She was envied by Xiao S and satirized by Haiqing: she, who was mocked for being sexy, has finally turned around?

She was envied by Xiao S and satirized by Haiqing: she, who was mocked for being sexy, has finally turned around?

The story never stops, and life goes on. At the beginning of the year of

2022, my uncle was a little bit on top!

I haven't seen such an exciting domestic play for a long time.

perfectly captures the essence of high-energy critical strike at the beginning--

one second, watching a show at daily work and a busy day for "beating workers" in the fashion circle;

A second later, the chief editor jumped to his death, and immediately felt like a suspense drama.

for a while, everyone in the magazine panicked and exploded.

it was not until the appearance of Chen Kaiyi, deputy editor of Gao Leng, played by Song Jia, that he stabilized the hearts of the employees and maintained the normal operation of the magazine.

however, is it really so?

on the surface, Chen Kaiyi seems indifferent, sharp in words, vigorous in doing things, and has the posture of "no one loves anyone as soon as he wears sunglasses."

however, under the mask, she has a soft heart, sees through the warmth of life, and will still be hurt by the merciless reality.

can not only create the strong aura of "Fashion Devil", but also have the perceptual side of a little woman, and the ruthless and gentle image is really grasped!

I have to say, Song Jia's acting skills are so good that people can't help but be fascinated.

Life is like a play, as an actor, these are just routine operations for Song Jia.

and Song Jia, who is out of the play, the story is far more wonderful than we thought.

Song Jia was born in Harbin in 1980. her parents are very enlightened and the family atmosphere is harmonious. She has been held in the palm of her hand since she was a child.

however, parents are very strict with Song Jia in education.

Song Jia showed talent in art when she was 8 years old. since then, her parents let her get in touch with Liuqin, and then she was appreciated by the performer Feng Shaoxian, accepted as an apprentice and studied Liuqin with him


at that time, Song Jia was still a child and had a lot of fun.

the process of learning Liuqin is boring, especially when she sees that her peers are playing and she is the only one practicing the piano.

after day-to-day practice, Song Jia's hands were blistered and covered with calluses.

the novelty began to fade, and the interest naturally diminished. Even listening to the sound of the piano was boring, he tried to break Liuqin, thinking that he could escape learning.

Unexpectedly, her "little tricks" were seen by her parents, bought her a new piano, and asked her to record it when she practiced it every day, waiting for her parents to come back to check.

unexpectedly, Song Jia didn't like this at all. She muttered to herself throughout the recording, and she didn't practice the piano at all.

the parents who came back from work were so angry that they beat Song Jia and threw the piano on the door frame.

after that, Song Jiacai stopped being lazy and clever.

in this way, Song Jia persisted in learning and practicing the piano for nine years. Fortunately, she lived up to her parents' persistence and intentions, as well as her own efforts.

with his excellent piano skills, Song Jia participated in many performances and achieved excellent results.

later, she was admitted to the affiliated Middle School of Shenyang Conservatory of Music.

and, while others are preparing for the college entrance examination, she has already got an admission ticket to Shenyang Conservatory of Music.

however, faced with the day when she could see her head at a glance, Song Jia was not happy because that was not the future she wanted.

you will never guess what kind of surprise fate will arrange for you next.

by chance, Fan Zhibo, a drama teacher, went back to her alma mater to visit her teacher, and saw Song Jia, who was fresh and refined and beautiful in appearance, at a glance in the crowd.

after the contact, the elder sister felt that Song Jia had a spirit of refusing to admit defeat, and there was a twinkle in her expression.

she thought that with Song Jia's qualifications, it would be a pity not to become an actress, so she encouraged her to apply for Shanghai Theatre Academy.

I was still a little confused about the future. Song Jia wanted to see the scenery of another road. After listening to the elder sister's suggestion, she signed up for the drama exam.

when it came to the interview performance, Song Jia drew the scene of "waiting for others". At that time, she knew nothing about acting and stood there foolishly with her hands in her pockets, motionless.

look at the people around her, who are completely different from her. Everyone is performing hard, eager to show their talents.

the teacher next to him couldn't watch it any longer, so he came forward and said, "are you done?" Song Jia said, "you think I'm done when I'm done."

when she left the examination room, Song Jia was very depressed. She felt that those who took the exam were so powerful that she was simply a clown and was not worth mentioning.

I thought I must be hopeless, but after the results came out, Song Jia was so dumbfounded that she was admitted to the show in the first place.

maybe it was the favor of fate. Confused, Song Jia entered the door of acting and opened her own acting career.

after entering the play, Song Jiacai found that everything was not that simple.

she, who has no contact with acting, is like a blank piece of paper. She can't act, so she has to learn it all from the beginning.

the sound table, a series of boring and stringent requirements, is too painful for Song Jia, who is free by nature.

after a long time, Song Jia began to wonder whether she had chosen the right path.

Fortunately, she got a shot in the arm at this time.

in the basic skills of the test, the shy Song Jia became the last person in the class to perform on stage.

she didn't enjoy the stage enough, so her performance was naturally not satisfactory.

when she was depressed, the teacher inadvertently inserted a comment on Liu but woke her up:

"you should have a sense of ball in playing and a sense of play in acting. Song Jia in our class is a person with a very good sense of play, but she is not very confident."

Song Jia was stunned at that time, and unexpectedly, she could still get the teacher's "praise".

