Recognize yourself, change yourself, and become yourself.

Recognize yourself, change yourself, and become yourself.

Everyone should recognize themselves and find their own place.

I have heard a saying: "there are three difficulties in life: it is difficult to recognize yourself, it is more difficult to change yourself, and it is the most difficult to be yourself."

when I think about it, I feel the same way.

it is easy for everyone to point out the shortcomings of others, but they do not see their own shortcomings;

everyone is used to looking up to the advantages of others, but neglecting their own strengths.

I'm afraid the greatest misfortune in life is that you can't see yourself clearly.

and the best state is to be who you really are.

recognize yourself

there is a saying in the Book list of past events:

"We often observe and evaluate others with a magnifying glass, but seldom look inward."

people always like to overestimate their contacts and values. in the face of their own shortcomings, they either avoid it or deceive themselves.

in fact, only by recognizing yourself can you cure yourself.

the difficult experience of my friend Zhang Jun has given me a deep understanding of this point.

A few years ago, he did family education and brought together big names from various industries, and his fame quickly spread.

he thinks he should make use of the resources on hand and take advantage of the opportunity to invest in a project.

then, he opened a hot pot restaurant, did publicity with great fanfare, and invested a lot of money and manpower.

who would have thought that when everyone learned that they were polite, very few people went to the show, and some people were purely guests.

across the mountain, Zhang Jun himself does not understand technology and management, the store has not formed a standard mode of operation, business is poor, employees have resigned one after another.

he has been losing money for three years, and he owes a lot of foreign debts, which he can no longer maintain, so he has to close down.

Zhang Jun, who was badly hit, realized that he did not have that much influence, nor did he have the ability to do business.

so he devoted himself to family education, gradually got his life back on track, and slowly paid off the debts he owed.

there is a passage that is very piercing:

"if you have wealth, others worship your wealth, not you; if you have power, others worship your power, not you."

if you take yourself too seriously, you tend to fall the most.

growth is a process of constantly recognizing the world, recognizing one's strengths and weaknesses, and recognizing the boundaries between people.

the emergence of many contradictory points in life is precisely due to the lack of clear cognition, which makes it impossible to form an effective executive power.

sometimes you struggle on something for a long time, but you still don't get any better. maybe it's not your ability, but it's not for you at all.

the ancients said: "Water is square with shape, and man is flexible with trend."

Man's greatest enemy is himself, and so is his greatest savior.

only when you recognize yourself clearly and know how to change with the trend, can you grasp the steering wheel of life


turn a corner at the right time, maybe there is another hole.

change yourself

changing yourself is a shortcut to success.

I have heard the story of Japanese salesman Yoshihiro Hara.

he is only 1.45 meters tall and is not very confident. He is a salesman in an insurance company with a pitiful income.

because he was seven months behind with his rent, he was forced to sleep on a park bench for more than two months.

one day, Yuan Yiping came to a Buddhist temple to sell to the abbot.

after listening to this, the abbot said calmly, "your introduction does not interest me at all. To talk to people, you must have the charm of attracting each other. You should first try to transform yourself."

Yuan Yiping froze and let out his breath.

on the way back, he had a lot of thoughts.

then, he organized a "criticism meeting" aimed at himself, inviting several colleagues or clients to dinner every month, pointing out his shortcomings, and even pawning his clothes to pay for meals.

after every criticism meeting, he has the feeling that he has been skinned.

he recorded these good advice one by one, constantly reflecting on himself, striving to develop his strengths and circumvent his weaknesses, and giving full play to his potential.

Nine years later, he ranked first in sales in Japan, maintained the first sales record for 15 years in a row, and later became a lifetime member of the million Roundtable in the United States.

Yuan Yiping confirmed his words with his own actions-man can change his destiny by changing himself.

when things are not going well, it is time to make a change.

many people have lofty ambitions to change the world, but are unwilling to change themselves bit by bit because it is painful to break their own process from the inside out.

there is a good saying: "if the mountain doesn't come, I'll go there."

it is far more practical to change yourself than to change the environment.

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use the bystander's mind to constantly examine and correct yourself, so as to change yourself.

you will find that others will change with it, and eventually your whole world will change by surprise.

be yourself

everyone has someone they admire. If they want to be what others like, they are easy to lose themselves in the end.

Tagore once said:

"the most beautiful appearance of a person is not to be someone else, but to be someone else.When you become yourself. "

instead of looking up at others and being lost, it is better to be your own light, light your own way, and be the protagonist in your own story.


@ Aralei

after graduating from an undergraduate course, she worked as a clerk in a bank. Her work was simple and repetitive. She thought she could see a 50-year-old when she was 20.

so she applied to study abroad, switched to data analysis, studied at least four hours after work every day, and spent six months viciously making up for other people's four years of college knowledge.

two years later, she returned to China with a master's degree with a straight A, joined the best Internet data company, became a researcher, became Director big data for three years, made top data products in the industry, and received a high annual salary.

but she didn't want to stay the same for the rest of her life, so she quit her job as a travel blogger, studied photography and cut videos from scratch, and was on the road all the year round.

along the way, there are always some doubts that you can't, and there are a lot of people who compromise before they start to try, and it's not easy to be who you really are.

have read a sentence:

"between the beginning and the end of life, there are countless opportunities for choices. As long as you act on your choices, what others say is not that important. Imagine a future and build it gradually. "

there are no rules that must be followed in life. Only you can limit yourself. You must have the courage and courage to be yourself.

Don't be afraid of difficulties, take the path you choose, and go all out to do what you want to do, then every effort will pave the way for you to move forward.

Don't restrain yourself, don't live up to the years, an undefined life will be cool.

in the days to come, do what you like, be the best you can be, and live the life you want.

I strongly agree with one sentence:

"Life is a process of hitting your head, waking up, and then making breakthroughs." In the process, you will eventually recognize yourself, become yourself, and meet yourself. "

We come to the world, unpredictable, no return trip, brave so that we will not leave empty regrets.

everyone should recognize themselves and find their own place.

bravely make changes, break through and improve yourself.

take every step in a down-to-earth manner, defeat yourself and sublimate yourself.

then, you will eventually become a better yourself and meet a better life.