In order to chat with you, I sent a red packet on purpose.

In order to chat with you, I sent a red packet on purpose.

And then it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn't had a good chat with my dad for more than a month.


my cell phone rang on the subway when I came back from the interview a few days ago.

I was a little surprised when I saw the Wechat message from my father.

I always say that I am aloof, but in fact my father is much colder than me.

every time I call him, he says impatiently, "do you want money?" OK, I'll call you tomorrow, and you can talk to your mother. "

sometimes he handed the phone to my mother with a straight face before I could say a few more words in the video.

I was a little shaken and surprised to open his Wechat, because every time he came to me, he would ask me to do some strange things, such as solving Olympiad math problems, such as finding where to buy a bag of chemical fertilizer.

but I found that my dad didn't ask me to do anything in that 50-second voice. He just asked me a lot of questions: he asked me about the interview, asked me about my disorganized job, and asked me about finding a girlfriend.

I was in a daze at that moment, because I thought my father wanted to ask me a lot of questions. But it seems that he is afraid to disturb me, so he stuffed all the questions in those more than 50 seconds.

and then it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn't had a good chat with my dad for more than a month.


my father and I only sent six messages that afternoon, and the penultimate voice was: "all right, I'm just asking you." Don't forget your family, remember to get in touch with your mother and work hard. "

my father never lets me contact him on my own initiative, and he seems to really dislike me every time. But when he asked me to contact my mother the other day, I always felt that he actually wanted me to contact him.

I promised him that I would try my best.

he sent another voice message asking me if I had enough money and if I needed it.

I have stopped taking living expenses from my family for a while. But it's funny that every time I went to my dad before, it was usually because I needed living expenses.

at that time, he would deliberately put off a day's delay in living expenses, pretending to ask me if I had earned living expenses. So I would have a chat with him, and then he would say I forgot and call you back tomorrow.

actually, I know he didn't forget. He just wanted an excuse to talk to me more, but he didn't want to be too obvious.

my friends often say that I am arrogant and coquettish. Now when I think about it, I inherited it from my father.


since I stopped asking my family for living expenses, my father would ask me if I had enough money every time I called, just like the last voice message a few days ago.

I always say, "No, it's enough."

and I will emphasize one sentence every time: "I will take it with you when there is not enough money."

because I think my dad is actually a little afraid that I don't need him.

as we become more and more mature, we will become more and more independent and do not need the help of our family.

at first I thought my father would be happy, but slowly I realized that for him, my independence was a tangled thing.

he's glad I've grown up, but at the same time, the fact that I've grown up means I don't need him so much anymore.

adults also need sense of security.

so when I haven't talked to him for a long time, he will take the initiative to talk to me, and then ask me if I need money.


Thorn invited a friend to lunch today.

in the evening, this friend suddenly asked us if we were still revising and if we needed to buy us something to drink. He was at Starbucks.

without thinking about it, Zhang Jingzhi sent a voice message and said: OK, but I prefer to drink happy tea. Please.

after hearing this, I scolded him and said, "Editor-in-Chief, you are so shameless."

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he said, what do you know?

friends are invited to dinner and find it inappropriate not to pay, so they ask us if we want a drink.

and this seemingly shameless approach is actually telling his friend that I need you.

just like that afternoon, when I was well-off, I said to my father, "I want to buy new clothes recently. I don't need much. Just call me two hundred."

I even start asking for his opinion, because I want to tell my dad that I still need him, that no matter how far I go in the future, I need him.

in fact, the foundation of every relationship is mutual demand. If it is only a unilateral need, then one party will become an accessory.

fortunately, when I grow up and understand this truth, I will no longer let any important person become an accessory.

good night.