If you are so understanding, who will understand you? (poke the heart in every sentence)

If you are so understanding, who will understand you? (poke the heart in every sentence)

You are the most precious. Remember to take more care of yourself.


in life, you are always used to giving and accommodating, covering everything and giving priority to the feelings of others.

most of the time, you even ignore yourself in order to take care of everyone.

but have you ever thought that anyone has ever thanked you for giving so much?

if you are so understanding, who will understand you?

the person who is considerate is the most distressing.

there is a question on Zhihu: "Why do some people always feel very tired?"

there is an answer, which is very heart-piercing, but also very true, which resonates with everyone:

"when someone looks at you, you feel distressed; when someone apologizes, you forgive."

always consider from other people's point of view, led by other people's emotions, you are not tired, who is tired? "

has deep feelings about this, the reality is like this, such people, often live the most tired, the most distressing.

because he is considerate and always thinks of others, regardless of his own mood;

because he is considerate and doesn't know how to hold a grudge, he always smiles to forgive other people's mistakes.

because he is considerate, he always puts himself very low and thinks too well of others;

because he is considerate, he always learns not to refuse other people's unreasonable requests for fear of making them unhappy.


as everyone knows, if a person is too considerate and considerate of other people's feelings, he is bound to make himself uncomfortable.

in your work, you don't want to see your colleagues disappointed. You are so busy with your own affairs that you still can't bear to turn it down in the face of colleagues asking for help.

in life, you don't want to see your friendship break up, and you are obviously not optimistic about your financial situation. In the face of the eager eyes of your friends, you are still soft-hearted and lend a helping hand.

people who are considerate will always understand the difficulties of others, but it is difficult to be indifferent.

sometimes, in order to take care of others, no matter how unwilling or uncomfortable they are, they will choose to wronge themselves and say, "never mind, I don't care."

this gives way everywhere, everything is comprehensive, and over a long period of time, it will inevitably make you physically and mentally exhausted.

you are so understanding,

who will understand you?

in interpersonal communication, you always put others first, take care of everything and be patient everywhere.

you think that others must be able to feel your sensibility and understanding.

but, in the end, what do you get in return for your efforts?

in many cases, not all sincerity can be changed back to sincerity.

if you wronged yourself to fulfill the other party, you may be indifferent; if you lower yourself to cater to others, you may be unscrupulous.

as Mr. Lu Xun said: "the joys and sorrows of human beings are not the same. I just think they are noisy."

thinking of Yao Mulan, the hostess of "Jinghua Yanyun", in order to maintain her family, she lowered her profile and took charge of all kinds of family affairs.

in order to take care of everyone, he often sacrifices himself to be perfect, treat others, and be sensible and courteous.

but no matter how well Yao Mulan does, she still doesn't get half the treasure of her lover.

her understanding and thoughtfulness only hurt each other again and again.

when her good intentions were misunderstood and her heart was ignored, she realized how stupid she was to take care of the actions of others.

the more understanding you are, the more nobody cares.

the writer canoe once said: "there is one thing in life that I don't like very much, that is, it always makes sensible people bear bad feelings and the result."

if you are so understanding, who will understand you?

considerate people are often considerate of others, but are more likely to be disappointed by the people around them.

the more sensible people are, the less distressed they are, the more understanding they are, and the less they understand your difficulties.

Don't let your understanding

be a sharp knife for others to hurt you

there is a saying in the movie Blacklist: "Why do people dare to do bad things to you is because you make people feel that they can do bad things to you without paying any price."

Yes, if you are too tolerant of others, you are cruel to yourself.

the more easygoing you are, the easier you are to get along with, and the less others take you seriously.

if a person is too understanding and indulges others in everything, he will only make himself suffer in the end.

my friend Daqing once shared his experience with me.

when he first graduated from work, he always watched his words carefully and was used to being a "good old man" with no temper and taking care of everyone's emotions.

when his colleagues ask him for help, he will never put off, and even if he is extremely busy, he will respond to everything he asks for.

Daqing originally thought that he would be patient and would be treated equally for the sake of others.

but the reality is that his colleagues are getting more and more excessive, instructing him to do all kinds of chores.

mistakes in work also mercilessly let Daqing take the blame. When he was criticized by his superiors, no one even stood up for him.

this made Daqing feel extremely cold. After seeing clearly the faces of these people, he finally stopped giving in.

in the face of other people's unreasonable demands, resolutely refuse; in the face of other people's progress, resolutely fall out.

unexpectedly, when Daqing's attitude became strong, his colleagues became timid and took the initiative to be nice to him.

so don't always think of others and blame yourself for everything.

the more you give in, the more you suffer.

Life is not easy, why should we embarrass ourselves, take care of others, and make ourselves so tired?

for those who don't care about you, you don't have to take care of them.

as a man, there is no need to always smile and respond to every request. when your kindness is not treated well, stop the loss in time.

Don't let your understanding become a sharp knife for others to hurt you.

when you deal with people and things, you are afraid that you are not doing well enough, and you are also afraid that others will be disappointed with you, and you will always give in.

who will understand your compromise?

who will cherish your good intentions?

the fact is that no one cares about your joys and sorrows, no one understands that it is not easy, and no one will feel sorry for your grievances.

likes a sentence very much:

"the sign of a person's maturity is that he can become more and more easygoing in appearance, but more and more picky in his bones.

you can indulge once in a while, but don't do it all the time. Your life is so short. Don't let anyone or anything consume you or hurt you. "

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Life is not long, what's wrong with being self-willed and selfish?

you can be considerate of the difficulties of others, but you can't wronge yourself. No matter how kind you are, you have to take care of your own feelings. Don't accommodate others in everything.

in this world, you are the most precious. Remember to take more care of yourself.