Manage your 40-60 years old (that's a good thing to say)

Manage your 40-60 years old (that's a good thing to say)

A person with a good state of mind is good all his life.

the Analects of Confucius says: "Forty without perplexity."

when people reach the age of forty, the things they did not understand in the past and the reasons they could not think clearly gradually became clear.

time cannot be traced back, time waits for no one, and the days may not be satisfactory, but there is no way to turn back.

but life is a long process of spiritual practice.

what we have to do is to take advantage of the time is not old, with new feelings, manage their own 40 years old 60 years old.

manage health

as the saying goes, "people look for disease before the age of 40, and look for someone after the age of 40."

after the age of 40, his physical condition is going downhill, which is no longer as good as when he was younger.

Don't wait until the body parts stop moving and the illness comes to the door before you realize the value of health.

in the final analysis, the second half of life is about health.

No matter how much money, there is no health, there is no happiness to accept, no matter how famous, there is no health, is also fleeting.

Managing your health is the most important investment in yourself.

to insist on going to bed early and getting up early every day is to accumulate energy; to eat three meals on time a day is to invest in health; sweat and running steps are all supporting happiness.

in the days to come, health will always be the cornerstone of enjoying life, whether it is around the knees of children and grandchildren at home, or understanding the great rivers and mountains outside.

therefore, before it is too late, we must do a good job in health management, take care of our own body, work and rest regularly, and keep exercising.

the best day is to be free from illness.

Administration time

Tao Yuanming wrote in his poem: "if you don't come back in your prime, you can't do it again in the morning."

Flowers will blossom, spring and autumn will come, but time will not go back, and life will not start all over again.

suddenly half of your life has passed, at this time you must understand that today wasted is yesterday that will never come back.

those who know how to manage their time will naturally gain a lot; those who waste their time wantonly will only increase their gray hair.

Lu Xun once said: "Life is based on time, and wasting your time is tantamount to chronic suicide."

you and I don't have to lament the ruthlessness and flying of time when we grow old.

Why not cherish your time, manage your time, work hard and take your life seriously at this moment.

to manage your time well is the best respect for life and the greatest praise for life.

when you know how to make good use of your time and arrange your life reasonably, you are broadening the thickness of your life and raising the height of your soul.

and the so-called live up to this life, in fact, live up to every minute and every second, live up to every stage of life.

manage money

there is a saying recently: "90% of the things in the world can be solved with money, and the remaining 10% can be solved with more money."

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this is especially true when people reach middle age. Their wallets contain not only money, but also the livelihood of the family.

for those who have no money, their lives will be in jeopardy at the slightest storm.

Middle-aged people who have experienced difficulties in life have long known that money can iron out all the wrinkles of life.

so, in the days to come, everyone should learn to manage money:

first of all, there is nothing to complain about and make more money when you are free. The money in your pocket is the greatest strength in life.

second, stick to bookkeeping, review regularly, and learn to increase revenue and reduce expenditure. To develop good spending habits is the secret of wealth.

third, save money regularly and slowly accumulate wealth. The money saved now is the guarantee for the future.

manage social interaction

as the old saying goes, "A single tree cannot make a boat, and a single tree cannot make a forest."

people are social animals, no matter how old they are, they can't do without socializing.

but success is also a friend, failure is also a friend, the quality of making friends and the direction of life are inextricably linked.

although the circle is small, it is good to be sincere. When people reach middle age, they must stop their losses in time and manage their own social circle.

learn to subtract from socialization. those meaningless wine games, don't care about your relatives, false friends, all stay away.

only in this way can you save time and energy to accompany more important people and do more valuable things.

writer Xue Xiao Zen said:

"when people reach a certain age, they go to recycle. In the end, they receive a couple of bosom friends, a cup of shallow tea, and simply make their life the way they want it to be."

instead of wasting themselves in staggered preparations, it is better to manage social interaction, let the circle maintain positive energy and high quality, improve themselves more, and spend more time with their families. This is the consciousness that middle-aged people should have.

Management mentality

there is a saying in the Buddha saying: "as soon as the mind rises, it blooms; when the mind falls, all things perish."

there is no good or bad environment, created by idealism, the biggest difference between people lies in the state of mind.

most of the time, you are in the same state of mind as you are.

at any time, instead of complaining, it is better to go along with the situation.

when you are at a low ebb, don't lose heart, calm down and think that there are still many people who are not as good as you.

I don't want to tryTake a good look at those who are better and work harder than you.

Destiny is like a wheel, and the mentality is the helmsman. If you want to control your own destiny, you must first manage your own mindset.

Wang Yangming said: "everyone has his own fixed needle, and the root of Wanhua is always in his heart."

Life is messy, but never underestimate the power of mindset. Because, a person with a good state of mind is good all his life.

as long as you have a good state of mind, the sweat you have flowed will finally come together to cross your river.

as long as you have a good state of mind, the hardships you have suffered will illuminate your way forward.

as long as you have a good state of mind, you will be able to blossom the most brilliant flowers on the road you walk.