I've never met, but I want to be with him.

I've never met, but I want to be with him.

I met you for the first time.

A Guo met a boy on a social APP, perhaps because the matching of the software passed the personality test, and the two hit it off the first time they chatted.

at first, they just chatted at work every day, but slowly, the two were born and chatted on a dating app for more than two or three months and became friends in front of the screen.

but just recently, Ah Guo is suddenly a little confused.

she said, "he suddenly confessed his love to me and asked me if I could be together. One of us was in Guangzhou and the other was in Zhuhai, and he came to see me once during the holiday. Actually, I'm a little scared. "

A Guo's biggest worry is that he doesn't know whether this kind of affection in front of the screen is real or not, and whether he can rely on it.

so today I would like to talk about my views on the topic of "online love".


I have never been in love online, but I have had several friends on the Internet.

not long ago, because of the pressure at work, I quarreled with my especially close friends. I was physically and mentally exhausted and wanted to find someone to vent.

ask roommates if they want to play mahjong, and roommates say they want to study;

ask their friends if they want to play billiards, and they say they are tired after work;

they want to chat with thorns in the summer, and they are busy with the push that night.

after I asked through the entire contact list, I found that everyone was very busy.

at that time, I really wanted to tell others that I was down now, but I was hypocritical in my moments. After hundreds of friends were pulled down, I couldn't even find anyone who could speak affectionate words.

I know I have a job the next day, and I know I need to cheer up. But there are moments when everyone knows it's time to cheer up, but no matter what.

finally, sitting on the track and field alone, I thought of Ah er inexplicably. I met her on Weibo and never met her. I don't know why I said to her that night: "I'm in a bad mood. Can you tell me a joke?"

she didn't ask anything, but replied to a dirty joke very seriously.

I want to laugh a little, but suddenly I want to cry.

the girl I had never seen before and didn't know her voice gave me a little help when no one around me could comfort me.

and if the Internet can produce real friendship, I think it should also produce true love.


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I asked my friends in moments if they had the experience of online dating, and I was particularly impressed by a reply.

"there is not much difference between long-distance love and online love. When he needs a real hug, he can only send me a hug. "

some people complain that their long-distance relationship is like having a cell phone couple, but if you think the relationship in front of the screen is illusory, they will jump up and yell at you.

because no one is qualified to deny a person's feelings.

and in fact, I know a lot of success stories about online dating.

writer Zhang Jiawei and his wife, who met online at the age of 18, went through ups and downs before getting married. In this relationship, they never doubted the authenticity of the relationship.

what touches me most is Jiang Sida's description of his online love in the wonderful story.

he kept fiddling with his belt with his hands and sobbed and said, "I have nothing, I have nothing." I've really been waiting all year, and in the end, I seem to have nothing.

but what he brings to me is more romantic than those who can hold hands and have dinner together. "


since then, I have been thinking about a question, obviously I added a lot of people on the Internet, but why did I only want to go to Ah er that night?

We don't talk much, and I suddenly disappear in the middle of each conversation, but when I am most sad, I even think of going out to find her.

but slowly I found that her mischief always made me feel comfortable, and every chat with her brought me a different kind of sense of security.

this sense of security comes from her point of view, personality and chat style. In a nutshell, this sense of security comes from her soul.

so I can't help thinking of her at the worst of times.

you see, the attraction between people can be seen through the screen.

this is the degree of match between me and someone


do you know what the strangest thing is?

when Ah Guo passed the personality test, passed the three values match, and met the right person in her soul in this app (the same app), when she asked others if she wanted to be with each other, there were always a lot of people who came up to her and told her not to be impulsive and that online dating was not safe.

I have heard many similar words.

when you want a long-distance relationship, some people will say that the distance is too far, and the other person is easy to cheat; when you want homosexuality, some people will say that China is not suitable. Marrying a heterosexual blabla

seems to those people that a relationship is doomed to be unhappy as long as it encounters some established difficulties. That's not true. everyone knows that's not the case.

when we fall in love, the only question we think about is: "do I like him, how much do I like him, and how much effort can I put into 'liking him'?"

Don't be afraid if you can answer these three questions without hesitation and prefer the option "stay together".

Yes, that's the strangest thing-sometimes the greatest pressure in a relationship doesn't come from within the couple.But those other people's gossip.

there are always countless people who like to come out and tell you what to do about your relationship.

but we all know that it is ourselves who fall in love with others, and it is ourselves who are loved by others. Brother Kang Yong said a very interesting remark to the effect: "when we look at the mirror, we find something on our face in the mirror, and we wipe the mirror." But why do we think we have a problem when others criticize us? "

so it doesn't matter whether you fall in love with someone through the Internet or reality. Because online dating also has a happy ending, we will also meet scum men in reality.

afraid of not being blessed, I am most afraid that you will all be together at a critical moment.

once you miss it, you can't go back.

this is the second time we have followed the same ad because we think it is different from other social software. based on professional psychological tests and accurate matching algorithms, it makes us think that this kind of dating will be more reliable. After all, nothing is more romantic than soul fit. If you have ever been frustrated in love, I hope it will give you a start with the same values and make some good things happen with a small probability.

good luck and good night.