People can be refined, but not Yin.

People can be refined, but not Yin.

May you be a kind man for the rest of your life.




the law of nature is beneficial to all things, but harmless to things, and the law of saints is to carry things with virtue, not sinister calculation.

there is a ruler in life, but mistakes are disasters.

moderately shrewd, you can protect your own interests; if you are insidious and cunning, you will harm others and yourself and lose virtue.

people live all their lives, plants and trees in one autumn. You can be shrewd, but not insidious. Only by being kind can you last long.

small victory depends on wisdom, big victory depends on virtue

as the old saying goes, "Great wisdom is like a fool, and great cleverness is clumsy."

A kind man looks stupid, but in fact he is extremely clever.

sinister people seem smart, but they are insatiably greedy and easy to get into trouble.

in this life, people will distinguish between loyalty and treachery, and whether they will judge evil or good.

you know: kindness is the highest state of shrewdness.

once upon a time, there was a landlord who, on his deathbed, divided his property among his two sons and asked them to make a living with the money.

the eldest son is extremely intelligent and has his own ideas. The youngest son is simple, honest and steady.

the eldest son opened a grain and oil store, while the younger son opened a noodle shop.

one day, there was a famine in the village, and the eldest son had a lot of grain left in the shop, so he deliberately raised the price to sell it.

although everyone was angry, he ignored it and made a lot of money as a result.

but the youngest son's noodle shop is facing closure because of famine.

but instead of closing the door and shutting down, he set up a porridge shed to give porridge to everyone.

A few months later, people's lives gradually returned to normal. Because of the famine, the reputation of the eldest son was completely destroyed. Everyone would rather go to the neighboring village to buy food than buy his.

and the youngest son gives porridge to everyone, which has established a good reputation, and everyone likes to go to his noodle shop to take care of business.

two years later, the eldest son's business was so bad that he was forced to close down, while the younger son's noodle shop was still booming and expanded.

win for a while by speculation, win a lifetime with kindness!

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if you cheat and cheat, you will lose more; if you are insidious and cunning, you will be rewarded with evil; if you just satisfy your greed, you are doomed to come to no good end.

as Xunzi said, "those who are good will be rewarded by heaven for good, and those who are evil will be rewarded with evil."

the smartest person in the world is the kind man.

cherish virtue and carry things, look up to the sky, bow to the ground, treat each other with sincerity, and win the hearts of the people.

such people, no matter what happens, can get help from others and are more likely to achieve long-term success.

to set others up is to set yourself up

there is often a saying: "if you are true, you will be sincere. If you are not sincere, you will not be moved."

in dealing with the world, sincerity comes first. If you are kind-hearted and sincere, you can move heaven and earth and open gold and stone.

if you have evil thoughts and plan against others, you will eventually accuse yourself.

when people live in the world, they should understand that heaven's iniquity can still be disobeyed, but one's own iniquity cannot be lived.

in the capital, there is a laundryman who is doing a lot of business, while his neighbor is a Potter, but his business is very deserted.

the Potter thinks that the business of the laundryman must be so good that it affects his fengshui, so he does harm to others.

he found the prime minister and said, "the laundryman has a unique skill to wash black elephants into white elephants."

the prime minister was delighted to hear that the white elephant was an auspicious symbol and could bring good luck to the country, so he ordered the laundryman to wash the black elephant into a white elephant.

the laundryman dared not disobey the order, so he had to say yes. when he came home, he looked sad. when his wife understood the reason, she gave him an idea.

the next day, the laundryman asked the prime minister and said, "my basin is too small for an elephant. Please order a pottery basin that can hold an elephant."

so the prime minister ordered the Potter to make a pottery basin that could hold an elephant within three days.

faced with this impossible task, the Potter sighed helplessly. In the end, he was executed because he could not make a pottery basin.

as the old saying goes, "if you don't go too far, you will receive it the day before."

the more a person calculates, the easier it is to lose.

try to set others up, deliberately frame others, but actually set yourself up.

as the saying goes, a gentleman loves money and takes it wisely.

at any time, we should not calculate others for the sake of profit, let alone lose virtue for the sake of calculation.

when virtue is good, good fortune is deep; if virtue is not good, disaster comes.

to be a man, virtue is the root, work is based on conscience, be a man before you do something, and only by being virtuous can you carry things.

people can be refined, but not Yin

it is said in the Book of morality: "A great man is thick, not thin; in fact, he is not in China."

A true gentleman is kind, not shallow, simple in heart, not in calculation.

to be a man, you can be shrewd, but you must not have sinister and cunning attempts.

shrewdness, is a kind of wisdom, is the wisdom of dealing with the world; insidious, is a kind of hypocrisy, is a bad deed without virtue.

at the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, there was a mute who worked for a long time in the landlord's house. when the wages were settled at the end of the year, the landlord gave the mute much less money than other long-term workers.

the mute thought: I do more than others, but why do I get paid less than others? He wanted to take revenge on the landlord.

he wanted to light the firewood in the landlord's house, but he thought againIf you light the firewood, you can't cook, you can't light it.

the landlord heard the sound and asked, "who is it?" The mute said hurriedly, "it's me. I'm the mute."

the landlord wondered, "the mute can't talk?"

the mute replied, "I fell off this wall and was frightened, so I could speak."

the mute told the story to the landlord. The landlord was very moved and felt guilty, so he made up for the undercalculated wages.

the Book of morality says: "the way of heaven has no relatives, and it is often with good people."

if the heart does good, it will be rewarded with good; if there is evil in heart, there will be evil consequences.

all good luck and blessings come from one's own virtue.

if a man is virtuous, he must be blessed.

in this world, a virtuous man will be respected wherever he is; a man without virtue will be disgusted wherever he goes.

be a shrewd and kind person and be careful for your own interests, but don't take hurting others as the premise in order to stay away from right or wrong.

put Houde in the first place and take character as your trump card, you can live a good life.

Laozi said, "A good man is hidden if he is empty, and a gentleman is virtuous and foolish."

honest people are not stupid, but they have higher virtues.

in the face of interests, honest people can keep their hearts and are blessed by heaven, while unkind people are easy to get lost and cause trouble.

kindness is the foundation of human beings. only by doing good deeds and accumulating thick virtues can we nourish thick blessings.

when you are alive, you can not make a name in history, but you must have good conduct and live with a clear conscience.

, may you be a kind person for the rest of your life, be worthy of your heart and enjoy a lifetime of happiness!