It is only after forty that there is an epiphany: there is real cause and effect in one's life.

It is only after forty that there is an epiphany: there is real cause and effect in one's life.

The choice of the first half of your life hides the state of your life for the rest of your life.



at the age of 30, writer Wu Xiaobo turned to a sentence in his book: middle age is a cup of afternoon tea.

when he was still young, he knew little about it.

one afternoon more than a decade later, the 47-year-old was sitting outside having tea with a friend. He suddenly remembered that he had an epiphany:

"in the middle-aged afternoon, you can sit on the Beginning of Winter's lawn and drink a cup of good Shan Fong tea, and you have enough mood and knowledge to read a slightly boring book.

all of this has a cost, and their investment period is all in your youth. "

after the age of forty, people will understand that life is the sum of choices.

our lives now have cause and effect.

your family, there is cause and effect

I have read a passage on the Internet:

"the purpose of our busyness is to enjoy life, satisfy our families, and become selfless.

in reality, many people are often so busy that they can not enjoy life, but also snub their families, and become selfish. "

Zhihu blogger

@ Zhang Gong

has always envied others for his relationship with his wife.

No matter how tired he is at work, he will set aside two days a week to buy food and cook for his wife.

Zhang Gong later learned that the boss had divorced once when he was young.

after remarriage, he began to cherish his family very much and told Zhang Gong as an experienced person:

"I made big mistakes when I was young, so now I know how to be kind to my family.

it may not be a problem when you are going well, but if you get to the bottom of your life, you really have nothing without your family. "

the older you get, the more you feel that everyone's family has cause and effect.

all neglected companionship will become a regret for you and your family in the future.

considerate partner, warm-hearted children, a family full of laughter and laughter, is the biggest luxury in middle age.

and none of these do not want you to pay and maintain bit by bit on weekdays.

the greatest self-discipline of middle-aged people is to love their partner and take good care of their children and family.

your body has cause and effect

when people are young, they always walk non-stop and gamble their lives for cars and houses.

but as he grows older and less energetic, it becomes more clear:

betting your body on the future is the stupidest investment in life.

because the wood is overburnt, not carbon, but ash.

there is a programmer on Zhihu who shared a thrilling experience.

having been in the profession for more than ten years, he has been working very hard for more than ten hours every day, and it is even more common for him to stay up late and drink and socialize.

although there was a red light on the physical examination list, he never took it seriously.

until after staying up all night, he suddenly blinded and fainted in the bathroom at home.

after being sent to the hospital, he was diagnosed with a myocardial infarction and was rescued for a day and a night before saving his life from the dead door.

when he woke up and saw his tearful wife, he had an epiphany that death was only close to him.

A writer friend once said: "everyone's body is an energy field, and when the energy is consumed, your life is over."

Don't feel feverish, hold on and you'll be fine; stomach pain, put up with it.

all pain is a cry for help from the body.

being kind to your body and paying attention to the signals it gives is the most conscious thing you should have when you reach middle age.

your career has cause and effect

once heard a joke that there are only two kinds of people in the workplace, one is the protagonist, the other is a dragon.

heart-piercing but also realistic.

when you reach middle age, you will find that the people around you are gradually divided into two groups:

A wave of panic and anxiety, a batch of fullness and leisurely.

the biggest gap between the two often lies in strength, resources, and connections.

and all this comes from the investment in the first half of life.

it's like the income graph that was popular before.

when I first entered the job, everyone was treated badly or not.

Ten or eight years later, when a monk rings the bell for one day, his ability and salary are still in the same place.

and people who constantly improve themselves and refine their skills will slowly usher in a golden period of their career.

as the writer Wu Jun said:

"many people cannot become the general climate, it is not that they have no ability or lack of opportunities, but that they choose comfort prematurely and stop running."

when you reach middle age, whether you are outstanding or out, in fact, you have already laid the groundwork.

if you find it hard every minute now, it will be easier every year after that.

if you feel comfortable every day, you should start to be vigilant.

because while you are belittling and perfunctory work, opportunities are also quietly abandoning you.

your appearance, there is cause and effect

I have heard a saying: in the second half of life, there is no comparison between facial features and habits.

when people are over forty, some people do not change their appearance, some people are old, and your appearance hides your state of life.

on Valentine's Day, Li Ruotong posted birthday photos for his friends on the Internet.

people say that time is ruthless and beauty is twilight.

but the 54-year-old is still slim.The hair is black, no different from the screen goddess in my memory.

all this is inseparable from her decades of self-investment.

at the end of every day, she will go to the gym for running, iron lifting and yoga.

she can also read, cook and grow flowers after work. Not only that, she often learns new knowledge online and interacts enthusiastically with young netizens.

when people reach middle age, when they see more green men and women move towards "greasy" under the destruction of years, they feel more and more:

A person's appearance before the age of 40 is given by his parents, and the appearance after the age of 40 is repaired by himself.

people with symmetrical bodies are bound to have amazing self-discipline;

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people with excellent temperament are bound to have a bookish bonus;

people with young faces are bound to have an open mind and a hot attitude towards life.

time is fair to everyone.

smiling at the corners of your mouth, sweating, and reading books will help you resist gravity and keep you from bowing to the years.

your blessings have cause and effect

Lin Yutang once said:

"there are some subtle things in life that are meaningless in themselves. When we look back on their causality after the passage of time, we find that the impact is astonishing."

when people reach a certain age, they will find that there is no sudden luck in life.

A man's blessings have long been hidden in what he thinks and does.

when Qian Zhongshu wrote Fortress besieged, his life was so difficult that he often worried about Chai Mi.

when his friend Huang Zuolin learned of this, he offered to direct Yang Jiang's work and immediately paid a fee, which solved their urgent needs.

later, when Fortress besieged was going to be adapted for film and television, many people competed to spend a lot of money to buy it, but Qian Zhongshu only authorized the script to Huang Shuqin, Huang Zuolin's daughter.

Huang Shuqin, who is at a low point in his career, has successfully walked out of the bottleneck.

No one would have thought that his father's righteous help at that time unexpectedly made his daughter's life a few decades later.

the way you treat others is the way fate treats you.

when a person gives kindness, it is also a process of accumulating blessings for himself.

when you see someone sad, don't talk coldly, and when someone is in trouble, give him a hand.

the act of kindness between your thoughts may one day save yourself from a desperate situation, and the people you pass will become your own future.

the world is round, and the good you have done will come back to you one day.

once heard a saying: "in this world, there is no if, only cause and effect."


everything in the world is interlinked.

self-discipline is hidden in appearance, effort is hidden in strength, and kindness is hidden in blessings.

your choices for the first half of your life hide the state of your life for the rest of your life.

", the true generosity to the future is to give everything to the present.