Song Jia, encouraged, gradually regained her self-confidence and fell in love with the performance.

sometimes, I even cheer myself up from the bottom of my heart, "that's what I do."

in this way, Song Jia began to hone her acting skills step by step, figuring out the tricks of acting.

whether in class or on stage, she always tries her best to do her best.

in her second year of college, Song Jia had the opportunity to play a small part on the recommendation of her teacher.

played the roles of Qin Peipei, a rich girl who actually doesn't want to go, Liu Yu, who lives more and more, and Fu Wanqing, who is cold against the tide. Although he did not stir up a big splash, he has accumulated a lot of acting experience.

later, through the wonderful performance in "curiosity killed the Cat", Song Jia finally got rid of the label of "little transparency" and really entered the audience's line of sight.

Liang Xiaoxia, the shampoo sister she plays in the movie, falls in love with a selfish and unaffectionate married woman.

this character is unlikable, greedy, and somewhat secular.

but Song Jia didn't care. She said, "I can see her special, have such a loving character for the first time, and feel the pleasure of performing."

she performed all the rashness and determination of the shampoo sister for love. That pure and simple, crazy and determined love, let the audience both moved and saddened.

with her outstanding performance in this film, Song Jia finally stood out in front of the screen and was nominated for Best supporting Actress at the 26th China Film Golden Rooster Awards.

this time, the audience saw Song Jia, but what most people remember is her interpretation of "charming and sexy".

A series of similar characters came to us, and the sober Song Jia did not accept these invitations.

she knows that once she is labeled sexy, it is not easy to change. In the eyes of others, you will always be a vase.

"actors can't be stereotyped. Actors should be adventurous. They can't think I'm safe just because a certain type is recognized by the audience."

this is what the teacher told Song Jia when she entered the profession, and when she listened to it, she did the same.

in order to seek more opportunities and challenges, Song Jia decided to go to Beijing.

the road to the north was not smooth. After dormant for a year, she finally waited for her to "break into Guandong".

in the play, she was wrapped in a thick cotton-padded jacket and dressed in rustic style, and the once bright and beautiful was gone.

from being bullied as a child bride, to an actor, to falling grass as a bully and becoming a female bandit, Song Jia brought to life the fate of Xianer.

after the broadcast of "running through the East", the public suddenly realized that what was more striking than her bright appearance was her acting skills.

walking on the road, more and more people recognize Song Jia and call her "Xianer".

compared to "popular", Song Jia was happier that the audience really remembered her role.

but even with fame and the right to choose a role, Song Jia did not go with the wind, let alone forget his original mind.

in the face of the invitation, she doesn't care about the supporting role of the protagonist and whether the characters are pleasing or not, she only cares about whether the character is plump or not.

she is willing to answer as long as it is enough.

with this confidence, Song Jia braved the wind and waves all the way, shaping one classic character after another.

in the Cliff, she is an opinionated and intelligent underground worker Gu Qiuyan;

in Xiao Hong, she is a talented but ill-fated female writer Xiao Hong;

in me and my Motherland, she is Lu Xiaoran, a valiant female pilot with a breeze at her feet.


A Cloud made of Rain in the Wind, she is a crazy, flamboyant and enthusiastic neurotic Lin Hui;

in Xiao Shude, she is a tender, considerate, successful mother who advocates happy education.


in the World, she is Zhou Rong, who is talented, stubborn and pursuing, but selfish.

for Song Jia, each character has its own characteristics and is worth figuring out slowly.

I have to constantly jump out of the comfort zone and use roles to create new connections and empathy for the audience.

over the years, Song Jia, who never set limits to herself, has handed over answers that are worthy of herself and more worthy of the audience by virtue of her superb acting skills.

that enthusiasm for the performance and the "wrenching strength" of refusing to admit defeat also made Song Jia successful.

she went all out to win the Golden Eagle Award, the Magnolia Award, the Golden Rooster Award and the Huading Award.

I like what Song Jia said very much: "Let yourself go in life, don't let yourself go in acting."

this northeast girl, who has an attitude and dares to express herself in her career, also has a different flavor in her life.

like singing, she released an album and re-performed "Goodbye" and "Ten miles of Spring Wind" on the stage of "Crossing King", which stunned the whole audience.

when something goes wrong, she will go back to sleep and wake up and everything will be all right.

in love, Song Jia never hides, sober and frank.

when the relationship was exposed by entertainment, it was easy to admit that "there are people and things you like, and then walk quietly throughout your life."

mocking in the face of Haiqing's appeal to give middle-aged actresses more opportunitiesSong Jia has not married because she still wants us to call her Xiaohua. "

the northeast girl did not care, calmly replied: "the above only represents Haiqing's point of view."

in the variety show "Little Sister's Flower Shop", she doesn't mind pointing to her crow's feet and saying:

"this is my favorite place, my wrinkles."

Song Jia doesn't seem to care about the age dilemma at all, it's more like her medal, an additional item.

because she knows very well that women of each age have their own charm.

the disappearance of face is inevitable. Unchanged, only behind the face, the love and accumulation of life.

inside and outside the play, Song Jiadu just wants to devote his energy to his own life, be a good actor, and try his best to enjoy all aspects of life.

her speeches tend to be unfettered and maverick: "as long as you really want to do it, you can do it, whoever you like!"

one step at a time, immersed in this moment, life will have its own wonderful.

the story never stops, life goes on.

, bless Song Jia and look forward to her bringing more good works!

I also wish you and I can live freely and freely, go all out and usher in the light that belongs to us, just like Song Jia.