The highest wisdom of being a man: go back with a smile

The highest wisdom of being a man: go back with a smile

If you suffer a little loss in case of trouble, you will get a good fortune.

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some people say:

"one step forward is dusk, one step back is life."


We always forge ahead, as if retreating is pussy, stupid and suffocating.

this is not the case!

most of the time, only when you step back with a smile can you take the initiative in life.

those who fall back in honor or disgrace, fame and wealth are actually moving forward wisely.

do not contend to be wise

there is a saying in ancient times:

"how can you be happy if you don't take a step back in the world, such as moths throwing candles and sheep touching the vassal?


when we meet on a narrow road, the brave win, that is, we have to fight and meet each other halfway before we can pass smoothly.

when provoked by words, anger is foolish and tortures oneself; retreat is wisdom and peace.

one day, someone insulted him, and as if he didn't hear it, he went on doing his own thing.

when the other party was tired of scolding, he asked the man in a gentle voice, "my friend, if one person gives something to others, but the other person does not accept it, then who does it belong to?"

the man was dismissive and blurted out, "of course it's the one who gives things!"

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Sakyamuni smiled and said, "then you keep scolding me. If I don't accept it, then who do these words belong to?"

the man stopped talking for a moment and froze in place.

No matter the words or labels given by others, if you refuse, it will not be yours, and you will feel at ease.

if you take it to heart, be distraught by each other and pinch each other, it will not only be ugly, but also make you feel unhappy.

Master Hongyi said in the Book of proverbs: "it is better to tolerate slander than to be able to argue." It is better to turn people into insults than to be able to guard against them. "

in the face of insult and slander, it is great wisdom not to argue or argue.

it's like other people throwing dirty water on you, do you want to hide or welcome?

you should know that those who abuse you and frame you are waiting for you to respond, look at your angry look, seize your new handle, and carry out a more violent attack.

they are the ones who are restless and restless when they see that you are indifferent and stay out of the matter when you smile and step back.

most of the time, if you don't argue with others and go backwards to make peace, you seem to be suffocated. In fact, this is the smartest way to deal with the world.

give way, feel good; retreat, Pepsi auspicious.

it is the great wisdom of life not to argue when you meet people.

A loss is a blessing

"Cai Gentan" says:

"make sure you give up three-thirds of your work if you can do it.


as long as you can get by, be sure to leave three points of convenience for others. Convenience to others is to give convenience to yourself.

knowing how to give up benefits is not only a blessing for a person, but also a blessing for a family.

the Nebula Master once said something.

A family has a dispute over the separation of the family, and several brothers are deadlocked. Ask Master Nebula to do justice for them.

Master Nebula admitted that this was the most difficult problem he had ever encountered at that time.

after all, the five brothers have their own positions and concerns, so how should they be divided?

later, Master Nebula thought of an idea.

he joked with the five brothers:


I have the fairest way to saw all the tables in your house into five pieces, one for each person.

break the bowl and plate, one for everyone;


it's the fairest way to tear down the house and give everyone a share.


after hearing this, the five brothers looked at each other and bowed their heads in shame.

when you split up, you divide things, not Brotherhood.

for the sake of profit, it hurts the goodwill of the family, which is really at the expense of the small and the big.

if you can care less and take a step back, the losses you suffer will become a blessing for your family.

like the familiar story of "Dr. thin Sheep".

the government divides the sheep. The sheep are of different sizes, fat and thin. The officials who divide the sheep are in trouble. Zhen Yu, a doctor from Taixue, came forward and took away the smallest sheep without hesitation.

at this time, other ministers were embarrassed to pick another big one, and the problem of dividing sheep was quickly solved.

when Emperor Guangwu learned of this, Zhen Yu was not only promoted, but also praised as "Dr. thin Sheep".

as the saying goes, "if you are so wrong with your heart, and you go backwards and think about everything," smart people know how to take the initiative to suffer losses.

because you give way, others often give way to more steps, and the original dispute will become comfortable to be courteous to each other.

people are mutual, you care about me, I care about you, so as to be a human being, not only can you feel at ease now, but also form a good relationship.

in fact, in life, doing things is to be a man, be generous, suffer small losses in case of trouble, all get good luck.

modesty is luck

the philosopher said:

"he who can hold himself down is truly honorable.


I think so. In life, put your high self down and return to the ground, you will have the humility of dealing with the world, and you will have Shi Lai Yun Zhun (Lucky Dumplings) and have a successful life.

an outstanding politician in the Spring and Autumn periodSun Shuao is like this.

he was modest and experienced several ups and downs in his life, but he was lucky every time, and he was appreciated by the king of Chu.

through the policies of stopping the war and recuperating, he made the state of Chu harmonious and prosperous, and was deeply respected by the world.

someone once learned from him: "Noble people usually have three grievances: those with strong abilities are envied; those with good salaries are resentful; and those with high official positions are hated by others. What should we do?"

Sun Shuao said with a smile: "the stronger the ability, the more modest I will be; the greater the salary, the more handouts I will give; and the higher the official position, the more respect I will have for others. Can I avoid the three grievances in this way? "

Sun Shuao can endure, give up, give up, and keep humble all the time, so that he can avoid danger in the big waves, turn his fate several times, and finally reach the peak of his life.

on the contrary, we are irritable, self-interested, unwilling to give way, and often have a sense of comparison, care about height, and never have peace of mind.

in fact, honor or disgrace, success or failure, gains and losses are all external things, not the real us.

the high realm of life has never been the strength of ability, wealth, or status, but the humility of tolerance for all things.

with a humble and respectful heart, Thanksgiving and cherishing blessings, time is the road, life is a smooth road.

as the old saying goes, "all living beings are equal" is to warn us to treat things and ourselves with a normal mind.

keep your heart clear, calm, calm and calm.

if you want to be truly comfortable in your life, you must be not afraid to suffer losses, be modest and be kind at any time and in any position.

only in this way can we really see everything in the world, see ourselves clearly, be considerate in dealing with things, and make our life and career go smoothly.

learn to fall back with a smile and achieve the great wisdom and pattern of life, which will bring you countless good fortune and good luck.