Please tell me directly that you like me.

Please tell me directly that you like me.

Do you like me or not?

obviously, A Yuan chased her for a long time, but after being really together, she became depressed and neurotic.

he complained to me that he liked her so much that he was humble in this relationship.

for example, every time I go out, I always report my itinerary to her on time, but the other person has never done it for him.

as long as the other person has a little mood, he will immediately drop everything and run to her side, but if in turn, he can only get a "hug" on Wechat.

A Yuan's life world only has his girlfriend, but the other person's world doesn't seem to care about himself.

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he complained all afternoon and even couldn't help asking, "do you think it's necessary for me to go on with such an unfair relationship?"

obviously, A Yuan feels that the other person doesn't love him that much, at least less than he loves her.

later, I went to the heroine Xiaomei. After listening to my retelling, she immediately held her forehead and said, "it's so annoying, it's so noisy again."

like reporting for the trip on time, she felt that it was optional, saying that since two people were together, they should trust each other.

when she is in a small mood, it is obviously not a big problem, but the other person has to skip work and go to her, so that she has to let go of what she is doing to "accept" Ah Yuan's comfort.

and she doesn't want to fall in love, the two people's world seems to be only each other, can not live their own independent life.

Yes, A Yuan has indeed done a lot for her, but she not only does not need these things, but also feels great pressure.

at that time, we were standing on the side of the road, and Xiao Mei pointed to a fruit store opposite and said:

"he can't buy durian that I don't like and force it on me every day, and accuse me of not giving him a durian in return."

I nodded seriously and thought it was crazy, but I couldn't help asking, "then why don't you just tell him you don't like durian?"

"I said it once, but at last I went further and further, and I had a fight." Xiao Mei shook her head helplessly. "then I never dared to mention this topic to him again."

it's just an emotional problem. The more you don't mention it, the more you escape, the more you can't guess the convenience, and you always have a knot in your heart.

in fact, Xiaomei is a celebrity in our college. The boys who like her can't fit into a classroom, but she has been single for three years and didn't accept Ah Yuan's confession until recently.

at that time, everyone was shocked and couldn't figure out what was so good about Ah Yuan, who was not high or handsome. It was worth Xiao Mei's love for him.

I don't understand this question either, but what I can see is that at every class reunion, Xiao Mei deliberately keeps her distance from the boys who want to be nice to her, and even keeps praising her boyfriend in front of everyone.

in my opinion, if you don't really like it, you won't give up the whole forest for one boy at all. Who doesn't want to be liked by more people?

sometimes when I see a men's clothing store on the road, Xiao Mei will suddenly run over and say, "this dress suits him. He doesn't pay much attention to his dress."

I think Xiaomei likes him no less than each other. But all this, one side does not say, the other side will not know.

obviously both of them want to be good for each other, but all that is left is mutual recrimination and suspicion.

in fact, we all know that there is no such thing as fit in love, and character depends on running-in.

but we often make a mistake. Running-in is not a matter of forbearance, nor does it mean holding back discomfort. Patience has its limits, and it will break out one day.

running-in depends on collision, finding the problem in the conflict, finding the root of the problem, and then solving it.

it is precisely because everyone expresses love and gives differently, and the other party has different understanding of love.

so the first step in finding a problem is to learn to talk about it, not to run away like Xiaomei, let alone to be suspicious like Ah Yuan.

otherwise, in the end, people with poor understanding will be asking for trouble, while those with poor expression will not only feel tired, but also be questioned inexplicably.

Don't forget that our goal is to let each other know, "I don't like you doing this," and then continue to be with you, not to last until the day when the sentence finally becomes "I don't like you."

because I really want to be with you for a long time, so don't make me guess any more.

that's really tiring. Good night.

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