Talk about the influence that IOS can't appreciate on us.

Talk about the influence that IOS can't appreciate on us.

Talk about the influence that IOS can't appreciate on us.

since the night of the 19th, IOS users will no longer be able to see the red button at the end of the article.

this is bad news.

readers of Wechat who have added me know that just at noon that day, I posted a short circle of friends that read: "retweeting is the best compliment, appreciation is the best compliment."

this view is expressed because I do not know since when, inexplicably there are a lot of official accounts of the praise guide has become "retweet is the best appreciation." So that some readers will think that the creator of every official account is the kind of person who is willing to write anything in order to get readers to retweet their tweets.

this will give those readers the illusion that they are receiving service when they read the official account.

since you are in service, you are qualified to make demands on the "waiter", such as: "you wrote so hypocritical today, do you believe me to pick you up", "would you please stop talking about yourself and tell other people's stories", "it's really bad. Learn to learn from Mimeng /New World Phase /poisonous tongue movies (big accounts like this).

but in fact, I'm not going to serve anyone. All the articles I write, all the ideas, I write because I want to. It's just that I will consider whether the tweet I'm going to write is suitable for the disorganized tweet, and if so, I'll give priority to it.

but again, all the writing motivations are still in the hands of me, the creator, so since I am not going to serve anyone, I am under no obligation to accept the unreasonable demands of some readers.

for this reason, praise is the best compliment, not retweet.

I know better than anyone that people retweet a tweet to their moments, not necessarily because of how well the author writes, but because the tweet expresses what they want to express. Or you can make your image in your moments look more interesting because of that tweet.

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in the user experience, it takes a lot of steps to forward a tweet. First, click the menu in the upper right corner, then click the icon on moments, then write down (or not) your feelings, and then click "send". To successfully squeeze that tweet into the timeline you formed with other friends. For appreciation, all you have to do is click the red button, select the amount, click OK, and put your fingerprint on it. It won't help you improve your image, and the only feedback is the three lines of avatars on the button.

so in my opinion, retweeting is actually more utilitarian than appreciation.

appreciation is a kind of interaction between the reader and the author, which expresses some emotion after reading the article. It is possible to appreciate, identify, encourage and understand each other.

I know that when I say this, someone will come to scold me.

say that I don't just want to make more money through praise, and in fact, appreciation does make us eat more sushi.

but in fact, the reason why I care so much about praise.

because it has been driving me to continue to write for a long time. Of course, money is not the most important element. I can totally take some business copywriting if I want, which may not be compared with five tweets.

and most of the messy readers are college students. I don't want you to give me all your pocket money. You should save money for good movies and art exhibitions.

but the recognition hidden behind appreciation cannot be bought back with money. It keeps reminding me to keep writing, there are still a lot of people looking forward to your good work. And I must write better and better, because the data is very unkind, well-written, naturally many people appreciate, write carelessly, thinking that people can not see it, but the number immediately dropped.

and the most important point is that the amount of reading can be brushed, 10,000 is only more than a hundred yuan, if you are bold enough, you can't spend 10,000 yuan a month if you want the data to look good.