in this game of life, if one is caught up in it, it will be difficult for one to extricate himself.

it is difficult to be free and easy about the gains and losses of grievances.

Su Shi had a bad life,


he spent half his life on the road, but he lived his life like a poem.

this is largely due to his sense of distance from life.

he once wrote in titled Xi Linbi:

there are steep peaks on the side of the winding mountains, but there are many different ways to look at the distance and height.

the reason why we can't know the true face of Lushan Mountain is because we are in the middle of these mountains.

when a person can't get through, you might as well jump out, lengthen the dimension of time and space, and then look at the personal experience.

at this time, all gains and losses are negligible, and all joys and sorrows are clouds.

at the beginning of his official career, Su Shi's parents and wives died one after another. Apart from grief, they also encountered sinister officialdom.

as a last resort, Su Shi avoided misfortune in Michigan. He said, "what to say when abandoned, it will be ashes in the end."

A hundred years of life, looking at the distance, all disasters will disappear.

after the Wutai Poetry case, Su Shi was demoted to Huangzhou and his official career was hopeless.

he said, "sending mayflies to heaven and earth is a drop in the ocean."

No matter how great the injustice is, no matter how much pain, as far as the universe is concerned, it can be too small to be ignored.

learn to be your own bystander, this is a kind of self-cultivation.

will not feel sorry for themselves, will not hurt themselves and sigh.

emotion is always the natural enemy of wisdom, and wisdom is always the nemesis of emotion.

A person who is not wise enough will have boundless troubles.

Life is a spiritual practice. If one's heart is clear and transparent, one can be calm and calm.