The most advanced way of thinking when things happen.

The most advanced way of thinking when things happen.

Face life calmly and spend this life in peace and joy.

the British writer Owen once said: "the purpose of all human efforts is to achieve happiness."

it is a pity that most of the time, we are unwittingly bound by all kinds of things, good things, bad things, good things, bad things, and so on.

the so-called happiness is not who you are or how much you have, but what kind of thinking you use to deal with what happens.

the good and bad of life, the bitterness and sweetness of life, are all between our thoughts.

Love by addition

once saw a short survey film "another day", which touched people deeply.

the protagonists of the film are three interviewees of different ages from different industries, who are asked three questions in succession:

how many records about "another day" are there on Wechat?

how long ago did you say "another day"?

choose the "another day" that you most want to exchange, and really "keep" your promise.

my girlfriend asked us to go to the movies, because she was tired from work and didn't want to move, so another day was a long way off, and she also married someone else.

promised to go on holiday with his wife and children countless times, but not once. After countless disappointments, no one wants to mention it again.

the white-haired mother has been waiting for her to go home, thinking that she will come back another day recently. In the end, the son wants to support her and does not wait, leaving only the sadness of memories.

in fact, human nature is probably like this.

when things are calm, people never know how many accidents there are in their lives.

We are always so used to it that our parents will always stand behind us, thinking that our loved ones will be there for us, and that we can start all over again.

until time takes you by surprise and tells you:

it's too late to say goodbye.

A person's life is a process of constant experience and loss.

regardless of affection, love, or friendship, those who are good to you will be less if you meet one, and you must cherish it doubly.

cherish the rare get-together, cherish every second of company, cherish every moment of possession.

Don't wait for loss, don't wait for regret, to sigh.

blame others by subtraction

in life, we will inevitably encounter unpleasant things, and often let ourselves live in resentment and self-remorse.

but this is the most damaging thing in the world.

those who betray and hurt you do not feel the slightest sincere remorse for their actions.

but you are in the bondage you have given yourself, bitter for the rest of your life.

former South African President Nelson Mandela, who was imprisoned for 27 years, was tortured and abused in prison.

later, Mandela was released.

when asked what his mood was, he said:

when I walked out of my cell and walked through the prison gate to freedom, I knew that if I could not leave grief and resentment behind, I would still be in prison.

likes Wilde's sentence very much:

"I have to forgive something for myself. For one cannot get up every night and plant thorns in the garden of the soul. "

because you are tolerant of others, you are not being kind to yourself.

Life is really expensive, so you don't have to carry the burden of pain and resentment all the time, let alone spend yourself for someone or something that is not worth it.

when you forgive others, you are actually liberating your heart and embracing the beauty and warmth of life in front of you.

be grateful by multiplication

I have read a sentence: "Happiness belongs to the contented, happiness belongs to the grateful."

Life is a drifting journey, and no one treats you for no reason except your parents and family.

gratitude is not only the duty of being a human being, but also the top upbringing of an adult.

I have heard a short story.

two good friends were walking in the desert. Because of an argument, A slapped B in the face.

B was so sad that he wrote a sentence in the sand: "he slapped me when I had a fight with a good friend today."

then they moved on and passed through a swamp. B accidentally got stuck in the swamp, and A took a lot of effort to save him.

B was very grateful, so he took a stone and wrote on it, "I'm glad I have a good friend who saved my life today."

A was confused and asked strangely, "Why did I slap you and you wrote it in the sand, while I saved your life and you carved it in stone?"

B smiled and replied:

"when others hurt me, I should write it down in the place where it is easiest to disappear, and the wind is responsible for erasing it.

and when others are kind to me, I will write it down in the place where it is not easy to disappear, even though the wind and rain will never forget it. "

in fact, the more things you experience, the more you feel that it is really important to be grateful for the people and things around you.

A person who is always grateful, even if he hasSome are still very few, but the heart will still feel happy.

people's inner happiness comes from gratitude and contentment with the existing state of life.

gratitude is the health of the soul.

when you learn to understand those who are kind to you and treat everyone in front of you with gratitude, happiness and happiness will come uninvited.

Thanksgiving makes everything warm.

solve worries with division

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everyone will have different identities and lives at different stages in his life.

will also face countless choices, and there will be more and more troubles in my heart.

but did you know that 99% of the troubles in life never happen.

what really disturbs our mood is our own wishful thinking.

A neighbor she used to know, two of her family members died of the same kind of cancer, so she was always worried.

for the next few years, she was in poor health, inexplicably prone to eye pain, lack of strength, and sleeplessness all night.

but every time she goes to the hospital for an examination, the doctor always tells her that she is not seriously ill.

there was no way. Under the introduction of a friend, she went to see a doctor who specializes in sleep.

after listening to her story, the doctor did not prescribe any medicine, but just told her:

"in our hearts, there are magnets that attract disasters. The more you are afraid of something, the more it will happen.

as long as you take a light view of everything, if you are broad-minded, you will get sick. "

the neighbor suddenly realized that he was no longer looking for trouble, exercised every day, ate and slept regularly, and soon recovered from his illness.

it is said that people have three thousand troubles, which cannot be counted or explained.

but if you are always harassed by these troubles, big and small, how can you live the rest of your life?

there is a saying in the worry-relieving grocery store: "No matter how unhappy you are now, you have to believe that tomorrow will be better than today."

things in the world are disturbed one after another, and since it can't be changed, it's better to let it go.

as the saying goes, if you have nothing to worry about, it is a good time in the world.

Life is short, only to see everything aside and look down on it, everything will suddenly become clear.

in fact, sometimes, it's not easy to think about our lives.

the burden of the family, the pressure of work, the bad feelings. We have come to the present step by step in the midst of countless difficulties and frustrations.

if we could understand these truths earlier, maybe there would be less suffering and confusion in life.

even if fate is really unprepared, we still have the courage to resolve and face it.

everyone has to go through the baptism of life, if there is no experience, some reasons will never be understood.

for the rest of your life, may you learn to love by addition, resentment by subtraction, gratitude by multiplication, and worry by division.

face life calmly and live it safely and happily.

Little Tay