If you love someone again, you must remember these three principles.

If you love someone again, you must remember these three principles.

Whether in love or marriage, you should keep your single strength at all times.

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I wonder if you have such a friend?

pursue the supremacy of love, as soon as you fall in love, it is easy to fall in love and focus all your energy and thoughts on each other.

although it is said that the pursuit of happiness is the right of each of us, but the "love brain" type of pay, it is often easy to eat the pain of love.

if you want to get out of love, you have to do at least these three things.

never lose yourself for love

Schopenhauer once said that a man without a heavy self is not worthy to talk about love.

I think so.

lovers love themselves first, and only when they know how to respect, care and understand themselves, will someone come to understand you, cherish you, and protect you.

you might as well think about others. If there is such a person who puts all his thoughts on you all day long and keeps an eye on your life all the time, it must be you, and you can't like it, right?

just like I have a friend, she can overturn all the plans she has already made for each other; she can change her dressing style, give up socializing and entertainment, and even give up a good career and life.

in the past few years in love, friends have always regarded each other as the focus of their lives, but in the end, the other side rewarded her not by cherishing and loving her, but by betrayal.

so that when the other party left, her whole world seemed to collapse.

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think of a sentence I saw on the Internet:

"Love a person must not lose oneself, otherwise once lost, even can not find the way back, can only go to the abyss of broken bridge."

Yes, without self-love, if you pay by mistake, you will only lose the whole game and there is no way out.

you can love someone very much, or you can give a lot, but you, never lose yourself easily for one person.

you can take the initiative, but never post it backwards

I believe that many girls have experienced this, right?

when he is in a good mood, when he gives you an answer, you will be deeply moved; he is in a bad mood and disappears for several days, leaving you without thinking about food and tea, but he comes back like nothing, not even an explanation.

you stay up late every day to hear from him, but only when the other person is drunk and tired will he think of you.

every time you want to give up, he will give you a candy, let you taste a little bit of sweetness, and continue to give everything for him.

you gave him all the enthusiasm, did everything for him, but also tried to move forward 99 steps, but he is still indifferent.

as the saying goes, no matter how good a person is, he doesn't feel sorry for you and is of no use.

Yes, humility can never be exchanged for true love, so no matter how kind you are to him, you will never move him.

after all, you can't wake someone who pretends to sleep.

Girls, when you meet someone you like, you can take the initiative, but never post it upside down.

feelings that don't get a response, that's enough.

your heart must be left to someone who is worth it.

keep single strength at all times

complain that Yang Li said at the meeting:

before I fell in love, I was chic, free and emotionally stable, and I felt that all the good things in the world were on me, but after falling in love, I was fragile, paranoid and hysterical, and I felt like Ziwei in Qiongyao opera.

in real life, many girls are the same, once in love, it is easy to worry about gains and losses.

in the final analysis, there is still a lack of singles.

the so-called single strength does not mean refusing to fall in love or boycotting marriage, but to love someone again without having to revolve around him all day.

in addition to being the other half, you are also an independent individual. You should also have your own space, your life, social interaction and entertainment.

when you are together, enjoy the good time of two people; when you are not together, enjoy the happiness and freedom of one person.

you always have to learn to play with yourself, so that you won't always pin your happiness and emotions on others.

so, whether in love or marriage, you should keep your single strength at all times.

even if you still want to be alone in the end, you can have a wonderful life.

you must stay away from the brain of love and love yourself.