It is not until middle age that I know that the interaction between brothers and sisters is very realistic.

It is not until middle age that I know that the interaction between brothers and sisters is very realistic.

The human heart is so realistic, even between brothers and sisters.

when we were children, our cognition was extremely limited.

even if someone tells us that we jumped out of a crack in a stone and picked it up in a trash can, we will foolishly believe it.

but in adulthood, we will gradually discover how naive and ridiculous we used to be, and many things are not what we thought they were.

what kind of cognition you have, how broad your horizons and patterns will be. If you are confined to a very small circle, then your cognition is limited, and the road ahead will become narrower and narrower.

many things, we have not experienced, we will not understand, when we are young, we are too naive, silently believe a lot of things.

for example, family members are always behind us, for example, as long as we work hard, we are sure to succeed.

but in middle age, you will find that even family affection is extremely realistic, and even if you really work hard, you may not be able to change your life against heaven and get ahead.

the world is not black and white. There is a gray area between black and white.

as far as family affection is concerned, when we lived together when we were young, parents were the core and support of the whole family. With them, the cornerstone of the family would not fall down.

however, as adults, brothers and sisters begin to have their own lives and families, the focus of life begins to change, the intersection becomes less, and naturally they become estranged.

and parents, from parents to family members, can no longer control and dominate our lives.

after middle age, the parents grow old, and the control over the whole family gradually disappears.

and brothers and sisters will become more and more realistic because of some interests.

this is extremely chilling and has to be accepted.

people have the instinct to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages


I want to take care of myself more than helping others selflessly.

in many cases, in the face of major right and wrong, the first thing we think about is not to fulfill others, but to take care of ourselves.

this is not evil in human nature, but it is extremely normal, because it is an instinct to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages.

in the TV series "do you know or not", Gu Tingye offended the sage for his arrogant words, was sent to prison, and may face the catastrophe of nine ethnic groups. At this time, Sheng Minglan's family advised her:

"and divorce, or your child will be the son of the sinner, and his whole life will be ruined."

but Sheng Minglan felt that husband and wife should advance and retreat together, so she chose to refuse.

think about it, is her family a villain? Is it a bad guy? Of course not, they just hope that Sheng Minglan and children can be less implicated, this is to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, but also to stop losses in time.

sometimes, even for a family, it is impossible to do everything. In the face of disaster, everyone thinks of himself first, which is not shameful.

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and those who sacrifice themselves and give selflessly are the really good people who deserve our respect.

it's just that in life, such people are after all a minority, and most ordinary people think of themselves first, which is one of the reasons why brothers and sisters are becoming more and more realistic.

to know that a person is not good enough is not equal to evil, good and evil are not two extremes.

Don't use money to test human nature,

when money and interests are involved, people will become realistic.

on the one hand, it is because they have their own families and give priority to their own families;

on the other hand, we are no longer as close to each other as we were when we were young, and we have too many considerations and concerns.

I have seen many such cases in my life.

for example, if a father or mother is sick, he or she needs a high cost of surgery, which needs to be shared by brothers and sisters.

if $50,000 or $100,000 per family is still not enough, few people take the initiative to bear the extra part, and even if they come up with it, the family will block it:

"Why do we have to pay more? Our money is not from the strong wind, so is it easy for us to live? "

there is a saying that there is no filial son in bed after a long illness.

this is not the apathy of the people, but in the face of money, many people are powerless.

most families are just ordinary families, and filial piety is not an empty slogan, but needs a certain financial ability as a support, without too much money, even if there is filial piety, it may be willing but powerless.

the same is true between brothers and sisters, no one is willing to give more, some are afraid of their own losses, and some are really unable to come up with so much money.

once the contradiction arises, the estrangement is difficult to resolve. As time goes on, the intersection becomes less and less, and they become more and more strange to each other.

another extremely realistic place is that when you get along well, it is useful to others, and they will come and get close to you; once you are down and have a bad life, they may no longer contact you.

this is the reality of the human heart, even between brothers and sisters.

I hope that each and every one of us can be ourselves, live ourselves well, and identify people's hearts in time, so as not to be used and hurt.