On the eighth day of the Winter Olympic Games, the ugliest scene was exposed, and 1.4 billion Chinese people were angry: Bah, what a shame!

On the eighth day of the Winter Olympic Games, the ugliest scene was exposed, and 1.4 billion Chinese people were angry: Bah, what a shame!

South Korea should learn from China's great power demeanor.

on February 9, netizens revealed that two South Koreans inexplicably beat Chinese students in South Korea because of the Winter Olympic Games.


make people feel robbed


after the defeat of the Winter Olympic Games, Chinese students studying in South Korea became the target of public criticism and were beaten by indiscriminate Koreans.

if that's the case, Uncle just wants to sigh:

it is ridiculous and sad that their pitiful and distorted self-esteem should be filled by such a shameless act.

in recent days, the Winter Olympic Games are in full swing, and the popularity of related topics remains high.

Chinese athletes who have attracted a lot of attention always live up to their expectations. they continue to surpass themselves, exert themselves to the limit of their level, and have achieved remarkable results.

but what is even more unexpected is that the South Korean team has become increasingly "depressed" after leaving the home-court advantage of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

short-track speed skating, once the best event of the South Korean team, is now like a Waterloo, wiped out and "no harvest".

the South Korean players who walked out sadly regarded the reporter as nothing and refused to interview after the match with a cold face.

to this netizen joked: "the bosom of Korean people is really as big as their kimchi jar."


and this is just the tip of the iceberg of the Korean "little belly chicken intestines". All kinds of unheard of tricks have really refreshed our values.

after Wu Dajing won the gold medal by virtue of his strength, his overseas social account was unexpectedly exposed by the Internet.

many South Korean netizens denounced the unfair competition, believing that the Chinese team simply did not have the strength to win the championship in short-track speed skating.

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especially after we won the gold and silver medal in the men's 1000-meter short-track speed skating, the voice of dissatisfaction among South Koreans became even louder.

they go to great lengths to give insulting words and false labels to Chinese players, criticize the field, and even point the finger at Chinese food.

all kinds of smelly words and deeds ferment on the Internet, which makes people resentful.

what is the pattern?

what is it that you can't afford to lose?

look at the Koreans who fried hair, and you'll see.

when South Korean players Huang Daxian and Li Junrui were canceled for fouls, South Korean spectators were collectively "blind". They insisted that the players did not commit fouls and the referees engaged in malpractices for personal gain.

the Korean Skating Association even held a press conference, "Yizheng solemnly" made a complaint, and said that their athletes would receive psychotherapy.

the result is, of course, a merciless slap in the face.

Cheetah, an ultra-high-speed 4K track camera system developed by the Central Office, clearly filmed the fouls of South Korean players.

Peter Voss, who has served as the chief referee of the three Winter Olympic Games and the chief referee of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games in South Korea, is untenable to question his impartiality.

what does it mean that many people have been sent off many times?

Korean players are "not very clean" in the competition.

this matter has long been reached by domestic and foreign audiences, especially Russian players.

the Chinese team and the Canadian team were both sentenced to nine fouls at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, while the South Korean team only committed three fouls, a sign of their "landlord friendship".

whenever there is a collision between a Korean player and a Chinese player, it must be the Chinese player who committed the foul. In the first half hour of the game, Wu Dajing was the only one of the five Chinese players.

in the women's 3000-meter relay race, the South Korean team continued to interfere physically, even causing Canadian players to fall off the track directly.

the Pyeongchang Olympic Games is a joke in the eyes of the majority of netizens, which not only violates the Olympic spirit of fairness and justice, but also loses the most basic sense of shame.

some netizens can't help feeling: "

if you can apply for the World Heritage site by dirty means in the competition, South Korea will not give in.


after being punished this time, there is no hope of appealing, so South Koreans can put down their self-esteem and admit defeat?

then you are wrong.

this puts "self-esteem


A nation engraved in its bones will never learn to reflect.

they blame the ice on the field of the Winter Olympic Games:

uneven ice;

Bing is made in China, the contestant prepares so hard, so sad!

is the ice fake, too?

they dislike that the food of the Winter Olympic Games is not delicious:

can't compare with the Pyeongchang Olympic Games in 2018;

on the night of arriving in Beijing, I visited the restaurant in the Olympic Village and never went there again.

Chinese people can't cook.

such hype not only failed to win support, but also was mercilessly hit in the face by foreign netizens.

American snowboarder Julia has eaten about 200 dumplings since she came to the Winter Olympic Village.

Janice, the only competitor in the Maltese Winter Olympics, eats six bean bags every day and even keeps them in her pocket during the competition.

even Japanese netizens can't help saying bluntly, "South Koreans are mountain pigs and can't eat fine bran, right?"


if you throw dirty water indiscriminately and put it upside down on South Koreans, you may be able to understand more.

this pattern is really unthinkable.

South Korean netizens'"incompetence rage" was not supported and responded, and they began to turn around and vent their anger on the Chinese short-track speed skating team.Coach Ahn Hyun-soo.

an Hyun-soo was once a rare genius in the history of short-track speed skating, winning six gold medals in the Winter Olympic Games.

the 17-year-old won the championship the first time he participated in the competition and successfully entered the South Korean national team.

but he was forced away by the factional struggle of the South Korean national team because of his popularity.

after several twists and turns, an Hyun-soo became a member of the Russian short-track speed skating team.

later, when he was suspended for no reason, an Hyun-soo had to retire as a coach and was invited by Wang to coach in China.

Ahn Hyun-soo contributed to the current achievements of the Chinese team.

but this deepens the "sour taste" and anger of South Koreans.

they called Ahn Hyun-soo a traitor and traitor, clamoring for him not to go back to Korea.

even threatened him, "I know your wife and daughter live in Korea, and your daughter is in primary school."what are you going to do when your child's appearance is made public? you are not qualified to be a parent."

Ahn Hyun-soo had no choice but to speak to


some malicious netizens compromise in a low voice.

at this time, Wang Kui stood up and said bluntly, "they are not qualified to scold Ahn Hyun-soo at all!"


the consequence of rogue Koreans getting angry is that they can be shameless, but they must maintain minimal dignity.

there is a saying in the Black Deacon: human beings, the more they lack something, the more desperately they want something.

South Korea may want to pocket the history and culture of other countries because of its own lack of resources and culture.

they especially like to steal Chinese things:

two Korean professors wrote a paper to prove that Confucius was Korean;

according to their logic, Yandi, Huangdi, Li Bai, Cao Cao, qu Yuan. All Korean;

they even covet festivals such as Spring Festival and Dragon Boat Festival;

Chinese characters, printing and traditional Chinese medicine flowed into China from Korea;

the myth of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl is also spread from Korea;


it's hilarious. Koreans, the more they lack dignity, the more desperately they want it.

but don't expect to fill it from us, in any way.

February 6, the Chinese women's football team let 2 catch up with 3, a stunning reversal of South Korea won the Asian championship is the best proof.

after a lapse of 16 years, the Chinese women's football team regained its former glory and beheaded South Korea, which took the lead at the beginning, not only raising our national prestige, but also ruthlessly rubbing the spirit of the Koreans.

you see, this is the admirable spirit of sports, and this is the pattern and demeanor of a great power.

ignoring the rules, turning a deaf ear to justice and leaving sportsmanship behind, the championship is meaningless.

I hope that South Korea will first learn how to be a man and be upright in front of competitive sports.

if you don't understand, learn from China.