Spend the rest of your life with someone who "recharges" you.

Spend the rest of your life with someone who "recharges" you.

May you and I both find that person and become each other's "charger".

I have read such a passage: "if people are creatures that need electricity to function properly, then different interpersonal relationships will have different effects on people's electricity."

when you think about it, it is true.

Power-consuming relationships make people lose energy and become more and more disappointed with life.

and the rechargeable relationship will make people more confident and more energetic.

as the saying goes, if you are tired, your feet know; if you are bitter, your heart knows.

whether the relationship is good or not, your electricity already speaks for itself.

for the rest of your life, being with the person who recharges you is the best part of a relationship.

A true friend will recharge you at low ebb

the friendship of the three girls in Thirty moved a lot of people.

A good friendship, needless to say, I will show up when you need it.

Wang Manni, who struggles alone in Shanghai, is determined to take root in the city.

but this road is extremely difficult, being cheated, resigning naked, and unable to find a suitable job.

Wang Mani, who was frustrated in her emotional career, finally fled back to her hometown.

until one night, she had a video call with Gu Jia and saw that Gu Jia was still busy discussing the plan late at night.

comparing the way my friends are working hard for life, and looking at themselves, Wang Manni doesn't want to stay in her hometown anymore, so she decides to go back to Shanghai.

Gu Jia saw Wang Manni's unwillingness and took her to her own tea mountain.

hearing this, Wang Manni regained her confidence, had a clear direction for her future, and chose to start again.

in one's life, one is lucky to meet a good friend who knows him.

A true friend will comfort you when you are down and lend a helping hand when you are down.

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with her around, no matter what you go through, your battery will be filled slowly.

Sanmao once said, "it's good to have one or two bosom friends. We really don't need too many." The joy of friends lies in the steadfast trust. "

it is rare to be a good friend. It is valuable to be a bosom friend. Cherish the person who gives you energy.

A close lover will recharge you when you are frustrated

Qian Zhongshu said: "if there is a person who does not want to see your pain and tears, or even willing to give everything for your smile, this is a happy gate."

there is no fixed standard for relationships, but people who care about you will feel your emotions in the first place.

I read a story on the Internet before.

when she was working during the day, my wife took the pot for her colleagues and was criticized by the leader, which made her feel very depressed all day.

when the husband came back from work and saw his wife lying motionless on the bed, he immediately thought that something unhappy might have happened to her.

so he sat next to her and asked her what had happened.

when the wife told her husband what had happened, it turned out that her colleague had blamed her for what she had done wrong, and did not admit it.

in the end, the wife said aggrieved, "it's obviously not my fault, and the explanation is useless. I was scolded in vain."

when the husband heard this, he stood up and said, "that is, this colleague is so irritating. You tell me that I will go to her tomorrow and ask her to apologize to you."

then comforted her: "Don't be angry any more, you won't look good if you get angry, and try to stay away from that colleague in the future."

seeing the way her husband was angry and comforting herself, the wife could not help but feel warm and depressed.

I have read such a paragraph:

whether a woman lacks sense of security depends on whether a man can accompany her through the short and long road of life, and whether he can accompany her when she is fragile and lonely.

companionship is not only the warming of feelings, but also the precipitation of love.

people who love you will accompany you when they see you aggrieved; people who care about you will find ways to amuse you when they see that you have a temper.

A good love brings a kind of energy.

by his side, all your troubles will dissipate and your happiness will arise spontaneously.

like a mobile phone with a battery emergency connected to the charger, the battery will be fully charged.

if there is such a person around you, be sure to live up to it.

positive family members will recharge you when they are negative

American psychotherapist Virginia Satier said:

I believe that the family is completely different from the outside world. It can be full of love, care and understanding, and become a place for one to save one's energy.

Home is a place that can give you warmth, and your family will always be your backing and support.

the experience of Zhou Yi in the documentary "Chinese Wedding events" makes many people feel sorry for it.

at the age of 20, Zhou Yi had an accident and fell directly into the engine room from the deck, resulting in multiple injuries. Only after a high paraplegia did he save his life.

although his life was saved, he had to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair, which was a heavy blow to him.

inferiority makes him shut himself up and refuses to get in touch with the outside world.

but unlike Zhou Yi's negativity, his parents are always optimistic.

Mom cooks Zhou Yi's favorite food every day, while father pushes his son to the park after work every day.Playing basketball and doing rehabilitation training will last for nine years.

they believe that one day, their son will be able to stand up again.

in order to get his son out of his inferiority complex, the father decided to take his son to Mount Tai to watch the sunrise.

Mount Tai was high and steep, so my father carried Zhou Yi up the ladder step by step.

even though the father crawled out of breath, he wanted to tell his son with his actions that as long as he was determined, there was nothing he could not do.

watching the sun slowly come out, Zhou Yi's heart is also slowly healing.

Please answer 1988 says:

it is not the smart head who knows everything, but the heart that holds hands until the end, and it is the family that can comfort me.

Life is long, no matter how many ups and downs, home will always be that harbor.

when you are tired, the light of your home can bring you a little comfort; when you are depressed, the encouragement of your family can heal your heart.

Family, like a power source, can charge you continuously.

when you are with your family, you never have to worry about running out of electricity.

writer Su Cen said: "you don't have to invite everyone into your life."

all my life, I will meet all kinds of people.

what kind of person you choose to be with determines what kind of life you have.

some relationships will consume your electricity and make people exhausted, while others can recharge you and make you full of energy.

Friendship recharge allows you to be guided when you are confused and comforted when you are hurt.

Love recharges, someone hurts when you are lost, and someone dispels haze when you are upset.

the charging of family affection gives you a warm home and a steady stream of motivation.

Life is really hard, and only by being with someone who can recharge you can you turn bitterness into sweetness.

May you and I both find that person and become each other's "chargers".