I can't afford to buy a house, but I still want to give you a home.

I can't afford to buy a house, but I still want to give you a home.

People who can't afford a house don't deserve to get married?

recently, NetEase Yanxuan, a proprietary e-commerce brand under NetEase, asked us to advertise with the theme "I can't afford a house, but I can afford it" on the anniversary.

I've been thinking for a long time about how to understand this sentence.

in the past, I didn't attach importance to the house. I always felt that it was not just a place to sleep, but it was OK to have a place to live, while home was just a few people living together.

but now I realize that there are too many things behind "house" and "home".

if you want to ask why, I'll tell you a few stories.

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"people who can't afford a house don't deserve to get married? His parents let it go. I was so kind to her that I didn't expect her to be so material. "

this sentence was said when Dapeng came to complain to me after he was dumped by Xiaoqing six months ago.

in my impression, Dapeng treated Xiaoqing really well, sending lipstick every day and letting her go from time to time. When Xiaoqing came to m, none of them were sent ginger tea, like a model boyfriend.

but I also know that Xiaoqing is not a mercenary kind of person, otherwise he should have broken up with this poor boy Dapeng a few years ago, why make a decision because he almost severed his relationship with his family.

later, Xiaoqing told me that during that time, she was with Dapeng under the pressure of her parents, thinking every day what to do if she wanted to get married and what to do if she had children.

and every time I want to talk to Dapeng about these issues, Dapeng is playing the computer, and it is not easy to wait until the end of his first round of ranking, in exchange for a sentence: "never mind, don't think too much, the future will be better."

Xiaoqing has always dreamed of making progress with Dapeng and building a home together, but Dapeng's biggest progress is that the Rank of LOL has gone from silver to diamond.

what she hates is never that Dapeng doesn't have a house, but because she can't see hope, because Dapeng can't give her a home.

and Dapeng never thought that what the other parents asked for seemed to be "a house", but in fact it was a kind of "sense of security". The house was just used to prove that "you (or your father) has the ability to give my daughter happiness."

what he doesn't know is that the home Xiaoqing wants is not supported by lipstick and ginger tea, and it is neither simply good to her nor a house, but his responsibility for the future.

Xiaoqing has fantasized about her future life with Dapeng countless times. Every day after work, she talks about brushing drama together. Even if it is insipid, it is warm enough. This is what home feels like.

but unfortunately, none of this can happen again.

it's funny. Later, Xiaoqing told me admiringly that her elder sister, who is one year older than her, is going to get married next year. She has saved the down payment and is ready to settle in Zhuhai.

although the other party's family is also very ordinary, Xiaoqing's parents have no objection this time. The reason is simple: the child is progressive and able to behave, and he will certainly not be so bad in the future.

since college, boys will go to Xiaoqing's house every holiday to drink with her father and chat with her mother. They have long been regarded as future son-in-law candidates.

parents know too well that most boys of this age are kids. If they don't really want to have a future with each other, who will spend their time on such boring things?

more importantly, he has been making progress. Only a few years after graduation, the boy was promoted from a small salesman to a marketing manager, propping up the company department.

everyone sees that he is responsible for the future of Xiaoqing's sister, and everyone knows that even if he can't afford to buy a house now, he can afford a home.

"afford a home" actually means having the ideas, actions, and ability to contribute to a better life now and in the future, which is much more reliable than a dead house.

after all, it is only a matter of time before you can afford to buy this "home".

this reminds me of another example of a friend.

he was only 2 years older than me in 1993. Not long after graduating from high school, he planned to get married because the woman was pregnant.

they got a marriage license, lived in a new house distributed in the village, gave birth to a child, seemed to have everything, and seemed to have a real home.

but as a matter of fact, he dawdles around every day, and the couple earn a total of less than 5k a month. The most thing they do is to go to the chess room at the entrance of the village to play mahjong after work, and then leave the child to the elderly to raise. He still looks like a high school student.

the three of them live under the same roof, but they quarrel every day, lack of everything, but are not happy at all.

when you have a house and get married, do you have to have a home? I don't think so.

such a home is cold and dead.

at this point, I checked the house prices in Dongguan, which is probably 1w6 Yiping.

compared with many big cities, it's not ridiculously expensive, but I still can't afford an apartment right now.

at the same time, I also know very well that at this age, falling in love is no longer like it was in high school, and the deep affection of lesbian hands means long live.

the eel whale used to ask me jokingly when I was going to marry her. Most of the time, I didn't know how to answer, not that I didn't want to, but that I didn't have the strength to say it.

but now I will tell her that I can't afford to buy a house, but I still want to give you a home and am willing to work with you for a common future.

when I think of being alone, I always feel that I can muddle along at any time, and I can talk about it tomorrow.

after having her, I felt scared because I couldn't see the outline of the future, and I began to hate my incompetence and tried to be strong.

becauseThe house belongs to one person, and the home needs two people to build together.