Silence is the highest goodness.

Silence is the highest goodness.

To control your mouth and keep your heart is a person's top goodness.



there is such a story in the Koran.

someone came to ask the saint, "what is the one thing you fear most in the world?"

the saint pointed to his tongue and said, "I fear it most."

people who open their mouths end up hurting others or themselves.

to keep your mouth shut is not only a rare self-discipline, but also the highest level of kindness.

No evaluation, it is the education endowed by experience

do you often hear words like this in your life:

she dresses up so beautifully every day that she must not devote herself to her work;

the reason why he was promoted so quickly is that he has some secret connections.

she divorced soon after she got married. There must be something wrong with her style.

there is a saying that is right: "when we talk every day, we don't necessarily know how to talk; many people talk all their lives, but they don't say a few words well."

sometimes a light comment hurts more than violence.

when the novelist Luo Yijun was a child, he once went shopping with his sister in the fourth grade.

there is a middle-aged woman who makes a living by pulling goods in the vegetable market. she is black and fat, dirty and ragged.

my sister thought that the woman could not understand Putonghua, so she secretly said to Luo Yijun:

seeing that the woman did not respond, the sister and brother continued to whisper about her appearance.

unexpectedly, the woman suddenly raised her head and shouted to them:

"you're rich, you're great, you're great, I'm ugly, aren't I?"

the angry and sad look on her face, forty years later, Luo Yijun still feels guilty.

there is a saying on the Internet that your evaluation of me does not constitute 1/10000 of me, but a clear view of yourself.

easily evaluate other people's three values and facial features, not only can not show a person's sense of superiority, but will expose the shallow and narrow.

as Luo Xiang said, "never judge others easily, because our cognitive ability is limited and it is difficult to follow

all the information that moral evaluation has. To respect others is to respect yourself. "

everyone in the world is an individual, and not everything can be discussed.

you don't know about other people's lives, but you shouldn't tell them what to do.

you can disagree with other people's choices, but at least respect them.

it is the most rare accomplishment in human nature to speak lightly, not to judge, and not to give advice in other people's world.

No blame is the self-cultivation of the precipitation of time

the mother of Zhang Jie, a well-known writer, was admitted to the hospital because of cancer when she was nearly eighty years old.

the nurse in the ward is a clumsy intern who often bruises the back of her hand during infusion.

when the doctor saw this, he turned around to criticize the nurse.

the old man hurriedly and leniently dissuaded me, "it doesn't matter if I'm rough and thick, it's not easy for a little girl to just go to work."

whenever I think of this sentence, I can't help but feel moved.

there is a question on the Internet: "what is real growth?"

High praise replied with a sentence from Yi Shu:

"to grow up is not to blame anyone easily."

because you begin to understand that everyone in the world has his own difficulties, and you don't necessarily understand their lives.

some netizens have talked about their own experiences before.

when she was studying abroad, she shared a rent with two girls who were also from China.

one of the roommates was crackling her things in the living room in the middle of the night, so noisy that she couldn't sleep.

the next day she was baking bread in the kitchen when the roommate suddenly ran over and excitedly accused her of always occupying the kitchen.

when she was already full of anger, she angrily quarreled with each other and said a lot of nasty things.

the roommate returned to his room with red eyes and soon moved out.

and that night, she packed up in a hurry in order to get home to see her father.

when she learned what had happened, she regretted it and wanted to apologize, but never again

did not contact each other.

Zhang ailing once said that because she knows, she is merciful.

there is no one in the world without injury, and there is no one who lives more easily than the other. the more a person grows up, the more he knows how to be compassionate and not to blame others.

because when you meet all kinds of people and see different lives, you will understand:

behind some anachronisms, there may be unspeakable suffering;

some arrogant and domineering behind, perhaps already covered with bruises and bruises.

not blaming is not only the self-restraint, but also the tolerance of self-promotion and others.

A person's maturity begins with learning to be silent

I saw a solicitation on Zhihu earlier:

have you ever been hurt by an unintentional remark from others?

some people say that they grew up with irregular teeth and were laughed at by boys in the class as "bucktooth girls". They have not dared to open their mouths and laugh for more than ten years.

someone went to the party, but immediately fell into depression because his classmate said, "I heard that your husband has recently lost his job."

she was saddened for months that an old friend whom she had known for many years had publicized her embarrassing story in public.

the more you experience, the more you agree with one sentence:

bridal navy blue dresses is all you need to bring out your beauty and inspire charm. Latest arrivals in the newest different trendy styles!

people who are open-mouthed are either not involved in the world or without wind and rain.

tongue is the softest and sharpest thing in the world.

A casual remark from you may spoil the fun of others, break their hearts, and bring an indelible shadow to them.

people who are really mature know how to be silent at the right time.

in the variety show "the Life of yearning", there is a program that moved me for a long time.

after dinner, everyone sat together and chatted.

Tan Songyun, a guest at the mushroom house, suddenly lost her temper and almost cried in front of the camera.

because the topic we were talking about at that time happened to remind her of her mother, who had just died in a car accident some time ago.

when Huang Lei found out, he did not quickly comfort her, nor did he continue to ask questions, but quietly changed the topic.

he took the initiative to ask the man around him: "if you really have a wish, what wish do you have?"

as the resident host of the program, Huang Lei doesn't know if it will be better if he continues to ask.

but in the end, he chose to keep quiet.

because he has been crawling around in life for so many years, he has long known:

when people get along with others, sometimes it is better to be silent than to talk more.

those who make people feel comfortable are by no means eloquent, boo-boo and warm-up, but know that they don't ask, see through and don't say anything.

do not expose other people's embarrassment, do not ask other people's sadness, do not disturb other people's happiness, is heart-to-heart EQ, but also quiet kindness.

the philosopher Nietzsche has a saying that has benefited me for a long time:

"Don't judge others indiscriminately, don't judge people easily, don't gossip behind people, and think less about what other people are doing."

A person's whole life is actually a process of repairing his mouth and mind.

one day you will understand that growth is not learning to express, but knowing to swallow.

to keep your mouth shut and your heart shut is the highest goodness of a person.

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