I think Zhang Zhiming is also a Sagittarius.

I think Zhang Zhiming is also a Sagittarius.

Everyone loved a man who didn't grow up.

when Chunjiao saved Zhiming was released, my good friend A Ziwo and I revisited Chunjiao and Zhiming in our room.

when Zhang Zhiming said to Yu Chunjiao, "I haven't grown up since high school", A Zi, whom we call the constellation master, followed by: "Zhang Zhiming is actually a very typical Sagittarius." I looked at her in bewilderment

"you see, when he was having a lot of fun, he would throw dry ice down the toilet and enjoy the feeling of shitting in heaven; seeing the dusty picture stalls by the side of the road could open his mind to make up a scene of criminal gangs; even when he finally left for Beijing, it was very inexplicable."

"such a playful, childish, uncontrollable personality is not what Sagittarius is."

A Zi added one last sentence.

when I finished writing "Why do you always like your people" a few days ago, several messages about Sagittarius appeared backstage one after another, one of which read: "because he is a Sagittarius, he prefers himself to you."

I am suddenly a little curious about a boy with such a character. I thought about it, and the face of my ex came to my mind. Shit, he is also a Sagittarius.

the sentence "almost every girl once loved a Sagittarius" seems to be true.


when we were first together, he often took me to do things that I didn't know how to do. Most of the time, when we were in the back seat of the taxi back to school, he would look at me leaning against his shoulder and say, "Don't go back tonight, isn't your husband not going home tonight?"

when I first heard it, I was stunned for a long time. What husband? What's not going home? It was not until I saw the driver's surprised eyes in the mirror that I understood his prank, pretending to touch his stomach shyly, and then said, "cousin, hard words are bad for children."

the driver's eyes became more and more blurred. We acted as if there was no one in the theatre and laughed until we got out of the car.

once when two people were walking on the school road, he suddenly approached me and said, "what to do? I want to shit." I went back to him with a look of disgust. "wait for it to go back to the dormitory, how to pull now?" in front of him, he said to me with a straight face, "No, I want to pull now."

with that, he held out his hand and picked me up.

I was stupefied for two seconds and scolded a psychopath.


during that month, I opened my eyes till dawn almost every day, and I could cry all night by flipping through photos of my mobile phone, and when I took my mutual friend's phone and looked at his circle of friends, I found that he was still eating, drinking and merrymaking. There is no sadness of breaking up.

until one night his roommate secretly came to me and asked me to make up with him.

"in fact, he was often drunk at that time. He also specifically told me that if he was drunk, tie his hands and never let him find you. "

after that night, I heard him say triumphantly to me on his phone, "look, you still can't leave me." I was angry and wanted to laugh.


he is an idle guy.

Today he can take you to the small cities around him, and tomorrow a new idea will come out and you can sweep the streets and take photos. I jumped the pole together and pitched a tent to watch the 05:40 sunrise.

during those days together, I miraculously read the map. I knew that I had turned right along Central Road to hide a delicious Japanese restaurant, and that it would take me 52 hours to get back to Guangzhou from Shangri-La.

when you talk to your girlfriends about her, they always say,'it's like you're babysitting.

well, I know he's a kid, too.

like Zhang Zhiming, he won't wash dishes like Zhang Zhiming, and he will gamble all morning when he is woken up by a lie-in.

and every time I get angry, looking at that youthful face, I always lose unconsciously and am willing to be the one who takes care of the children.

at that time, I thought I preferred being a teenager to my boyfriend MAX. His appearance makes me think that life is really simple and the world is really interesting.

"if you don't want to grow up, don't grow up, that's fine." that's what I thought at the time.

with the later graduation, the reality came head-on. Under great pressure, I worried about my career, rent and family, while in front of him he still had idealized enthusiasm and endless energy. Suddenly I realized that he didn't grow up, but I'm going to grow up.

that night I watched the phrase "the world is a huge playground" in his moments and finally chose to let go.


he will go to work in a suit, complain to me about the rising prices at dinner, and the beggars who pass by will tell me in a sophisticated tone that "that's a liar."

while listening to him talking about house and car tickets, I saw my ex in moments-he was laughing with snow in a small town in Moscow, with colorful auroras above his head.

he is still the same as he was then.

Sagittarius says that Sagittarius belongs to fire, upper body and lower body is a horse, free, active and playful, seldom plan for the future, only think about the present.

there are a lot of horoscope books. I think these are bullshit, but these seem to be the reasons why I like him.


I watched the screening of "Chunjiao Save Zhiming" two days ago. At the end of the movie, Zhang Zhiming sang such a song: "Yu Chunjiao let Zhang Zhiming grow up."

but in my opinionZhang Zhiming will never grow up.

until the last scene, he saved Yu Chunjiao in the form of "open-air concert".

although touching, he is still childish-he still feels that a big performance can make up for the relationship between the two.

so, when everyone is saying that Zhang Zhiming has changed and Zhang Zhiming has grown up and likes Zhang Zhiming very much, I want to say that it is because Zhang Zhiming has not changed and he has not grown up that he will move you and bring Chunjiao back.

if you fall in love with a Sagittarius, you must be prepared that he will never grow up, and as compensation, the happiness given by Sagittarius will always be more lively and romantic.

it's like one afternoon, my ex suddenly asked me,

"do you know what I LOVE YOU said?"

"I love you"

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"No, we'll eat delicious food together when you come back."

good night.