My sister blocked me again.

My sister blocked me again.

I didn't know until I blocked it for a month.

my sister blocked me again.

she called me in the previous stage, and I casually asked her why she hadn't posted much on moments recently and if she was very busy.

unexpectedly, she said frankly, "I often post on moments, but I block you."

I was stupefied. Shielding is usually done secretly. I didn't expect my sister to be so honest.

then she quickly went on to explain, in a tone that was taken for granted: "you don't like me every time I take a selfie." By the way, I blocked you for almost a month, and you didn't ask me until today. "

I was a little confused on the other end of the phone.

it seems that I have not been a good brother in the standard sense since I was a child.

even talking about our childhood, my sister would complain about me: "when I was a child, my brother was best at and favorite thing to do was to cheat me out of the drumsticks."

so every time I see the stories of those hot brothers spoiling their sisters, when the only son cries and says that he wants to have a brother, my sister will also sigh and say:

"I really want to have a brother, too."

I often tell my good friend Sister Xiu that she is good-looking, has a good personality and cares about her family.

once my friend Ah Guo took my cell phone, talked to my sister when I wasn't looking, then looked at me strangely and said, "what on earth have you done to your sister?"

I took my cell phone a little foolishly, and the first thing I saw was, "you must not be my brother!"

now it's my turn to wonder. I crossed up the chat record--

"Sister, what are you doing?"

"what's the matter with you, brother?"

"? It's nothing. "

"are you all right? When you usually talk, you can't use'ya'at all. "

"really, you are so cute."

"you praise me. Lovely? Dude, are you all right? Don't scare me. "

I really had mixed feelings when I knew that my sister recognized that the other end of the phone was not her own brother because of a compliment-in my sister's mind, I praised her as an "impossible event".

but when I turned off the phone screen, I couldn't help saying to Ah Guo, "look at my own sister, know me better."

my sister really has a clear grasp of my temperament.

she knows that I am arrogant and self-willed and pretend to be aloof in love.

she knows that I often ignore my family because of all kinds of things.

she also knows that every time I neglect my family, I feel guilty.

so she always has the patience to remind me over and over again that it's time to care about my family.

when my parents quarrel, she will come to me and say, "you call home, mom will be happier to hear your voice." A few weeks ago, she will also come to remind me that I should prepare gifts, and then remind me every four days, such as blabla

, but when it's her birthday, she never reminds me.

one day she said she would trade Alipay for Wechat with me. As soon as I got paid, I thought I didn't seem to have bought her much gifts, so I called her more, saying I didn't have to return it.

she exaggerated: "have money, boss." Then he asked me if I knew what day it was.

I remember her birthday in these days, so I pretended to say categorically, "of course!" It's your birthday! "

she disdainfully debunked my acting skills: "if I didn't ask, you wouldn't know."

later, when I opened Alipay, I found that she still transferred the money back to me. The message was: I am outside, eat more good food.

after I get paid, my sister often clamors to eat and wear my small vault, but she is reluctant to do so when she really has the chance.

Last year when the Winter Solstice was, I received a Wechat message from my sister, asking if I was free now and if I could make a phone call.

her tone made me realize what was going on, so I left my friends and ran to a place where there was no one to call her.

No sooner had the phone been connected than she was heard crying on the other end of the phone.

I asked her softly what was wrong, but she didn't answer me and kept crying.

after crying for more than ten minutes, she said a lot: "hold it for a long time. I don't know who to cry to, so I can only find you."... Brother, when are you coming home? "

I comforted her for a long time on the other end of the phone.

in fact, after college, my sister looked more mature. She helped me manage my relationship with my family and reminded me not to mess with my diet, so I was able to be a wanton brother.

I was a little touched that night, because my sister's sentence "when are you coming home, brother?" shows one thing:

whether I am a good brother like a textbook or not, no matter how sensible she is, she will need me.

I remember once visiting my sister's Weibo, she retweeted a message "what an experience it is to have a brother", which listed my shortcomings: "self-willed, disobedient, never care about people, and do not like to praise me."

when I shook my head in tears and laughter, I saw the last sentence: "but I don't know why, when I have no money, the first thing I think of is him."

but in fact, in my opinion, when there is no money, it actually means when she is in danger and when she is sad, her true thought must be "but I don't know why, when I am in danger, I always think of him first."

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suddenly discoveredThe only thing we have in common is this arrogance and delicacy.

good night.