If you can't do that, don't get married.

If you can't do that, don't get married.

One day, we will have the courage to get married.

Yan Jiao

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I chatted with a little cousin a while ago. She is 26 years old and single.

she talked about her recent reunion with her high school classmates, at which everyone joked that they would introduce her to a boyfriend.

showed her some pictures of single boys, but they all felt that they didn't have much affinity for each other.

finally, the monitor made a "big move" and moved out one of his male colleagues. The boy is not only good-looking, but also educated and responsible at work. His salary is not low at present, and the momentum of development in the future is also good.

is such a person who has no shortcomings in any way. My cousin shook her head without thinking for a second and politely declined the match made by the monitor.

she told me that this is actually a very contradictory state of mind.

it's not that you can't meet someone you like in your life. You always expect to meet excellent and amazing people, but if there is such a person, you will unconsciously begin to doubt it.

if he is really so good, how come he doesn't have a girlfriend?

if he happens to have no girlfriend, will he happen to be interested in me, too?

even if we do fall in love, do I have the capital to keep him around for a long time?

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after these thoughts flash through my mind, you will foresee how many difficulties and obstacles you will encounter when you like such a person.

it's like standing in front of the abyss again, but she doesn't have the courage to jump at the age of eighteen.

when you are not good enough, you will instinctively think that you are not worthy of such a good person.

at such times, loneliness becomes a kind of sense of security.

some people say, "how can you know if it is appropriate without touching it?" They don't necessarily ask you to go anywhere. Be confident. "

only when we have more chips in our hands can we like someone with peace of mind.

always want to save more money, broaden your horizons, and strive to be side by side with the people you yearn for.

so, some people dare to fall in love only if they have to accumulate a certain amount of strength.

how much confidence does it take to get married?

I always seem to be an alarmist.

perhaps because of the on-off and on-off of the friends around me, I will see their sweet and happy side, and inevitably witness the mess in which they quarrel over trivial daily matters.

so I instinctively began to worry about whether something would happen to me.

before marriage, some couples are stuck in the discussion on the amount of betrothal gifts. No matter whether they finally reach a consensus or not, the sight of their parents fighting for red faces on the same table has already erased a lot of their expectations for their future marriage.

some couples are successfully engaged, but because they want to save money to repay the mortgage, they have to let the wedding standards fall again and again.

in fact, girls also know that it is right to pay for a small family, but when she stood on the wedding ceremony stage, she thought of her dream of becoming a princess at the wedding from an early age. In the end, she only had a meal with a few relatives and had to smile all day.

after marriage, get pregnant, have a baby, raise a child, support the elderly. There are too many things that may lead to disappointments and quarrels, and there are too many problems that love can't solve.

of course I can give in because of love, but is there really no regret in my heart? I am afraid that one moment, I will burst out the grievances that have been accumulated for a long time, blaming us for not meeting at a better time.

after all, "one person can be poor, but two people can't, because they can't help blaming each other for their poverty."

I don't want us to lose our calmness and become abominable.

so now I work hard, hoping to give myself more confidence.

although I don't need any luxury life, I just hope that I can think of the hurdle that we can all get through after we get married.

of course I know that no marriage is perfect, but only by moving forward can we soothe anxiety.

I believe that if we love and look for it in this way, one day, we will have the courage to rush to marriage.

, don't forget that you only have one time in your life. I hope you spend your life with the one you love most.