The more incompetent people are, the more they like to post these moments, which they may not be aware of.

The more incompetent people are, the more they like to post these moments, which they may not be aware of.

​ lives attentively and records life positively.



many people rest assured that their moments can be watched by designated people, so they appear actively in their moments.

however, no matter how carefully you choose to watch users, it is inevitable that you will miss the net.

how embarrassing it is when you accidentally set a circle of friends that you don't want to be seen by too many people to be visible to everyone.

moreover, even in the face of your chosen friends, you should not vent your feelings excessively in the circle of friends, because this may be troublesome to others.

often the more incompetent people are, the more they like to browse the screen in moments, and the content they post is roughly the following, and they often don't realize it.

deliberately show off wealth

I believe that in everyone's moments, there is no shortage of people who post pictures of luxury goods, sometimes expensive wine for dinner, sometimes big-name bags with conspicuous logo, and sometimes cars and famous watches that pretend to be accidentally photographed.

are the people who post these pictures of showing off really rich?

in fact, this is not always the case. there are a lot of people who want to create their own rich, so they try their best to create these pictures.

such people are the so-called "fake show of wealth". They may not have enough to eat on the other side of the screen.

if the person who shows off his wealth in moments is really rich, it can only prove that his spirit is empty.

A truly spiritually rich person, even if he has proud wealth, disdains to show off in the circle of friends.

people who are really rich are mostly modest and low-key, while those who have only a little money want to jump to heaven so that everyone can see their "rich" side, and he will only hide deeply.

complain about life

in the eyes of grateful people, even every time the flowers bloom, they will feel that it is the grace of heaven.

in the eyes of the complaining person, even if surrounded by flowers, he will complain that the flowers are not gorgeous enough.

Life is really colorful, but some feel that they have locked it in their diary and dissipated with time. There is no need to post it on moments to make their complaints widely known.

neighbor Xiaowen always likes to complain about his mother-in-law or husband in moments.

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when I saw her circle of friends, I was surprised that what she did was out of line, and that I was just an ordinary neighbor who could see such a sensitive circle of friends.

later, Xiaowen blocked me.

I think about it carefully, maybe she forgot to block me at first.

can you guess, what if she forgets to block her husband or mother-in-law? A family dispute is certainly inevitable.

people who have nothing in mind regard moments as an outlet for emotional catharsis, and no matter how difficult they are to hear, they all post them to them.

the really good people, however, work hard quietly to repay those who do not like them with excellent answers.

people with no skills are still complaining on moments. The really good people have long been working hard silently, and they have no time and disdain to do such meaningless things as complaining.

talk loudly and pretend to be sophisticated

some people always like to comment on current affairs in moments, as if they regard themselves as current affairs commentators, and moments is the live broadcast.

there are a thousand readers, there are a thousand Hamlets.

the interpretation of news and current affairs has always been a matter of opinion.


often express their views in the moments, which is bound to lead to debates in the comment area.

moments is a place to post your own news and let friends who have not been in touch with each other know that they have been safe all the time.

if you make too many radical remarks in moments, it will undoubtedly turn the warm place of moments into a battlefield full of gunpowder smoke.

when people who are incompetent are still talking in moments, but doing nothing, the really powerful people have long acted silently to send help to the parties in the news.

people who tend to talk and talk excitedly are mostly just talking but not practicing fake tricks.

such people post more information in moments, and over time no one pays any attention to them.

the circle of friends has become the social field of the new era. People who are incompetent only regard it as a place to vent, while excellent people can expand their contacts and provide help to themselves through it.

after all, people who are too busy with things don't have too much energy to post in moments.

people who scan the screen on moments all day are those who have an empty ambition but don't put it into practice.

birds of a feather flock together. Instead of browsing the screen in moments to get attention, it is better to do every little detail in life.

live attentively and record life positively.