New function of Wechat: if you don't contact the person you like, delete it.

New function of Wechat: if you don't contact the person you like, delete it.

Your heart deserves every beautiful encounter in the world.


how do you let go of the person you can't ask for?

if you delete the person you once liked, will you leave any regrets?

some time ago, Wechat launched a new feature:

search for related contacts in the Wechat interface, which can be deleted in batches by managing.

news came out, it went on a hot search.

the highest praise in the comment area goes like this:

"I can finally share it with him."

later learned that she used the function of deleting friends in batch to delete people she liked and all their mutual friends.

if you don't contact the person you like, delete it.

often listen to one sentence:

"Adult love is fragile."

can't stand snub or suspicion.

once you lose contact, all your previous efforts will be wasted.

my good friend Linda once met his favorite boy at a performance.

he is tall and thin, with a low-key woody fragrance sprayed on his wrist.

Linda did not restrain his impulse and took the initiative to add Wechat.

There is nothing more desirable than one of our peach pink dress wedding. Take advantage of the unique combination of comfort and simplicity.

the boy's first sentence after passing the verification of his friends is:

"come back to the show some other time.


did not expect that the "another day" in the words of the boys will never come.

he will reply to Linda's Wechat.

but there is always an interval of a few hours, and the content is just perfunctory.

Linda comforts himself that he is too busy with his work. As long as he replies to Wechat, he will have her in his heart.

she doesn't expect a result, she just wants to have a few words with the person she likes every day.

but then the boys took longer and longer to reply to the message.

sometimes even two or three days apart, until I can't read it back.

Linda hid this love from the bottom of his heart and chose to watch his life silently.

when the boy posted a picture of him and his girlfriend in the moments, Linda froze in the moments for a long time.

early in the morning, Linda choked up and told me on the phone,

she has deleted the boy and others who haven't contacted her for a long time.

"people who don't contact me don't deserve my heart."

Yes, in the eyes of those who love you, your enthusiasm is true.

can be replaced by people who do not know how to cherish, this sincerity has repeatedly thrown into the air, resulting in bruises all over the body.

like the line in the movie "Let sadness end at Sunrise":

"waiting for a ship at the airport is impossible at all."

take busy life and forgetting to check your phone as an excuse for not getting in touch for a long time, in the final analysis, because you don't care at all.

I once saw such a sentence in the late Night Canteen:

"there are no messages that you don't want to answer, only people who don't want to answer."

those who haven't contacted you for a long time don't really work too much and get tired from work.

but without you in my heart.

colleague Amin has been in love with his girlfriend for many years, and his career has reached a period of rapid rise.

once Amin worked overtime until 10 o'clock in the evening, but his girlfriend chattered endlessly on Wechat.

one moment I sent gossip about the stars, and then I sent a new dress.

A Ming took a quick glance and buried himself in the never-ending documents and forms.

but when he finished all his work and got ready to get off work, he immediately replied to his girlfriend's Wechat:

"I'm coming."

just three words, endless tenderness and peace of mind.

the message sent by my girlfriend seems meaningless, but her lover will keep it in mind.

how can people who really care about not get in touch with each other?

those who really love you are eager to hold you in the palm of their hands all the time.

the paper is short and affectionate, and there are thousands of kisses. Those who love you will cherish your heart.

once saw such a problem on Zhihu:

"what happens if all social software automatically deletes people who haven't contacted you for a long time?"

one of the answers is impressive:

"nothing more than tearing through the last layer of camouflage in the relationship and breaking the final fantasies of many people."

the person who really cares about you won't let you wait in the blank for his reply.

Love is not about touching and withdrawing hands.

on the contrary, love is trying to do everything to catch the person around you.

and those who take the initiative to leave beside you may not have the need to keep good friends.

delete all the energy in order to breathe new air and sunshine into life.

as it says in Paradise and Earth:

"throw away the rubbish in your hand so that you can free up your hand to take over the fragrant flowers."

your heart deserves every beautiful encounter in the world.

is also worth all the roses and romance in the universe.