If you don't want to work hard, check out the moments of these three people.

If you don't want to work hard, check out the moments of these three people.

While you are not yet old, go out bravely and accept the baptism of wind, frost, rain and snow.

Last year, someone summed up the five major manifestations of contemporary waste:

the comments section is full of messages like this:

"in every one of them, I suspect you have spied on my life?"

"I am very anxious every day, but I just don't want to try any more."

some people say that falling into the contradictory cycle of "intermittent complacency, continuous eating and waiting for death" is a major symptom of contemporary young people.

if you think life is too difficult, if you don't want to work hard, you might as well check out the circle of friends of these three people.

everyone is working hard,

you are not the only one with grievances

moments is a magical place.

I still remember a business trip when I had to catch the plane at 6 o'clock the next morning alone.

that night I stayed awake almost all night because of the pressure of work and the hassle of catching a plane.

thus witnessed the most real scene in moments:

at 01:30 in the morning, Xiao Li po posted a photo full of wine bottles with the caption: "drink until the wee hours of the morning for the fifth time this month. I really want to throw up. When will this day end?"

at 3: 00 in the morning, Xiao Xi posted on WeChat moments: "after grinding back and forth eight times, I finally passed, said nothing, handed in the manuscript, and went to sleep!"

04:30 in the morning, Dajun posted on moments: "in the past two months, I have seen Beijing at 12345 in the morning, and there are still three days to go before the project is officially launched. Hang in there, comrades!"

seeing these, I had mixed feelings and could only silently comment on the expression of a hug to them.

in the face of the long night and the oncoming work, I don't seem to feel so hard.

"it seems that I am not alone in the fight."

the next day, these moments were all hidden by agreement.

"you can be hypocritical late at night, but you can only work hard at dawn."

most of us are born ordinary, without a good family, a beautiful appearance, everything we want to have, a car, a house, and an ideal life, we have to earn it with our own hands.

think of a popular video on Weibo:

A man sold high heels at a roadside stall and even tried them on for customers, despite the ridicule of passers-by.

there is no easy word in the adult world, no life is easy, and no job is unaggrieved.

if you don't want to work hard, go through the moments of your peers, and you will find:

you feel tired, there is always someone who is more tired than you; you think life is difficult, there is always someone more difficult than you; everyone is working hard, everyone is desperate, and you are not the only one who is aggrieved.

look at the bank card numbers before going to bed every day and ask yourself: have you really done your best for your work? Are you really worthy of life?

if not, why should you be better off than others?

A good marriage is the effort of both people

colleague Xiaoqiu has been working every day since she was 7 months pregnant, holding meetings and traveling for business, rain or shine.

once when we had lunch, we couldn't help joking: "Xiaoqiu, your husband earns a lot of money. Why do you work so hard every day?"

Xiaoqiu shook her head and handed over the mobile phone for us to see.

on the screen is a circle of friends sent by her husband the day before yesterday, located in Lhasa:

Wow your admirers with an gowns online bridal that flaunts your sophisticated charm, confidence and delicate beauty. Latest arrivals in the newest different trendy styles!

since I came here, there has been no headache, chest tightness and insomnia. It has been going on for 14 days. You will be born in less than 2 months. Son, Dad wants to give you the best future.

she said seriously, "he works so hard for our family and our children, so I have to work even harder and can't hold him back."

I can't help but have mixed feelings after listening to it.

Marriage is originally a fine and soft web woven by both husband and wife. If any one of them is lazy and leads to loose stitches, there may be loopholes in the marriage.

so don't think that you can rest easy by finding a good partner.

any stable relationship is not one person looking up to another, but going hand in hand, supporting each other, catching up with each other, and working together in the same direction.

only by constantly practicing yourself can you deserve a happy marriage and a high-quality lover.

as the saying goes: but we poor couples feel sadder about everything.

Marriage without economic foundation is like a fragile mirror, which will be broken to pieces at the touch of it.

if you want to have the romantic rest of your life of "one room, two people, three meals and four seasons", you must first have relative financial freedom.

Don't let the effort take too long, parents can't wait

this year's invitation Day, I had to stay in the company to work overtime because I was single because I had to catch an advertisement.

when I was complaining, I suddenly received a 520 red packet from my father. Remarks:

"my daughter is always happy, don't work too hard!"

remembering that I hadn't asked about my father for a long time recently, I casually clicked on my father's circle of friends, which reprinted my recent articles.

interspersed with a 2: 4 a. M.2 moments:

after 8 hours of continuous operation, the person was finally rescued and got off the operating table. I almost didn't sit on the floor. I was so old that my body really couldn't stand it.

I suddenly remembered that when I came home from the holiday last year, my father drove home for 2 hours in the middle of the night to see me.

I asked him distressed: "Dad, you are retired, why bother to work in such a distant hospital?"

my father replied half seriously and half jokingly, "to save more dowry for you."

at the thought of this, my eyes were a little blurred, and a sense of shame mixed with responsibility poured into my heart, wrapping me airtight.

Yes, being a child not only does not make parents live a better life, but also makes them work hard for the rest of my life. What right am I to shout tiredness? Who am I not to run hard?

all we owe all our lives is our parents.

when we were young, they worked hard to bring us up to protect us from the wind and rain; when they grew up, they worried that we could not eat out and wear warm clothes, so they broke their hearts for us.

what we fear most is that when our parents work hard all their lives and lie in a hospital bed in their old age, when they really need us, we have nothing but tears.

"filial piety is priceless":

"I believe that every sincere and honest child has made a grand wish of filial piety to his parents from the bottom of his heart, believing that the future will grow, that it will come naturally, and that he will be able to return to his hometown when he is successful and famous.

it is a pity that people forget, forget the cruelty of time, forget the shortness of life, forget that there is a kindness that can never be repaid in the world, and forget that life itself is fragile. "

the most frightening thing in the world is the word "wait".

only by redoubling your efforts can you catch up with your parents' aging.

someone on Zhihu complained: why is it so easy for others to succeed while it is so difficult for me?

there is a high-praise answer: what makes you think that other people's success is easy?

No one will casually succeed. Behind all the brilliance, there is bitterness and sweat that you can't imagine.

there is a good saying:

"you have to take the road step by step, and you have to eat in one mouthful, cramp and peel in order to be reborn, but there are no shortcuts."

instead of always enviing that others can easily succeed and live a better life than you, it is better to reflect on what others have paid more than you and how bad you are.

Don't give up without moving. Some things don't persist until you see hope, but you don't see hope until you persist.

likes the sentence in "the best of us" very much:

not all persistence has results, but there is always some persistence that can breed a hundred thousand roses in full bloom from an inch of frozen land.

there is a sea in everyone's heart. If you don't set sail, no one will help you set sail.

while you are not yet old, go out bravely and accept the baptism of wind, frost, rain and snow.

"the future is uncertain, you and I are both dark horses!"

Let's encourage together!