No matter how good the relationship is, it will be defeated by the sentence on Wechat.

No matter how good the relationship is, it will be defeated by the sentence on Wechat.

No matter how good a relationship is, if it is not cherished, it is not worth paying your heart.


"know the pain close at hand, know the infinitely distant heart in the crowd, and you and I, like two seemingly neighboring stars, burn out alone in eternal loneliness."

this is a sentence written by Prudome in the Milky way, which makes it sad and desolate to read.

it is said that people can not stand the snub, but in real life, do not know how many feelings, and finally lost to a "I am very busy".

I give all my life, but in the end I get the disdain of the other party.

I put my heart and soul into it, waiting for each other to turn a blind eye.

in the end, no matter how deep the feelings are, they will eventually be defeated by perfunctory and indifferent.

the sentence "I'm busy" is the coolest.

remember that there is a line in the movie "he doesn't really like you that much":

"busy" is a weapon of mass destruction in love, synonymous with "asshole", and an asshole is the one who uses busyness to tease you. "

busy is an excuse for not loving.

now everyone can't leave their mobile phone, and no one is really too busy to reply on Wechat.

if the other person always ignores your news, there is only one possibility that he doesn't care about you at all.

so your initiative has become a disturbance in his eyes;

so your enthusiasm becomes an entanglement in his eyes.

once the waiting time is long, full of joy, it will slowly turn into disappointment.

writer Li Gongjun once said:

"Love does not respond, feelings are held back."

people's hearts are mutual, so if you are not cherished, why bother to make trouble for yourself?

Don't wait for your heart to be broken before you know that if there is no response, love has no dignity.

Learning enough is the greatest accomplishment to yourself and feelings.

An one-man show is the most hurtful.

someone on Weibo has asked such a question:

is it necessary to talk to people who never come to you on their own initiative?

here is a particularly gripping answer:

"in this era of eating and sleeping well, do not take the initiative to contact you, because you are not so important in the other person's heart."

Yes, I've said it ten thousand times, not taking the initiative is the answer, and no response is rejection.

I once gave my heart to a friend.

if you have something happy, you want to share it with her on Wechat as soon as possible.

know that she is sad, will immediately give her comfort and encouragement.

whether it's Wechat or the phone, I keep "online" with her all the time.

but gradually found that after so many years of contact, it seemed that I had always taken the initiative, and she did not even take the initiative to come to me once.

later I realized--

it's not that she doesn't take the initiative, but I'm dispensable in her heart. She already has new circles and new social relationships, so she doesn't bother to maintain it for me.

there is a saying like this:

"the furthest distance in the world is when I give you my passion and care, while you laugh at me at the other end of the screen."

when I am alive, what I fear most is that in the feelings that should have gone in both directions, it finally turned into an one-man show.

such a relationship, no matter how much you pay, is doomed to be black and blue.

because perfunctory is the most hurtful weapon.

True love will not be perfunctory, but no matter how busy it is.

the person who cares about you will keep you in mind all the time. No matter how busy he is, he won't let you wait, let alone ignore your feelings.

Love is impulsive, impatient, and uncontrollable.

he loves you because he hopes to see and hear you all the time, and he can't stop talking about you, even if it's useless nonsense.

only such a person is the one who really loves you patiently.

only this kind of love is worth your enthusiasm to respond.

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stop comforting yourself with lies. Those who don't love you will make you wait.

if you can't pull out in time, you'll end up with your own life.

only when we leave our hearts to the right people, we will not be easily disappointed for the rest of our lives.

MiyazakiHayao said:

"if you like someone, take the initiative to take two more steps towards him." If he sees you coming and has no intention of greeting you, stop. "

No matter how good a relationship is, if you don't cherish it, it's not worth it.

so don't bother those who don't contact you actively.

take back your enthusiasm and sincerity and love yourself.

one day, you will meet someone who will respond from time to time and take the initiative to come to you.

Gu Qinglin