If other people don't love you, you don't love yourself.

If other people don't love you, you don't love yourself.

You must be happy.

you are so stupid.

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the other person just doesn't love you, why don't you love yourself?

when I said "you must be happy" to you, I didn't say it to the boy next to you, because I know that no one in the world can make another person "definitely happy".

so that blessing is for you.

you ask me why I should say a useless word to you, because everyone's ultimate goal in life is happiness.

I say that precisely because everyone's ultimate goal is it, it is easy to forget it.

it's as if Vivi often goes to my place of work to spend weekends with me, and at first I was grateful for having such a good girlfriend.

but slowly, I forgot the "gratitude" and the "rejoicing".

I will begin to think that it is right for her to have a bumpy two-hour ride every Saturday, and then it is right for her to buy all kinds of daily necessities for me, and it is also right to waste a good weekend to accompany me to Internet cafes, even if she is kind to me.

I know this is an unwanted way of thinking, because when we get used to it, we feel that some good things are "should", which will speed up the speed at which we lose them.

so I'm going to force myself to remember.

remember "she is important"; remember "it shouldn't be"; remember that "happiness must be grasped by yourself" instead of leaving it to the other person to take full responsibility.

We all have to remember that the idea that no one is responsible for another person's happiness is passing the buck.

so, under the circle of friends where you announced your relationship, I told you "you must be happy" to remind you: "Don't forget, happiness comes back to you, not from others."

and you have broken up now, although you do not want to tell us this group of good friends, but through your circle of friends, I still feel that sadness and reluctance.

I don't want to judge your relationship. I just want to remind you again that happiness is not given by others.

so, even if that person no longer loves you, you can't help loving yourself.

good night.