The group of classmates and relatives seldom talk, but they do not quit the group, often the following kinds of people!

The group of classmates and relatives seldom talk, but they do not quit the group, often the following kinds of people!

Although the friends are few, it is good to be sincere; the circle is small, but clean is good.

there are many groups in everyone's Wechat.

during the Spring Festival, the working group was quiet, while the group of classmates and relatives became lively.

but some people, just in the group, hardly speak. There were hundreds of unread messages in the group for half a day, and they didn't take part in a word.

neither withdraw from the group nor interact with each other, in fact, they are often the following kinds of people.

the values are different, so I don't want to be forced into it.

in the three Kingdoms, Guan Ning and Hua Xin were schoolmates and friends.

Guan Ning was indifferent to fame and wealth and devoted himself to learning, while Hua Xin adored power and coveted wealth.

There are nothing better than one of our toddler daughter of the bride dresses. Whatever your taste, we have just what you need.

once, when they were reading on the same mat, a high-ranking official passed by in a magnificent car. Guan Ning could not take his eyes off the book, while Hua Xin left the book and chased it.

when Hua Xin came back, Guan Ning pulled out his knife, cut off the mat he was sitting with, and said faintly:

"from today, we are no longer friends."

this is the allusion of "cutting the table and judging the meaning".

the soul that meets again will gradually diverge because of different aspirations and experiences. No matter how good the friendship is, there is often a day of estrangement.

at that time, the age was getting older, and the three values were inconsistent, but it was difficult for both sides to maintain, but it was difficult to sustain them, so naturally they gradually dispersed.

spend time with the wrong people, consume each other, and live too tired. It is better to turn around and give yourself a broader life.

Karma is easy to gather, but also good to break up.

do not entangle each other, do not torture each other, do not leave each other alive. But quietly fade out of each other's field of vision, from then on their own well.

immerse yourself in your own world and have no time to take care of others

Audrey Hepburn is the goddess of many people's hearts. She was decent and elegant and was the jewel of the social circle at that time.

but Hepburn once said:

I like to be alone and take a walk with my dog. If you give me a chance to be alone from Saturday night to Monday morning, I will be very happy.

just because some people don't like to chat or get in touch with people doesn't mean that life is boring and boring.

people who like to be alone are not lonely and do not yearn for sympathy. They like to stay with themselves, which is a way of life that makes them more comfortable.

the philosopher Thoreau once built a cabin on the sparsely populated Walden Lake with an axe and lived alone for two years.

for two years, Thoreau ploughed and fed himself, lived a simple life, and immersed himself in a world dedicated to heaven and earth.

later someone asked him, "it must be lonely for you to live there alone. You really want to see people, especially in the snowy weather."

Thoreau said:

"Why do I feel lonely? So far, I have not found a partner as kind as being alone, and when I am alone, I am myself again. "

mediocre people will soon feel lonely and anxious when they are alone, while excellent people will meet the most perfect themselves in solitude and enjoy a rich happiness.

nowadays, many people try to appear sociable and popular, but often overlook the most important thing: get along well with themselves.

when a group of people are partying, the people inside are often lonely and small. And when a person is alone, although one person has one room, his heart is very full, as if he has a world.

have a heart-to-heart relationship with your best friends, never talk deeply about it

flipping through contacts, I find that many names can't remember people, and the address book is full of people, but not many of them can talk to each other.

when there are not many friends, it lies in essence and sincerity.

Don't think about keeping all the people around you, don't want to be friends with everyone, and don't waste your good years on useless people.

instead of taking the time to expand your network, it's better to catch up with a couple of bosom friends and enjoy yourself.

it is well known that Qian Zhongshu does not like to socialize.

there was once a very important man who came to visit him with a gift on the second day of the Lunar New year.

in the middle of the Spring Festival, this man had a big head, but Qian Zhongshu poked his head out through the crack in the door and politely refused: "Thank you!" I'm busy! I'm busy! Thank you! Thank you! "

Qian Zhongshu, who seems indifferent and impersonal, will attend a friend's wedding from 17 kilometers away, enjoy the scenery and read the book at night with his friend Wu Zhong Kuang Yong.

more often, he will stay at home with Yang Jiang and his daughter and son-in-law, each taking a corner and immersing himself in reading.

Qian Zhongshu describes his social principles:

"there is no need to find some bad people to say something innocuous."

no longer participate in group chat, indifferent to the world, in order to leave enthusiasm to more worthy people.

although you have few friends, it is good to be sincere; although the circle is small, it is good to be clean.

the circle will change, the feelings will change, and the only thing that remains unchanged is the change itself.

A lot of people you think are close to you get separated at some point.

if the relationship is still there, cherish each other. When there is no intersection between the two sides, you have to learn to exit and say goodbye.

just the right indifference, enough concern, not to embarrass others, not to embarrass yourself, can be regarded as an attitude that makes both sides comfortable.