How to find a good song quickly?

How to find a good song quickly?


I don't know if you are like me.

it's customary to listen to some music before going to bed at night.

however, every time I see the

songs in the playlist and want to change something new, I don't know what to listen to.

every time in order to find a good song

I call that a sorrow!

but then

A friend of mine helped me solve the problem.

(she is a shy little beauty)

her name is pillow

is a music enthusiast,

is also a snack,

life creed "only music and food can not be disappointed".

she also made an official account like me, and every day she would recommend good songs and write down her own musical feelings in words for her good friend Su Hao to read them leisurely (the voice is very magical). In addition, she will also recommend classic old songs, good songs with moving stories behind, and unexpected good cover songs and dynamic live concert Live. As long as it is wonderful and good music, she will selflessly recommend it to you!

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