The best way to deal with an accident: slow face, quiet voice and peace of mind.

The best way to deal with an accident: slow face, quiet voice and peace of mind.

​ We can't control the course of events, but we can adjust our mindset.

A generation of Zhisheng Guzi has something to say:

"A truly wise man is not angry when it comes to rebellion, but does not argue when he is very slanderous, and is not frightened when he is changed."

Mount Tai collapses in front and the color remains the same, and the Yellow River is determined to remain calm on the top.

the smartest way to deal with an accident is to keep your feet steady, keep your voice down, and calm down.

the first thing to do is to be slow.

Festinger's rule says:

10% of life is made up of what happens to you, while the other 90% is determined by how you react to what happens.

in other words, it is often not the thing itself that leads to failure, but your out-of-control emotions.

getting angry when you encounter something will not only not solve the problem, but will also push things to a worse situation.

when a person is in a rage, his IQ is zero.

is dominated by anger, and it is himself who ends up paying the bill.

Liang Qiushi said: "when the blood is boiling, the reason is not very clear, words and deeds are easy to exceed points, which is not suitable for others and for themselves."

restraining one's temper is not only a kind of self-cultivation, but also a kind of wisdom in doing things.

have read such a story.

A Li, a newcomer to the workplace, was sent to sell in the largest joint venture electronics company in the city.

after taking Ali's business card, the other party refused her without looking at it, tore up Ali's business card and threw it into the dustbin.

Ali, who was about to close the door and leave, saw this and went straight over to argue with the other party, but at the moment of opening her mouth, she held back.

she said calmly, "I'm sorry, sir, but if you're not going to cooperate, can I have my card back?"

the other party glanced at the business card lying in the dustbin and said without looking up:

"Sorry, I accidentally spilled ink on your business card, so it's not suitable for you. This way, the cost of a business card is 50 cents. I'll give you 1 yuan as your business card."

Ali was furious when she saw the 1 yuan proudly handed over by the other party.

but eventually she took the yuan politely and pulled another business card out of her bag:

"Sorry, I don't have any change for 50 cents. This business card is for you. Please read my occupation and name clearly. This is not a profession suitable for throwing into the basket, nor is it a name that should be thrown into the basket."

with that, he turned and left.

as the ancients said, "A fool is full of anger, but a wise man is angry."

foolish people speak emotionally when they encounter things, while wise people know how to deal with emotions first and then deal with things later.

when things are slow, they are round, and when the heart is slow, they are clear.

it is wisdom to slow down when something happens. Only by stabilizing your temper can you control the situation.

Wisdom in doing things is "quiet"

A few days ago, I saw such a question on Zhihu: what do you think is the stupidest behavior in social life?

the most popular answer is: keep arguing.

when we encounter things, our first reaction is always trying to convince each other to prove ourselves right, but as a result, the emotional snowball is getting bigger and bigger, a waste of time and energy, and the problem remains unsolved.

Carnegie, a famous master of success, once attended a friend's banquet, and one of them put forward a sentence at the dinner table and said proudly that it came from the Bible.

Carnegie immediately recognized the mistake and pointed it out in public, correcting it from Shakespeare.

the two argued about this, and finally Carnegie turned his head to his friend, expecting his friend to prove it.

after the party, Carnegie was very puzzled and asked his friend why he said that when he knew he was wrong.

his friend smiled and said, "first of all, it's very impolite to embarrass each other in front of people. Second, not everyone is as knowledgeable as you are."

Carnegie suddenly realized that the only way to win an argument was not to argue.

in psychology, the channel of communication is closed from the moment of the argument.

moreover, everyone's growth experience, education level and cognitive width are different, and their understanding of things is naturally different, and what you think others may not understand, so arguing is just a waste of breath and futile behavior.

as the saying goes, if the position is different, a few words are precious; if you have different cognition, you will not be wise; if you have different values, there is no need to insist.

the smarter people are, the more they know how to shut up at the right time.

the most important thing is "peace of mind"

Master Hongyi said, "it is taboo to be impatient in doing things, but if you are impatient, you have no time for yourself. Why do you have time to deal with things?"

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when you encounter something, your mind is confused, so how can you deal with the problem rationally?

there is a saying called panic regardless of words, panic regardless of the road. The more panicked you are, the more likely you are to say and do the wrong thing.

the more things happen to really wise people, the more calm they are.

read a story.

A group of miners were working in an extremely deep tunnel. One day, the miner's lamp suddenly went out, and everyone panicked immediately.I felt around in the dark, trying to find the exit quickly.

however, one of them took his time and sat on the ground.

when everyone was exhausted and desperate, he stood up and said, "come on, come with me, here's the exit!"

everyone followed him doubtfully and came out unexpectedly.

came out, everyone asked him, "how do you know that?"

he smiled and said, "sit down and feel the wind quietly. The direction of the tuyere is the direction of the hole."

it dawned on everyone.

there is a saying in Liji University: quiet and then peace, peace and then worry, worry and then get.

when you encounter something, only if you don't panic and don't get confused, can you clarify your train of thought, understand the essence, and make the right decision.

Zeng Guofan, known as "the first perfect man through the ages", was able to make correct decisions at critical moments again and again, and finally turned the corner, and rose to the top step by step, thanks to a habit he had maintained all his life: he must meditate on everything that happens.

as he said, "everything that happens should be dealt with peacefully and gently, and conniving at serenity is the first way to do things."

in his 38 letters to his son, Rockefeller, the oil magnate, repeatedly urged: "No matter what happens, you need to be calm. At any time, anxiety is our worst enemy."

static is the key to solve the problem.

as the old saying goes: if one does not seek stability in meditation in this life, he will fall in impetuosity.

only when you are not angry can you act rationally; if you do not argue between right and wrong, you will show your mind; if you are not surprised, you will be able to take it easy.

We can't control the course of events, but we can adjust our mindset.

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